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Which GPS? Garmin Zumo vs. TomTom Rider V2

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by jayray, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. I am in the market for a new GPS, but am unsure which model is considered the better option. The TomTom Rider seems good value while the Zumo has an MP3 player.

    Can anyone make a recommendation?

  2. I've got a rider V2 and love it. Personally I don't listen to music on the bike so having an MP3 player doesn't phase me.

    Having said that, you get what you pay for and the Zumo at the $1400 mark is a good unit, albeit bigger than the tomtom. I've heard nothing but good things about the Zumo so I'd consider that a good purchase if you've got the cash.

    I'm only 10 mins from where you live and am happy to give you a working demo of the tomtom if you drop me a pm.
  3. Both are good units. The Zumo is around $1200-$1300 then adda headset (http://www.dmme.com.au/GPS systems.htm) for $105 , you'll get stereo music , instructions and phone all in the helmet and it'll never run out of battery wired to the bike.
    The Tom Tom is around $1k and comes with a Bluetooth headset , you'll get phone and nav only, and about 5 hours out of the BT headset battery initially ( down to 1 or 2 after 12-18mnths)
    The TT's have had problems with connections at the cradle in the past.
    I've done both for customers over the years and all seeem happy with their choice.
    My recommendation is the Zumo
    BUT see if you can go play with both somewhere first.
  4. I've had my Zumo 550 for about a year and love it. I did all the research at the time and the Zumo was worth the extra dollars. The Tom Tom is probably the next best, but frankly, it's not in the Zumo's league. Also, for what it's worth, if BMW is any guide for quality, their branded bike GPS is now a rebadged Zumo.
  5. Spot on MrChicken, BMW's previous "own" GPS was a Garmon 2610 too.
  6. Great info guys. Does anyone know if a bluetooth headset can be paired with both a GPS and pillion? And does a bluetooth stereo headset exist?
  7. I believe the BT headset that comes with the Tom Tom will only "talk" to one other device at a time, as do most.
    If you want intercom et al, lash out ( about the same money as 2 BT headsets) for a wired system (like the StarCom1 :wink:) and you can add :- stereo music, intercom, Nav, phone and 2 way bike to bike/vehicle as desired AND wont have to worry about the BT headset batteries going flat EVER.
  8. Ive got the Zummo as well and love it. Its been on road (bike/car) off road (dirt bike/4WD) and Ive never had a problem with it.

    You can plug it into your computer and set a course using the exact roads you want to take to get to your destination, or just give it an address and let it find its own way there.

    I dont know whether you need it or not, but the Zummo also comes with the mounting kit and power lead to go in the car.
    Once in the car, it will also act as a hands free for your mobile (once paired with blue tooth).

    Shoot me a PM if you want to have a bit of a play around with the zummo and see what you think.
  9. How do you guys find the POI function on your GPS's? Easy to DL and install?

    I'd be interested to see if the Zumo has the same userbase support that constantly updates speed camera locations etc as diligently as the TT userbase.

    I'm in the process of buying one myself mainly as a fixed-camera alert so to speak and this would be a major consideration for me.

    Your feedback appreciated,
  10. I've been reading about Navman for the past few days and lately i havnt really been seeing any good reviews from anywhere and was wondering if i would to have a budget of maybe $300-400 what would be best to purchase?
  11. I'm about to order the Zumo as well.

    They can be had for $899 now which compared to the initial price, is a bargain.
  12. Just hit the shores a little while back http://www.dmme.com.au/Bluetooth.htm
    STEREO BT that will mate to another for intercom too (at the same time), Vox intercom with stereo music from the Zumo and phone and nav :grin:
  13. can you bind this item with the insurancer in case of Theft or lost?
  14. Just to ressurect an old thread (saves electrons on a new one), I'm looking at the Garmin range of bike GPSes at Johnny Appleseed.

    They have the 220 and the 550. Who has one of these and what's the difference, other than price and visual design, between the two?
  15. I've got the 550 and the main selling pont for me was that it came with the map source software that lets you plan multi-day road trips on PC then load them onto the GPS. I don't think the 220 has this.

    The 550 is waterproof, and mine has survived a decent crash and still works perfectly. It comes with blue tooth, but you can connect a set of headphones via a 3.5mm input on the cradle. 220 only has bluetooth.

    Only down side i've found is that due to the age of the design it's limited to a 2GB memory card for music storage. Don't use the GPS for music so it doesn't worry me, But i do like to hear directions when I'm in the city.
  16. Just wait for the ALDI GPS to come out again............$199 full price and goes down to $149. Has MP3, AVI/movie player, wireless headset, wired to the bike, the works. Great value and works like a charm. Failing that, just get a mobile phone and get one of those GPS software from fleabay.
  17. Why are they all so bloody dear ????
    I just have my mobile in the clear bit of my tank bag and it works a treat. Costs nothing and has MP3 stereo and makes calls. Touch screen so forth. I do get looks when I'm yelling at my tank though.
  18. Been there, done that. Have the Aldi Go Cruise, Mk. I. Modified it to take the WinCE based TomTom Navigator software. Works but very basic.

    You serious?
  19. Thanks for the comments, Benny. Looks like the 550 or perhaps the 6xx series (larger screen) may be the go.

    Still, darned expensive compared to an in-car one.

    I like the Garmins because they appear to have a full trip computer setup. My Garmin Etrex Legend C could give me all sorts of info on a ride. Hopefully the Zumos have similar capabilities. But I like how you can enter in fuel capacity and get a "distance to empty" feature. That's a handy feature when you pull into a town on a Sunday and no servos are open...