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which helmet with glasses - make a list

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by davway, Dec 17, 2008.

  1. For the riders that have to wear glasses, list your helmet and how you find it:
    comfort wise
    ease of putting it on
    ease of getting your galsses on

    I myself am looking for a new helmet, will most likely be a flip up as i see that is the only real option of getting my galsses comfortably on my head once i have the helmet on.
    the (cheap and crap) helmet i have now is an absolute nightmare to get my glasses on once i have the helmet on.
    Id like to see what other options there really are for those of us that HAVE to wear glasses.
  2. I've got a Nolan 102 flip face jobby. It works for me and is comfortable. I don't have to take my glasses on or off to put the helmet on.
  3. I wear sunnies with my HJC CL15.
    There is a slot in the padding at just the right place for me.
  4. I have the Nitro F317VZ flip front helmet, comfortable and quiet. The lining hasn't 'sacked out' so the fit is still firm and tight, and the flip mechanism is easy to operate with one hand, gloved or otherwise.
  5. Yeah, riding with glasses sux. If your bike is not for daily commuting, i can recommend one day disposable contacts.

    It's difficult to suggest a full face helmet that is good for glasses because everyone's head + ears + glasses etc are shaped differently. The most comfy for glasses are the ones that are loose/roomy around the ears and temporal area but i assume helmets should be snug all round for the best protection.

    Regardless, I would rather be a bit uncomfortably with glasses in a full face helmet than wear an open face or anything less.
  6. contacts are great i use to wear glasse but then switched to the 2 week diposable ones..

    but while i was with my glasses i had a Rjays Tourtech Flip Face helmet.. bloody comfy helmet, ability to change visor if wished. alright weight.. and it prooved itself in a crash too stayed firmly shut when my face hit the road at 40kmh/r :D
  7. I have glasses and use a Shoei TZ-R. Absolutely no probs with glasses fitting.
  8. HJC CL14

    Glasses off, helmet on, glasses on........easy.

    Very comfy, for my ugly head anyway. :)

    Good for speeds up to 160. Tends to "lift" at higher speeds. As you would expect, this does not happen often :wink:

    Sounds like the flip fronts may be a viable option.....have heard they are noisy compared to full face. Maybe not!

  9. HJC ac 11 is my lid. fits great.

    Fits much better than most for glasses.

    Either that or try a change of glasses. something with flexible sides is the best. The best glasses i've owned are nike flexon's great for playing sports as well as they grip to the sides of your head. It gets sore to wear for about a week or so, but after a while, i found anything else uncomfortable.

    Just a thought
  10. Shoei X eleven,......wear spotters sunnies all the time.
    I think its more your arms of the glasses in how they fit to your face, :?
    I went to buy another pair of sunnies at the chemist and being the modern wrap-around type they seem to curve outwards from around your eye to your ear just enough to get stuck on the interior helmet padding..........I'd check it out anyway.
  11. I wore my sunnies with my Suomy Gunwind and they fit perfect. When I got the Shark RSR2 I couldn't get the sunnies on properly anymore. Both helmets had a good fit without the sunnies but I noticed after checking that the Suomy had a join in the inner liners at just the right spot for the sunnies.
  12. Shoei XR1000. no problems with glasses at all. Yvonne has one too and also no probs.

    as with all helmet questions you just need to keep trying on until one works for you
  13. I concur. I wear a Shoei X11 and generally find spectacles with arms that closely approximate my temples. Currently, Persol prescription sunnies and Beausoleil specs work for me.
  14. AGV GP Pro works with my sunnies, but of course I put the helmet on, then the sunnies.
  15. Shoei TZR and an Xspeed something or other. Glasses are fine with both.

    I did however, on my last set of glasses, get a pair of Oakley's with pretty much dead straight plastic arms. It makes them easier to get on fast and the frames don't bloody bend like the last pair of metal ones.
  16. +1
  17. Been a while since I ve been on here but lurking all the time.
    I wear glasses and the first Modular helmet I had was a HJC. it was good ,comfortable and easy to put on with glasses, however I felt that the mechanism for lifting the chinbar was somewhat fragile and so it proved to be. The chinbar broke off. I liked the visor in the HJC because my glasses are photochromatic (they tint up in the sunlight) and they would tint up with the visor down, which is something my present hat won't do. Present Hat,Nolan 100e, excellent and a whole lot more solid feel, somewhat noisy but earplugs are cheap and easy to fit.
    My next helmet will be another Nolan probably a 102.
  18. Another vote to the Shoei XR1000, they fit great! I use Oakley Radar sunnies and having the straight frame arms mean they slot straight into the gaps in the helmet.

    Whilst on the subject, anyone know how sunnies fit in an Arai Vector helmet?
  19. not the shark rsr2. can only wear sunnies like raybans with flexible frames under them. my wifes wears glasses under a shoie with no problems.
  20. Went through the process of finding helmets for the wife who wears glasses... From our experience, most Nolan helmets fit her with glasses but she went the flip face version anyway (N102)...