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Which insurance company is best for me

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by thegerman, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. Hello,

    My renewal notice has just come in to insure my bike again and just wanted to see if anyone has a better alternative to "insure my ride." Comprehensive is only $250. Excess is $400 but due to my inexperience there is an additional excess of $1500.

  2. I'll ask the obvious question, What Bike?

    Start ringing around and compare apples with apples.
    Swann through a dealer for me, but for you, who knows?
  3. Yep.

    I don't want to sound sarcastic, but the best insurer for you is the best insurer for you - your best bet is to just call them all on the telephone and see who can give you the best deal.
  4. yeah sorry it's a vtr250.
    thought it'd save on some time and utilize other's experiences as i'm sure there's some knowledge out there.

  5. Pretty sure all anyone will be able to tell you is who was cheapest for them, only way to find out? Ring around. It depends on soooo so so many factors you just can't ask someone who's the cheapest and get a straight answer.

    AAMI was cheapest for me.
  6. Well, QBE was $220 comprehensive for my VTR250 as a learner, while others wanted upwards of $600 to insure me on the same bike.

    ... But a friend almost my age with a similar VTR250 was up for $400+ comprehensive through QBE and managed to get a cheap deal through Swan.

    There're just too many variables, sorry.

    (added comprehensiveness)
  7. Yea, you just have to shop around for the best deal. Don't be afraid to try try to get a lower price over the phone, for example if you bundle your comprehensive and 3rd party insurance together they sometimes will give you a discount.
    I'm with GIO for 3rd party and pay $230 for my VTR
  8. I think my MOUNTAIN BIKE would cost more than $250 to insure :eek:
  9. :shock:



  10. How else do you think squirrels get that buff? :LOL:
  11. QBE is great, after my bike got stolen they gave me a replacement bike for 2 weeks, still using it. 08 model too. The investagator came around the day after my bike got stolen and keeps pushing me to send all my stuff and send back the documents.

    Though when the PI first saw me he said he was a little odd as i have quite the number of tattoo's. Then mentioned to my brother i was a switched on guy, which is like totally true.

    Go QBE with the service, i have always talked to 1 guy from the call center team too and he knows me easily.
  12. Just the one.

    To and from work, usually... trying to get back into shape :)
  13. Ah i envy your drive. I've just recently gone back to the gym to work off the 2 kilos that I ate over the christmas break.

    Still no riding push bikes, too damned lazy.
  14. Im insured with QBE, they were cheaper than anyone else

  15. I'll second that motion! QBE were about 50%, yes 50%, cheaper than all other companies i spoke to bar one. I am under 25 though so there were a couple of insurers that i couldn't get a quote from.

  16. +1 to QBE

    I've now got a VFR800 and they're the only company to insure my bike without penalty (AAMI wouldn't even insure someone between 25 and 30 with over 750cc's and I'd been with them for 7 years with my previous cars and bike...)

    plus with QBE you get the netrider 5% discount!
  17. yup, and in addition to the 5% net rider discount, you get $4000 worth of riding gear coverage tossed in too !!!

  18. qbe was about 50% cheaper than others for me too, learner with no exp on gs500.
  19. QBE was half most of the others... but AAMI was less than half that again !!

    best for me :) definitely worth calling around though, my quotes varied from

    $4600 (Suncorp) - $730 (AAMI)... glad I didn't bend over for suncorp
  20. Well, it's before noon so I'll try on a trivial answer to a serious question;

    Wait two years :LOL:

    (OK, serious, I'm with QBE and I've gouged them for a good price because I have my car and bike STP AND Full-Comp with them. It helps, mind you, that I'm 59 years old, too :LOL:).