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which gpx ?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by p_stampy, Sep 11, 2005.

  1. After sitting on a number of bikes yesterday, I think im gonna go for the gpx.

    I'd just like to know what everyone's opinions would be on two diferent gpx's ive come across.

    First , from a shop, couple of yrs old, looks to be in perfect condition, has always been looked after by this shop since sold from there, previous owner aparently took very good care and has recently upgraded, also buying a bike from the same place. This bike is $5k and only done 8000km. So basically brand new. Plus its yellow, where if I had a choice of any colour, it'd be yellow! Would come with rego & warrenty, pus I get $200 off if i buy it from them once completing my L's, so $4800.

    The other bike Im comparing it to is a 96 gpx for $2500. Not sure of the km, but will come with 3 months rego. Its black, and becuase its almost 10 yrs old Im guessing its gone a fair way, but everything has been replaced recently. This is a private seller and I have not had a look yet.

    So im wondering if a $2300 extra is worth it buying it from a dealer, since it is basially a brand new bike, and if like cars, anything that was likly to go wrong with it, probably has.

    Or is it better to take a risk with a cheaper bike and just hope its had a happy life?

    This is assuming they both feel about the same to ride (is that possible?).
  2. Mate, no option there. Buy the newer one from the dealer. Peace of mind is always the good option. Try talking them down a bit more if you can. but if you are happy with everything buy it. You want yellow, its basically a new bike and you know the history from the shop.
  3. Buying the bike you want is ALWAYS worth the money. After all, you have to ride and maintain it. Go and have a look at the other bike. I'm sure you'll see why it's so cheap and that will ease your mind.
  4. okay, just because i feel like being a contrary bastard, i'm gunna say go the cheap option :LOL:

    first bike sounds great, but $5k is getting a bit steep for a GPX in my eyes. i know its got low kays and its in that colour you like, but its the same bike as something made in 88 so i just cant bring myself to see it as a $5000 bike :? i also think these things go for not much more as NEW....

    second bike sounds more on the money. you gotta have a look at it first, but as long as its had the basic maintenance, it should have PLENTY of life left. these bikes are pretty solid, and even if the whole thing falls apart, every part and piece, you've still got enuff left over for another bike in the same kinda condition :LOL:

    2 things to think about:

    what sorta money do you have to spend? if its only a little over $5k, then the decision is already made. remember that gear will set you back close to $1k just for the basic cheapo stuff and to prevent wasting that money (i use pretty much none of my first set of gear now) i'd recommend getting the right stuff first and not making compromises

    and is this yellow beast REALLY worth 2 less attractive bikes with the same handling and power? because thats what its costing you. for that same money, you could have a complete spare bike to ride on weekends :D

    clear as mud? :wink:
  5. Pay the extra and Go the newer one. I had a simular situation when i was looking for a GPX and in the back of my mind the cheaper one was just going to cost me more money as it was more likely for something to go wrong and wasnt in as good nick , as for the newer one which I bought I had peace of mind and excellant nick. Im totally Rapped in my bike even though I paid a little more than I wanted too for it.

    You want to be happy with the bike you have not just "It will do for now".(cant think of the word) If you maintain your bike and is in good nik when you sell it, you should not loose too much on the bike.

    In VIC our 250cc dont depreciate as much as other states but I worked out that I should only loose about $500-$750 in 15mths(when I get too upgrade :twisted: ), if I keep it in the condition its in and not do a too many ks on it.

    Also dont go of the red book! Ring QBE insurance and get a market value to find out what you bike is worth.

    For VIC 4.8k for a 03 model GPX with warranty would be very good from what Ive seen.

    Hope this helps

  6. Wow thanks for the responses.

    Money isn't a problem, and the safety gear is mostly sorted already.

    Yeh I will call the place today then and see if i can hold it or something.

    Thanks :)
  7. Plus I really can relate to the "buying the one you want".

    Ive worn contacts for about 10 yrs but my eyes have been getting really sore.. went to buy glasses and was gonna get a cheap(ish) pair, but in the end went for the expensive ones that felt a lot better. And Im glad I did.

