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Which Helmet

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by OldNick, Aug 7, 2015.

  1. I am getting a ......trike. OK spitballs ducked. I am old and stiff. :(

    Back in the day you had maybe 10...15 helmets to choose from. These days! Crikey!

    So anyway, I started looking on the web at helmets. They seem to start at around $200, rapidly go to $500 and then up to $1000....at which point I quailed and stopped looking.

    I am willing (up to a point) to spend some money, but what do you get for all that extra, assuming they all meet the standards? And if iut's comfort and wind noise etc, how on earth do you find out just how much better the $$ ones are?

    Any help appreciated


  2. In terms of safety there is not much between them. Noise levels, ventilation, quick change visors, internal visors etc are the difference. Also depending on the state you are in you may have a choice of other than the Australian Standard being legal.

    Start with: Welcome to CRASH!
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  3. It's worth reading reviews and asking around about specific models. Higher end helmets can get you better noise reduction, additional features (eg extra visors, moveable chin pieces, internal sun visors, changeable inner padding, built-in GPS, rear view cameras, visibility enhancing LEDs, and bluetooth systems - no I'm not kidding, all those are available) and/or high tech materials that make the helmet lighter than you'd believe possible.
    You're best bet it to pick something you like the look of and research it, then go try one on. If you can't find one to try on, start again. I'm not a fan of buying helmets online unless you KNOW what they fit like.
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  4. In terms of safety this gives an indication

    Although - a safe helmet, in my book, is not one which will take a crash the best - it's the most comfortable - therefore least distracting and fatiguing.

    The best "Crash Helmet" might be a really shite "Ride Helmet"

    Unfortunately, you don't really know how a helmet is going to be in the real world until you buy it, stick it on your head and live with it.

    FWIW my helmets include:
    • "Cheapish" (~$300) HJC, noise is good, comfort is good, quality of visor, hinge and padding leaves you wanting
    • "Basic" (~$150) Fly Dual Sport helmet for commuting, great vision, noisy as hell, fogs like a biatch, visor is cling wrap, padding is pretty good.
    • "Nice" (~$700) Shoei, comfort is the best from the helmets I own, visor and hinge are great, padding OK, pretty noisy.
    Don't worry too much about noise - there is NO SUCH THING AS A QUIET HELMET.

    Comfort and vision are king......

    I rate my helmets by hours - how many hours could I comfortably use it.
    HJC = 2-3 hours
    Fly = 1-2 hours
    Shoei = 8-10 hours
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  5. I've been using Shoei for the last 4+ years and it's a fantastic helmet. If you know your helmet size there's a run out sale on the TZ X range. Being sold for half price almost.

    I picked up a Shark recently but am yet to wear it.

    But remember, different helmets fit differently.
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    Sorry about that unanswered quote...I _am_ a newcomer :D

    OK. Thanks for the rapid and helpful replies. Hmm yeah I would think hard about buying on the net and I am not good at going to the shop and pretending then buying online. I had a Shoei, but then as I say there was not much choice. I was pretty happy with it on all day rides. But looking at the modern helmets, they could be vastly different. I am looking at some long days, in the future, so I agree that a conmfort helmet is a safe helmet.

    If you get light herlmets for money than that is _definitely_ something to take in. I remember my second helmet (wrote off the first one; I used to show it to anyone who griped about wearing helmets) was a LOT lighter than the first. IIRC it was polycarbonate vs the old one's FGless.

    GPS, bluetooth! Blimey. OK. Actually a BT communicator would be nice.

    Bitsar, thank you fore your considered reply. Unfortunately you gave the piece of news I did not want to hear. Ya never know until ya pays ya money. :(

    Need to get to the shop and have a go at various makes and models.....and no doiubt get totally confused by guys who usually know a lot less than they want you to believe and just want you to spend :(

  7. All I would say is consider a modular design (flip up).

    I learned with an open face helmet and was quite shocked by the claustrophobic feel of snug one piece full face helmets when I went to buy. The instant I tried a modular I knew I'd have to get that design.

    As it turns out I ordered a Schuberth C3 Pro and really like it. Its legal in Qld and Victoria now,mand other states are likely to follow.
  8. nicknick, you are facing same sort of challenges as we all do. Maybe to help you narrow your option you need to decide if it is going be an open or close face helmet. Then you could do some research and decide if you prefer to go for plastic or fiver helmet. Lastly but perhaps most importantly get the helmet that fits you and you do not get awkward pressure points. Every head is different so you will need to find the lid that fits you well. Some helmets have sun visors and they can also differ how much peripheral vision you have, how heavy they are. Of course select the helmet for your purpose, is just something for quick run around, or do you intend travelling on highways etc. just because you may buy the most expensive, does not mean it is the best choice for you, of course it is the best option for the sales guy:)
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    Definitely full face for me, whether modular "chin lifter" or not. I always had full face and have never felt claustrophobic in them. HOWEVER, from what I seeing the helmets now are far more cushioned and enclosed than in former years.

