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Which is better Insurer?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by andrask11, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. Hi Guys and Gals,

    I got 2 great quotes from Shannon and Western QBE. WQBE is $20 cheaper but Shannon I can pay monthly and won't cost me extra.

    Anybody had any experience with either insurers?
  2. im with QBE they are very good, $500 cheaper than all the others for me and they gave me free gear cover because i insured a few bikes with them
  3. Off topic - gorgeous puppy!!!

    Sorry. Okay, resume...
  4. what insurance?

    ctp, theft, 3rd party, full???

    Id go qbe for ctp
    insuremyride for the others

  5. Sorry,
    It's comprehensive cover. Both with $4000 gear cover. It's for my new Street Triple. Shannon was $776 and WQBE $756.

    Insure my ride was $760 I think but the agreed value was $4000 less so it wouldn't of cover all the bling.
  6. With respect, the OP was asking whether QBE or Shannons offers better insurance for (effectively) the same quoted insurance fee, not "who is the best insurer in general".

    Also, saying 'Insuremyride is the best!' is misleading because it leaves off two words - 'for me'.

    For example, Insuremyride gives me nothing but outrageously expensive quotes because they apparently don't want to insure me and the types of bike I ride.

    IMHO the best advice to give someone asking 'who is the best insurer' is to tell them to phone all the insurers. Every single one of them. Because they might just be the sort of rider a certain company wants to insure.

    Back to the OP... Beyond personal anecdotes from riders regarding quality of service, you could check their brochures/websites or ask on the phone whether they include cover for your gear, towing services, choice of repairer, etc, etc...?
  7. Thanks Guys,
    This is very helpful. I rang pretty much all of them and ranged from the above to $2000 with NRMA. I was after experiences with the the above 2 mentioned Insurers. Like phone hassles, payout hassles, ease of communication, premium hike after claim. I did find Shannon is a bit friendlier bunch. and the guy who gave me the quote was also a rider.
  8. depends on the bike etc.

    i just got quotes for my proposed upgrade.

    IMR was $650

    QBE $401

    full comp nominated riders

    QBE covers gear as standard
  9. :( I thought i was special