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Which Honda Dealership Should I go To?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by MotoGPC, Nov 15, 2005.

  1. Hey there peoples.

    It's finally time to go shopping for a brand new '06 Honda CBR600Fi.

    I was just wondering which Honda Dealers here in Melbourne are worth going to first.

    Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

    Cheers all.

  2. 2nd that for NSW please :)
  3. How about Jeffreys' Honda in FTG? They seem pretty down to Earth and they run their share of shop rides too. :D
  4. you wont find better than jefferys in ftg ... family owned and run business and most of the staff have been there over 20 years
  5. We've had nothing but top sales and service from all the departments at New World Honda in Narre Warren/Berwick.

    We bought our '03 Blade brand new from them, and now take both our bikes there for servicing (and repair of the Blade soon after a small altercation with a car yesterday).
  6. I have received some good deals from Geoff Taylor Dandenong Honda, but others have found them hard to deal with, just see Darren and you might be on the right track to a good deal.

    But most of them have some good deals at the moment.
  7. I did go to Redwing Honda and look at some bikes before i was due to buy my upgrade. The guys there were fantastic and had plenty of time to answer my questions. I have also purchased some gear from there as well. If you want great sales and after sales service i would higly recommend them. They are a very proffessional outfit..
  8. so what there's no dealers in Sydney? or do people just not like me hijacking this post?
  9. :D Dont mind me im just here to make up the numbers lol
  10. Your attitidue on the day plays a major part in whether they will be good to deal with.
  11. The Hornet 600 model is not sold here any more, I believe it was discontinued in 2000. It is still a current model in the USA and Europe. CBR models are still current.
    DuncanK is buying a late model Hornet, when he sells the scoot.
  12. Berwick Honda did me the best deal and so far have'nt let me down with after sales service or parts.
    Dandy Honda others say is kewl but i went there twice with cash and well shocking service and the last time they serviced my bike well that just backed up there sales service!
  13. yeah Berwick Honda (New World Honda) is where I'm picking up the Hornet, they seem like a good bunch of guys over the phone.
  14. This does not sound like the Redwing I am experiencing. My bike has been in their garage for the last 7 weeks. They told me it would take 3-4 weeks. In fact they've said that a few times. It's also costing considerably more than the written quote.

    I used to use Redwing for buying parts for the CB, and have always gone in any time I needed oil, chain lube etc. However, my current experience has ended all of that. It may well be that not everyone who takes their bike in for servicing will spend a few months taking the bus, but from what I've seen, it may well be.

    I could be wrong. After they needed 3 extra weeks because they ordered the wrong stickers, the revised pick up date is tomorrow. Will I get the call I wonder? Time will tell i suppose.
  15. Agreed :D
  16. I don't know about buying a bike from Berwick Honda but I can give them a HUGE thumbs up & round of applause for accessories & gear. :applause: :applause: :applause: Got excellent service & deals when buying leather pants for Dean (cbrdno) and some Sidi boots & tank protector for myself. Even when I was looking for my Checchinello helmet, Sam was happy to offer up suggestions on best RRP to pay considering it was an old design and where I could get one - ended up saving me a packet!!! If I ever need anything, I'll definately go back and see him, so if you're looking for great service & a good deal on gear, pop in and ask for Sam - tell him Rhea with the Shoei Chechinello & blue & white flaming CBR sent ya :D :D :D :D
  17. I've had experience with Grant at New World Honda in Berwick, drop my name if you soeak to him, tell him to look after you :)

    Nova Honda & Ducati are also good value, they looked after me with the SP1.

    Peter Stevens also looked after me............actually, none of the dealers that I have dealt with have let me down.

    Any dealer will/should bend over backwards to sell you a bike, wheather they keep you as a customer with their service dept is another story :)
  18. Yup, Grant will look after ya. He's the one that sold us our Blade. He was very professional and easy to deal with, and was happy to keep our bike on hold for us with a relatively small deposit while we refinanced our house (took a coupla months).

    Everytime he spots me walking through the bike section he always calls out and asks how the bike's going, 2 years on.
  19. Thats definately a BIG should. I rang every Yammy dealer in Melb when i bought the R6(I was staying in Wodonga at the time) and 90% werent at all helpful and some even quite rude when i was enquiring about them. Ended up just buying in Albury cause they were by far the most polite, informative and helpful. Paid and extra couple of hundred dollars but it was worth knowing that i trusted them and theyd done all the right things for me.