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Which insurance company?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by grider, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. NRMA

  2. QBE

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  3. Shannons

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  4. ebike

  5. Insure My Ride

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  6. Other

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  1. Hi, I am about to buy a bike and I just wanted to find out which insurance company is most popular. I figured it would be best to get a poll going.

    If I get a quote for each company in the poll and then see which is the most popular, that will be a good base for my choice.

  2. You are a fool. That is all :p

    For fk sake go get some quotes, because everyone gets different prices that are drastically different because of their situation. I can't believe I have to explain that when it should be common sense.

    Bit harsh? Probably, but you know I'm right.
  3. There are too many variables to look at it like this. For example, Shannons is the cheapest for me but if you're a young fella, they wont touch you or they'll charge a heap. The type of bike also makes a big difference.
  4. You both are probably right, however price does not tell the whole story either. The cheapest company does not necessarily make the best insurer. People find that out as soon as they have to make a claim.
  5. +1 all,

    but I went with AAMI for my bike coz it's a small capacity (so not huuuge cost anyway) and they had phenomenal customer service when I had to get my car repaired through them, so added the bike.
  6. I am also shopping for bike insurance and not sure which one to choose as I never had a bike insurance before

    This is what I got so far for my brand new CBR600RR 2008

    eBike $787
    QBE $1233
    Insure my ride $1050
    AAMI $1493
    NRMA $1231
    Arista $1007

    excess in all was around $400-500 ... QBE covers gear as well ...

    I am puzzled as to why is eBike SOOOO much cheaper ? how r they with claims ? are they pretty good ?
  7. Read your policy as well. I've heard some insurance companies let you do "Agreed Value" but in the fine print it says the lesser of agreed or market!

    Also worth chatting with people who do repairs. Some companies are not good to work with and you end up suffering. Swann Insurance used to be one of the best companies for bike insurance, now there one of the worst!
  8. they're all the same...they will all stuff you around if or when you ever claim...just go with the cheapest and get full comp...then when it comes up for renewing call and ask if they can do any better...if not ring around for another company to undercut their quote...and someone will
  9. E-BIKE has been discussed before and from memory it wasnt positive :wink:
  10. Well as I said above, AAMI was bloody fantastic when I did have to make a claim. Hence me not even getting quotes from their competitors before I went ahead and put my bike with them (was only $469 for full comp, so why not).

    Just goes to show how far good customer service will get you!
  11. yeah thats fair enough ... I have been with AAMI previously and they seem pretty good .. but their quote is DOUBLE of the lowest one ...

    I know they say that you get what you pay for ... but I'd be keen to hear from people who have been with eBike insurance and had to make a claim, how hard was it ? any issues ? etc ...
  12. Sit back, relax and turn the brain to learn mode. The tip i'm about to give you will be the only tip you will ever need for insurance or anything else that you may want to ever purchase.


    Easy as that, innit? ;)
  13. Really? How many times you claimed?

    One not at fault with Shannons five years ago, no hassles, bike fixed at my choice of repairer and paid for in a week ~$5,000

    Four months ago, first at fault claim with QBE, bike written off less than a week after I took it to shop for assessor to see. Paid out about two weeks later

    Only word of advice, QBE default to "market value" - here's where the extra $50 they charge for this is worth it.

    QBE price matched so long as gear coverage also at $4,000 (which is way over what you need)
  14. Just took out 3rd party for my 1989 CBR250R. $253 for the year. With Insuremyride.
  15. I use a broker, it's thier job to find the best value policy for you. Best Value doesn't always mean the cheapest option.

    I'd recommend using a broker, mine also handles talking to the insurance company for you, as part of the brokers fee.

    Best advice is to call, and DO NOT LIE! you do not want to risk coverage by not admitting something.