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Which Globe

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by vossy53, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. Hi members.. I'm riding a GSX750F and looking to upgrade my globes. I am told that there are bright (White) globes on the market for about $25. Has any members tried these? Wondering if these are worth it. Thanks

  2. Search for a HID kit for your bike, they are pretty expensive and I've heard that they're illegal but they really improve night time riding lighting and they actually use less power. If you don't want to go the HID then try a pair of LED lights.
  3. I got some "arctic blue" (from memory) lights put in mine when they blew, Much prefer the more white light it throws out vs the standard yellowish light. I think it gave a little more vision but maybe thats just wishful thinking (it sure does look better though while riding vs the standards tho)
    I say go for it personally (since trying them out, all my bikes get them if required whether the old bulbs were burnt out or not)

    Should mention mine are stock lights (not HID) I couldnt afford the conversion kit for HID so bought bulbs which work fine in normal bikes instead and attempt to copy the HID look
    lol found my old box - same as this one (not the arctic - my memorys shot, but they were the same just price slightly cheaper)

  4. Can't go wrong with Philips X-Treme bulbs... I've got the vision 100% being delivered, soon I hope hehe. I had similar bulbs on my car in teh uk. Looked more whiter but more importantly I could see so much better and further down the road.

    Saying that, my friend at work has ordered osram nightbreakers for the bluey tinge for his CB400. So can't wait to see what both look like against each other.