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Which gear?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Guru, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, I'm picking up my GS500F tomorrow from Blacktown, and I live in Wollongong, so I'll pretty much hit the M7 to Hume then down Picton Rd.

    My question is, as I havent riden at those speeds before for long periods of time, which gear should I be sitting in doing about 80-90 and approx how many revs. From the little bit that I have riden, that 80-90 mark seems like the area just between 5th and 6th gear. I only ask as I dont want to be in the wrong gear and damage the bike.

    So lets say,(not that im going to do it) but I sit in 3rd gear the whole time doing 80-90, how badly(if any) would I damage the engine/gear box?

    Any tips would be great.

  2. If it's a brand new bike i'd suggest varying the revs and and avoid lugging the engine. Might be best to avoid the freeways for a while, at least during the break in period.
  3. 6th gear at 80km/h is about 4k rpm or so i have found on my GS.

    The manual also says not to go above 5500rpm until you have passed 800km (thats if yours is brand new).

    When im doing 80 i cruise in sixth and the bike has no problems pulling, if i need to get it to move faster i just downshift; why would you want to hold it at a higher rpm while cruising down the M7?
  4. Mate, its about 100k.
    I'd vary the revs and wind it up in short bursts. If you want to you could stop half way then run through the gear box again.

    You could also run down through Heathcote or take some other turn off.

    Its not far.

    Do some low speed riding when you get home and it will be right.
  5. Sorry, its a 2nd hand bike, 2 yrs old, done 6100kms.
  6. There shouldn't be a problem even if the manual instructs not to exceed 5500 rpm.

    You can hit 100kph with under 5.5k rpm in 6th gear easy.

    But as others have said, if it's brand new make sure you vary your speed/rpm.

    To keep the bike happy, if you're moving, keep the rpm over 3500 (to be safe) otherwise you'll begin to labour the engine
  7. Just do whatever you're most comfortable with - the engine's just about run in for you already :) If it's your first bike, just take it easy and try not to stress too much. Get used to the brakes in a carpark before you head off. If it's not your first bike, but your first v-twin, be aware that the engine braking could be a little more than a 4.
  8. oil''

    HI mate

    I have a GS500f Don't forget to check the oil every 300ks they have a reputation for useing a lot of oil .

    and take a look at this www.gstwin.com

    good luck Adrian
  9. Has yours been using a lot too mainstage?

    I've found that in about 300K's it will take the dipstick from F, down to E.
    But only since I've changed the oil.

    It's funny, some people's GS's hardly use any.
  10. 1k off valve bounce lol!!!! get home quicker
  11. oil

    Yes Treefiddy I have a new one and at 300k it took about 800ml to go to full ,

    but on the GStwin site they say this is normal and the dealer says the same .

    just done my first oil and filter change '' don't know how they get the filter cover off and the filter out without getting oil on the pipes '''

    but il put that one down to experience and try again next time ..

  12. It's an in-line twin, but you already knew that! :grin:

    Oil usage - in 2000km, i had to top up only once, about mebbe Low-ish mark to Medium on the dipstick.