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Which is best? CBR600RR or CBR1000RR

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by raven, Dec 31, 2007.

  1. The answer is simple - BOTH. :)

    In the twistie-bits, the 600 is nimble, powerful, gets it's power to the ground with refined manners...STOPS on a penny, and stencils a smile on your face, that can't be removed!! Wehoo! :grin:

    In the twisite-bits, the thou is a little less nimble, but more powerful, and stomps it's power down on the ground like a petulant punk kid throwing a tantrum...and STOPS on a 50 cent coin. The smile contorts your face till it hurts.

    If i was to race myself through a long twistie piece of road on both these bikes, and was on the 600 but behind the thou, I'd never be able to pass myself, even though I'd be able to keep up.
    Andf I was on the 600 in front of the thou, I'd be able to keep myself on the thou back there behind me.
    If I was on the thou and behind myself on the 600, I'd be tempted to try and squeeze past in the short straighter bits between corner, but I'd need to be brave and hope that myself up front on the 600 was in an agreeable mood. :) Only with a bit of a straight where I had a little more room to use the brute force power of the thou, could I shoot past.
    And If I was on the thou ahead of myself on the 600, I'd be pedalling my legs up my arsk, to stay ahead...having to rely on the power to squirt me ahead, every chance I got, when the bike was upright.

    The CBR1000RR has longer legs, so it cruises to and from your favorite playground with less fuss, and you might not have to change gears quite as much on the way.
    Yet the 600 is slightly more comfy overall, when you're flat out knackered, and just wanna get home, because you don't have to worry about the excess power, that might bite you when you are less up to the task.

    I've ridden them both pretty hard over the same piece of road several times now...each is as good as the other but gets there in a slightly different way.

    Obviously, the thou is quicker in a straight line and gets the front up anytime any place, all by itself, so if you like to ride like a hoon on the way down to the Sat morning latte session, and your skill can't match the 600d's finesse in the corners, then that's probably the one for you. :)

    Either bike will forgive your lack of experience and prowess behind the bars, and then reward you immensly once you do...put up with your mistakes, and keep you safe providing you don't step too far beyond your abilities. I'd put the 600 ahead a little bit, under these circumstances.

    Assuming the riders abilities are similar...
    CBR600RR owners can relax...in the twisties you have the thou under the gun...but forget trying to out-power it.
    CBR1000RR owners - Don't get cocky!...your Thou can eat 600d's for breakfast while you are vertical...any other time, you'd better have your game face on!
  2. nice write up. after seeing ray punt that 600 along faster than most if not all on that road ive been put off litre bike for atleast a few years!!

    any idea how much 07 600 rrs are going for??

    im getting the feeling its going to be bike shopping time soon :grin:
  3. Thanks for that :)

  4. Got quoted $14,500 ride away for an 07 cbr600 2 days ago.

    Just working out whether I'm actually ready for one yet, or need more time on the 250.... :grin:
  5. Yep. Sounds about right. I smile wryly to myself whenever people ask me "Why did you downgrade to a super-sport from a litre-bike?". It ain't a downgrade.
  6. 600 best for twisties!!
  7. 1000 best for big arse mofo's like me!
  8. How big are you? Height & weight?
  9. Yes, someone's a happy camper "... and then I said" "... and then *I* said" :LOL:

    I got that price 3 months ago (+ $350 for limited edition color). See if you can haggle them a little lower.

    Wait til you're confident on your 250. Get more practise before having to deal with higher seat and more sensitive throttle, etc. The longer you wait, the cheaper they'll get, and they'll still be new when 2008s are coming out :wink:
  10. 6' & ~110kgs at the mo'
    pre-injury was 90ish but :)
  11. Ok. So about the same as me then (your pre-injury weight).

    600's work just fine at our size.

    Heck, at Phillip Island track days I used to see this absolute monster of a guy (think of a LARGE Sumo Wrestler size and you're in the ballpark) on his 600, and he used to get it around the track fast enough to be in the fast group, which pretty much means faster than 99% of riders.
  12. yeah, i know its more than adequate :)
    i did ride an RGV250 after all :LOL:
    the thou's just feel a little more comfy for me. and even on the thou' i look like i'm "all over it" :LOL:

    pic courtesy of MickyB
  13. is there much of a difference in physical size between the 600 and thou? im looking at upgrading to one of these in the next 6-8 months but im 6'4" and 90kg and i reckon the 1000 will be more comfortable. I cant test ride any yet coz im still on restrictions :(
  14. sit on both, its the only way you'll know!
    sheer height etc. doesnt really tell us much, its how long ya legs are & shit that makes the diff.
    seriously, get out there and sit on 'em
  15. I made an R1 look smaller than I do a 675:

    On the R1

    On the 675
  16. lets swap for a week, see if i like the trumpy :grin:
    will they fit in an express-post bag? :LOL:
  17. Now that is purely subjective & highly debateable Stewy :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  18. The 600 is noticeably lighter and "feels" a bit smaller because the seat is lower to the ground.
    While I have no actual figures to back it up, the thou might have a little more geometric room for your 6'4" frame.
    As Joel said...It is the inside leg measurement which is mostly important, but pay attention to the clip-on distance from the seated position...A short sit on both machines should tell you right away if either or both are a good fit for you.

    I should say to, that I honestly think that the 600 is a better fit for my body size. (5'8" @ 80kg's). I went for the Thou because I was coming off a Blackbird and my style of riding suits it just a little more.
  19. Don't lie!! You just couldnt bare to tell the boys down the pub that you were riding anything less than a ltr bike!! Thats the truth isnt it?! :bolt: :LOL:
  20. :rofl: