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Which is best?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by boro_baba, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. OK i am in the market for a 250 because im on my FREAKIN L's and i live in FREAKIN victoria

    wat do you guys think is best?


    or the new Hyosungs the GT250R i think is wat its called

    iv previously owned 2 other 250RR's and i love the Honda'z

    but i gotta say the Hyosungs do look better and cleaner... do they go as hard but? its only got 5 gearz! is the 0-100 faster on a RR or the Hyosung

    thanks in advance boyz :)

  2. OH yeah. coZ itz all about the speed on a 250.

    I guess the point is this. If you like the sound of a bike pulling 8k at 60k in top gear, go the RR (really retarded - why does everyone have to make such a big deal about the RR bit?)

    gt250r is a good "big" 250 and as for the 250RR, well since you've had 2 others you know what they're like.

    Gone through 2 bikes and you're only on your L's??

  3. zx2r!!! my old one raped cbrs off the line and top speed or maybe i just a sick ****. haha
    it doesnt really matter which is faster, all that matters is how it handles coz you want something that can handle well for a first bike.
  4. If you're on your 'L's and all you're worried about is speed, my advice is choose the bike that is worth the most as a wreck and make out a will.
  5. Take em both for a spin and see what YOU think. Personally i'd go the hyo' 'cos its a vtwin! But I'm biased. :wink:
  6. The Hyosungs are a lot slower. I would go the CBR250 route just because I would think they would be more fun. I don't know about what someone said revving at 8,000 rpm at 60 km/h as my FZR250 does 100 km/h at just over 8,000 rpm
  7. what does it matter? will you keep it?

    the reality is 0-60 in suburbia and 0-100 in the country. Is speed an issue?

    5 gears ain't a problem, it's how you use them.

    Honda has years of reputation that usually stands at trade in time.
  8. cbr250rr's are overated and overpriced for what you get. zx2rs and fzr250s offer similar performance at a usually lower price.

    Consider a gpx250, they aren't that much slower then the cbrs, and you can pick up a new/near new for dirt cheap and parts aren't expensive.
  9. defunitly the hyosung dude, theyre fully sick and so cool
  10. hyosung is gettin popular. should try that
  11. wow ... thanx for the quick replys people!!! appreciate it! :grin:

    well i guess im leaning towards the GT250R... and for the record my first CBR i had to sell cuz my mum found out i rode and it had to go... the second one blew the engine cuz of lack of oil... i know ... i know ... stupid me ....

    well again thanx for all ya'll help

    btw would a dealer let me take a 250 on a test ride even though im on my L's???

    and one more thing do you need to do the P's test on your own bike or do they provide bikes??? im in VIC
  12. P tests - bike (or scoot :) ) is usually provided by the training company. It is possible to use your own if you wish but, in my experience, is discouraged.
  13. ild say hyosung, not just becuase i have one, but because i had the same problem as u wen i was ddeciding wat bike to get. Decided on Hyosung cuz you could get a new one with 2 years unlimited hm wwarranty for the price of a second hand Cbr, i reckon they look better, really easy to learn on (great handling and has all the speed that u need for everyday riding) and the fact that wen i drop it or smth, which i know i will, spare parts will be a lot cheaper.
  14. <smirk>
  15. What about a GPX250? :grin:
  16. fair enuf bro i guess ill take that option but i need to take it for a test ride... do dealers allow test rides for L platterS???

    to be honest my mate has one and it handels good but i really dont like the looks :)
  17. I have been turned off Hyosungs lately after there was reports on here that they were dropping exhaust valves at 20,000kms.
  18. I was looking at hyosungs at a shop and no the werent going to let me test ride one unless i totally commited to buying that particular one then they said yeah maybe. So i told em to go bugger emselves, another shop i checked didn't mind letting me take a test ride, think it also depends if you lookin at new or used bikes?
  19. Off teh line the Hyo has more grunt, once it spins up the Inline 4 will cain it, But at the end of the day, there is a big question...
    What do you want to use it for?
    If you want to comute the low down power of the hyo is great, if you simple want to be a "OMFG I is da bomb and so F$%kn fast I ownz yooz bieatches" type tosser, then you only have the CBR250RRRRRR or the ZX2R

    (Note I am not saying all 250 inline 4 riders meet the above discription)
    Also keep a ZZR 250 in mind if you are wanting to ride instead of pose.
  20. With the P's test, they generally provide the bike.

    I would get the Honda VTR250. Cr@ps all over the other 250's on the market, and yes I have a blue one.

    Most places should let you take a bike for a test ride even though you are on your L's. I was offered a test ride at some places but not allowed at others.