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Which glove do you put on last?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Jul 14, 2006.

  1. Right

  2. Left

  3. Gloves????

  1. Lots of things we do, we do unconsciously.
    So, stop and think for a minute; which glove do you put on last? Is it related to whether or not you are left-handed or right-handed? Or which hand you use to turn the key?

  2. Left, but I had to go check!

    And I'm left-handed :)
  3. Right,and right-handed
  4. should break it up into left/right handed to see if theres a connection:

    Left - left handed
    Right - left handed
    Left - right handed
    Right - right handed

    I always put on and take off left first, right handed.
  5. The second one. :p
  6. Right, and I'm right handed. I know because the last thing I do with my glove (right one) off is turn the key...
  7. I tried to add a last option to the poll

    "Enough of these stupid Polls, already" but it wouldn't let me!!! :LOL:

    It isn't intended to be deep and meaningful, just a bit of fun.

    To tell the truth, I'm with van, I honestly would have to check!!!!!
  8. Im right handed and put left glove on last
    Turn the key with right hand

    on a side note:

    right hander
    left footer
  9. Right. I am right-handed
  10. I think I clicked the wrong one anyway :roll:

    I thought it was which glove do you put on first :grin:
  11. Right and i am right-handed
  12. Which ever one I pick up first, I put on first.
  13. Right handed and always put right on last. Had to think about it tho :)
  14. Right and right handed. I always check I've got my toll money in my right jacket pocket before I set off.
  15. I'm predominantly right handed but there are some things (no, not THAT) that I do with my left hand. Or that can I do easily with both.

    As for putting gloves on, I've never really noticed. But thinking back on it, I think that I do it randomly. If I tried doing it now, it'd be a conscious effort and would affect the "survey" as it were.
  16. Left - Left handed (only for writing though :roll: )
  17. Right, Right handed & turn the key with my left. I can reach around my tank bag easier with my left.
  18. left - left handed.
  19. the last one for me is my right hand and im right handed
  20. Left !

    i'm right handed, but my left hand puts the ipod in the left pocket and does the helmet strap last. ;)