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which glue won't destroy chrome

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by voyager, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. Have a screw in my headlight assembly which keeps coming loose and rattling around like a poltergeist with a caffiene overdose. Need to put a spot of glue on it to shut it up, but don't want to rip the chrome apart (or corrode it) if I ever need to undo it. Will standard cyanoacrylate (superglue) be OK, or do I need something else?

  2. Locktight, thats what we use, no problems as of yet.
  3. Automotive silicone would do the job. It'll be easy to take the screw out again and will peel off (with fingers when you want it to), but will hold the screw in place and it weatherproof. :)
  4. Ah, good old Loctite - the best way known to man to glue your fingers to something totally inappropriate! :p Its just a rapid-set cyano, and I have some, so I guess that will be the poison of choice. Thanks!

    Seany - the screw is low on the assembly. Weather not a problem, plus I don't have any of that stuff, the squeezy applicator, or any idea on how to use it. Me = mechanical idiot, and 5 time winner of the "Worlds Most Useless Handyman" award.
  5. You get it from a hardware store. You don't need the applicator. It comes in little tubes and you squeeze it out like toothpaste. :)

    You'd only need a tiny bit. A toothpase tube full, would last 4 million years if you only used it for that purpose. :)

    Edit: I wouldn't be using locktite if you don't want to take off any chrome. I'm not saying it will take it off when you undo the screw, but it fastens hard enough that I wouldn't risk trying personally.
  6. +1