    And Coconuts, I'd rather have one bike that goes, then 2 bikes that dont do a great deal!! But I get your point :)
  8. if you're made of money, then fair enuff, its your call in the end. but i've known a few GPXs at around that price range that run beutifully and have had zero major issues up and over 60,000 kays. of course you occaisionally get your duds, but you can get that with a new one aswell.

    also, think about the stackability, a new one will lose a lot more of its value in the event of a small stack (or cost more to fix properly) than one that cost you bugger all to start with. and neither one will hold out any better in a big stack.

    just remember that this is your first bike, dont worry too much about the proud factor just yet, becuse when you upgrade in 15 months time, you'll look at the thing like its a toy within a week :wink:

    but again, if your made of money, then why not i guess. only thing i'd say is maybe have a look at the ZZR aswell, same motor in a nicer frame with farings that actually do something :D
  9. Yeh, I guess a concern is the stacking.

    I'd prefer to buy a bike thats cheaper, and goes just as well, but I guess its just luck.

    I think its a piece of mind thing, like blue12 said, with buying the yellow beast. I really would be annoyed if it was scratched though. Uh, so frustrating!!

    Yeh I did sit ona zzr, I think the reason I prefer the gpx was because I was sitting up a little bit straiter. Plus Im kinda short anyway. :p
  10. ahhh, the short factor :D well, the GPX is the trick for sure then :LOL:

    dont assume that a $2500 GPX will have issues. have it looked over and if it all checks out, it'll take whatever you throw at it. My GFs one was a $2500 job that took MANY small stacks and a bunch of touring plus my wheelie attempts after almost every ride and never skipped a beat. ended up selling it for $300 less because of the faring damage she's done to it :wink:
  11. Ah nice one.

    Yeh the short factor :) my bf's lankyness was a bit too much for that bike!

    Yeh I wil look into that other bike a bit more then.
  12. that actually looks a little more like it, and you'll probably have a bit of room to play with the price too. if you MUST have yellow :roll: then maybe chase after that one, offer them $3500 and see what they say. and get it checked out or at least make sure you take someone that knows what they're looking at with you, age/kms is never an indication of condition :wink:
  13. haha no i dont need to have a yellow one, its just another one i found that happened to be yellow :)

    Oh well at least now I know there are a few options.
  14. I'm in a similar boat. Doing Learners in a couple of weeks. Looking now. I think I'll go for the $2500 option. Money is an issue, (and I'd rather spend the same on equipment than be riding the $5k bike in thongs and a singlet).

    And if you drop the $2500 bike, who cares? I mean, you still do, but you're not sitting there in the gutter with you head in your hands wondering why YOU couldn't have absorbed more of the damage for what was your beautiful, shiny new bike ...

    A call for some advice though, can someone recommend a mechanic etc. in/near Wollongong or southern Sydney that could check bikes out for me/ service them later when I buy?

    Thanks in advance and hello to all, (oops, I should do an intro post when I don't have a university paper due in two days time).

    Hi all. Male. 28. University student from Wollongong (Crounlla originally). Law student actually, but as I'm not a lawyer yet, I'll forgive the tree falling incident ...

    L's in a couple of weeks. No money. Looking for a fantastic Jap sports bike that will hoot and have absolutely no problems for about $2500! Hahaha.
    Lol. Aint it the truth.

    Cheers all,

    Kane Mortlock.
  15. Kane, there are a number of wollongong people on the forum, who would be more then happy to help you.
  16. Bikes allways look good in the photo. Dont judge it till you go and see it and listen to it.
  17. http://bikepoint.ninemsn.com.au/Clubhouse/ExpertQuestions.asp?type=Advice

    ...has some bike buying advice.

    Personally, if the readies are no issue, I'd go a bike with history from a dealer shop - so long as the bike was originally a direct factory import - you'll be able to tell from the compliance plate - and not a grey.

    With a nod to coconuts, the extra $2000 would buy a whole other bike, agree, or quite a few maintenance jobs, agree... but it's a first bike, so why bother with the new chain and sprocket, inevitable new tyres etc if one didn't need to?

    2nd option, a well maintained 2nd hand private sale bike, that was an original factory import.


  18. Wel I went to ring up about the cheaper bike ('96 $2500) but the guy said to call back tomorrow cos he had crappy reception.

    yeh for sure dude.

    Ive got a month until My L's.. maybe im juts impatient!!
  19. Well I just rang up about the cheaper bike.

    slight scratches, hasn't been dropped
    is an import
    engine hasn't been rebuilt
    hes owned it for 3 yrs, bought from a dealer, not sure of how many previous owners.
    he serviced it himself, every 5000km

    gonna get it checked out tomorrow evening :)

    Plus everythings just been replaced on it.

    Whats the go with it being an import? harder to insure?