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Which helmet? Bell Evo Revolver or Shark Evoline 3

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by madmaxxx, Jan 8, 2016.

  1. Hello everyone !

    My name is Max ,
    i am about to have my RE very soon and i started looking for a flip helmet (as a queenslander it is needed during summer)...
    What do you recommend ?

    Also can i wear legally a tinted visor on those ? (i tried to look many threads but i got confused)

    Thanks :)
  2. welcome aboard :) sorry cant help with the visor question different state
  3. I had/have a revolver evo, not a great helmet, very noisy. It is cheap though!
  4. Well I bought the Shark Evoline 3 in May 2013.

    It started leaking water thru the upper visor seal last wet season so when I ride in the wet, there is water running down inside the visor, despite using the lube that Shark supply on the rubber seal and even when the visor is fully closed and in light rain.

    Then last week, parts of the outer trim started falling off the helmet. Basically it is what I'd expect from a $200 helmet, not a $500 plus.

    If you buy one, I'd strongly suggest you keep the receipt.
  5. Neither...

    Get a Shoei..
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  6. I have had many different helmet brands over the years usually related to my finances but finally settled on the brand that fits my head shape safely and comfortably - Shoei. So if you can afford it get a quality helmet that let's you ride with earplugs in for hours and hours! Try them all if you have to, remember you are the buyer so go with your gut choice.
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  7. Comparing the two:

    I've had problems with the The Bell Evo's with seals not sealing. Noisy and wet as others have mentioned.

    However the Bell Evo comes with paperwork that says certain intercoms are compatible with the helmet. (Effectively Legal backup if you want to mount an intercom and police try to harrass you). They also have an AS sticker on the helmet and the visor (which I believe if going with AS and not EU standards is a requirement). The shark has neither any AS stickers on any of their visors (clear replacements, or the one fitted to the helmet at purchase) (which I believe is an AS requirement) - nor does it have paperwork saying the helmet is compatible with 3rd party intercoms.

    Not really a big deal, but if you are someone who seems to attract the wrong sort of cops or are worried about crossing every T - I've found the Bell covers you more "legally" in those areas.

    Personally - I'll be looking very closely at a Shoei for my next helmet. I made the mistake of buying cheap at the start and jumping in - that has cost me more than buying right to start with.
  8. Hey Max, I have been riding in Qld for over 30 yrs, been pulled over plenty of times, dealt with the full range of officers from anal retentive to not bad lads. Not once have i been chipped about a tinted visor which i run all the time, so i cannot see why you can't 'run' a tinted visor on your flip top. I cannot give you a definitive legal answer to your question. I would ask why you think a flip top will be cooler? As that does confuse me somewhat.

    Enjoy your riding - may catch you around the ridges one day!