    Peripheral vision is _terribly_ important to me and thanks for bringing that up.

    Plastic or Fi(v :D)er...hah..nice typo, if I could get a helmet for a fiver....anyway....yeah I will check that out. Back then. Fibreglass was heavy and plastic was light, but now of course we have kevlar and carbon, so that has gone. I do know that when I was rear-ended by a car doing 70kph (drunk driver, no braking) while waiting to turn across traffic, I had a fibreglass helmet. You could see how the fibre had taken the impact: it was a sponge, but had not split or caved in. I may now be insane and retarded, but I am alive. :D

    Yeah I was reading about the new UN-based acceptance in a couple of states. Trouble is the cops seem to decide to have a blitz on helmet "legality" and if you buy somehing not approved by the State, and get caught befoire the next legal reality check, you are out the price of a helmet and a fine. :(

    I will check out the modular designs.

    Hey guys. This is really great. I really appreciate the input and thought-provoking ideas.

  10. Aldi has a cheaply on sale tomorrow. Try one of those on for size.
  11. I live in WA. No Aldi I am afraid.

  12. Ah nick, see what net rider does to us. It was Friday night and I had to say " no ladies, thanks for the dance invite but I need to reply to nick" and of course "sorry mate I can't have that beer just yet, nick comes first" . As it can happen from time to time, I cock-ed up :) but hey I am glad I am not the only one in this department. It's Saturday morning and once again I have my priorities screwed up. God bless you nick, hold on kids, I don't care if you are hungry, I need to reply to nick :) . Ok, I went to motorbarn and amawarehouse some 3 weeks ago. I am not big on modular but check out Nolan and rjays tss tour tech. I am not a fan of shark helmets, they too have a modular design but I found them to be tunnel vision like. I' d also suggest you check out revzilla for some you tube reviews of helmets. Re pricing, hmm I always compare with eBay, however I cannot advise you straight up to buy from eBay because that deserves a seperate thread for discussion, however it can be very tempting. I know people in family use Nolan modular and are quite happy with it. Let's us know how you go. Cheers ps. Sorry for the "premature" thing but hey it was Friday night :)
  13. Markus I stand in awe of your dedication and self-sacrifice. I will take on bloard your ideas and advice. I thi nk as start I really need to "hit the shops"

  14. Make sure you try it on. You need to check peripheral vision, sunglasses plus all the things already mentioned.
  15. Check Nolan out. Particularly the N44. Very versatile, I find it great (6 months into owning it).
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    Yeah I want to have peripheral vision that's as good as I get without a helmet. And yeah I habitually wear really uncool safety specs that are almost a goggle (not quite :)), but wrap-arounbd, and my optical specs fit inside them, so I need to be very careful about that.


    OK yeah. Nice looking helmet. Questions. Can you open/close the vents at chin and top of head? Are there other vents? My old stuff never _had_ vents and I can certainly see them being great on a hot day, but if I am riding on a cold, wet day I want to close them guys down. You may not be able to compare tiewht other makes, but does the helmet in fullface mode give you full vision?

    Truth told, I would have to think _very_ hard about a modular: I am allergic to bees and for some reason at 100kph I have terribly bad luck with them. I have been known to get stung 3 times on a day ride, with 6 other guys, none of whom were stung. I would wear an old army greatcoat when I rode and leather gloves. One day I was riding and the greatcoat sleeve was protrudng from the cuff of the glove with an arc of may 10-12 mm width and half that in height...bee straight up it....stuck in sleeve...massively swollen arm. HAH! Actually that was the day I had my girlfriend on pillion and she decided that sucking out the venom would help. So while she is sucking my arm, this little Beetle goes chugging past. We jumped back on the bike, passed the VW and went our way...until I was stung on the neck (luckily this was autumn and not spring, when I get worse)....and as she was sucking my neck the VW went past, full of goggling laughing parents and kids :D


  17. Hey Nick ive got the shark speed vision r .Around the $350 -$380 mark very light and quiet internal sun visor and its got cut outs at the sides for ur specks
  18. OK I will check it out. What's the story with the internal visor, if you can't have tinted face shield? Is the face shield thing to do with ID's and bikie gangs or what?

  19. I think its got to do with night riding like you can't have a dark tint on the windscreen of your car. The flip down internal visor works well just flip up or down dependant on light conditions.
  20. Thanks for coming back.

    OK yeah fair enough, although I saw someone griping that the police themselves had tinted visors :D

    Is there a chin vent on the Shark? I could see the TOH ones and that they have a tab to shut them, buyt although the chin is sculpted, I was not sure if there was any vent.

    Looking at some of these shots I can see why they _need_ vents. The paddikng at the neck is _way_ more hugging than I remember. All good though, the snugger the better!