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which insurance

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Drew, Jun 8, 2005.

  1. So which company do you all use?
    Some of the car insurance mobs obviously don't do bikes so i am after ones that do and ones that are recommended as good by actual riders...not just some magazine reporter.

  2. A bit like asking which brand of toothpaste is recommended. Western QBE for me as the overall package was what I was after. Price, options, discounts, coverage levels, policy types, riding profile, age, driving history etc. etc. all come into consideration and you really need to get quotes and conditions from at least 5 companies to get a decent comparison. Make sure you ask for a quote using the same conditions as you will get different results and won't be making a fair comparison.
    A good company can also advise you what factors influence the cost of the insurance policy and help you reduce the cost of it (make sure you ask). Exploring the options of insuring for "Named rider" or limited KM's etc are worth while.
  3. do a search on the forums and you will discover many threads on insurance, costs, benefits, limitations, etc. Each has their pro/con and really you have to decide what meets your requirements.

    Common ones include SWANN, Western QBE, AAMI, RACV (I'm with AAMI)
  4. I'm with Western QBE, good rate, but I haven't made a claim, so the rate is only half the story. Hopefully good rate won't mean cut-down service. Still, with bikes (and BITS FOR) costing so much these days, you can't afford NOT to be insured, just shop around and ask a couple of guys who've had crashes/thefts and made claims to see what their experience was.
  5. I'm with Arista, they give a great rate for over-40 riders with good riding records!!!
  6. They dont insure you if all you have is a carport tho.
  7. Cheers guys, was just trying to get a list of the poular ones. want to know haw much i'm up for before i go buy a bike.....i'm thinking a $3000 bike will brobably end up costing me abou $4500 or so once i also get insurance and gear
  8. The type of bike will have a huge influence on your insurance costs. As a guide, you will pay 3x as much for a bike with lots of R's in the model name..
  9. well assuming i ger what i want.

    Honda Spada or similar......
  10. nrma (IAG) do cheap 3rd party property and damage which also covers you for $3000 worth of damage if someone unisured runs into you.

    With this deal I don't think I'd get comprehensive insurance on a bike under about $6000. Depends how buggered you are going to be without the bike and how quickly you can replace a write off
  11. bike is just a pleasure craft/handy transporter....when i get it that is. Third party is about all i was thining off...maybe fire/theft as well.
  12. For the wife (female, under 25, 1 fault accident a year ago), the Spada insurance is $730 with a 30% no-claims with NRMA. (It's insured in my name with her as a named rider).

    I also went with NRMA as they have the least fuss when it comes to making a claim, and they insure for agreed valued.

    I'm happy to pay $200 extra when I know that making a claim through them will result in no headache.

    Fire and theft for the Spada from Western QBE was around $300, which is what I had before.
  13. I'm with Western QBE as Swann was going to double their premium while on my Ls.

    QBE will charge a larger excess if I make a claim as an "inexperienced rider".

    I did like the option of helmet cover from Swann.
    Maybe I will swap to them next year. ;)
  14. oooohh that much?

    Probably try for RACV here as i have the cars with them.

    the fact that i live in the country and don't want to ride it in the city much might make things a bit nicer.

  15. That's 1/4 the purchase cost of the bike dude!

    I'd be going for 3rd party property insurance that covers the damage you might cause in an accident (around $120 last time I looked) and put the surplus into the next bike fund.
  16. was planning on minimal cover for the first bike...learn on it then get rid of it for something nice.....

    use the cash on a new bike later.... still trying to speed up the process to get the first one.....not much luck though. looks like I might be buying myself a nice Chrissy Prezzie though :)
  17. The difference between 3rd party and fully comprehensive was $200. Fire and Theft alone was $350.

    Also in NSW greenslip (or TAC) doesn't cover medical expenses for driver, if driver is at fault. I'm more worried about large medical bills than other damage for an at fault.

    Already had the Spada nicked once, and someone run into it while parked (and then attempt to do a runner). If they don't catch the driver when they're at fault, you're not covered unless you got fully comp.

    I'm happy to pay the extra, for my piece of mind. It also means if I'm not at fault in an accident, NRMA will take care of all the hassle.

    The monster's insurance is looking at being $1000 a year. Granted that's for a 10k bike.
  18. Insurance is all about if you can afford to insure yourself.

    I know a bloke who didn't insure his firestorm. Got nicked. But he had it for 5 years, and the money he saved from the insurance covered him.

    Shrug, I can afford the $200 at the moment, coming up with a spare 4k next week would be a stretch. Was how I made my decision.

    Especially since it now looks like both bikes will be used for commuting.