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Which Gear?!?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Nathanest, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. OK, question from a non-bike rider (although plans are in place to get my L's through HART in the coming months) - how is it that you know which gear you are in on a motorbike?? I appreciate you can feel when you are in a low gear compared to an initial higher gear, but how is it that you know you stop in 3rd & get back to 1st??

  2. You know you started off in 1st so you can easily figure it out from there. If you've clicked up once, you'll be in 2nd. If from 2nd you then go up three times then down once, you'll be in 4th. :)
  3. You are going to ahve to learnt o feel what your bike is doing - you will know that while at 16000 rpm in 1st you are doing about 80hm - therefore you are in 1st. If you were doing 80kmh and only 4000rpm you know you're in 6th - or whatever is applicable to your bike.

    Changing down from top you will end up subconciously counting them down and using the 'feel' yopu ahve developed for you bike.

    Its less of an issue than you would think
  4. just dont try take off in 2nd or 3rd.. bit embarrising.. :oops:
  5. The truth. It isnt a car. You dont really care. You go up a gear when you need to go up and down one when you need to go down. You only really need to know about first and second. And really even then only when changing up.

    Ok I don't know how much you know. But on most bikes the shift is left foot 1st neutral second third forth fifth etc etc.
    Do you see what I mean? Neutral needs to be felt for usually and you can shift straight thru it but you just lift the lever (up for up.. tap down for down .. and its the same movement for each shift. (Hope thats right.. its not stuff I ever think about except on very old brit bikes when its on the right side.) any way since its just stabbing the lever with your foot and its the same movement each time you just dont have to care about gears in the same way. You go up when you need too and down when you need too. If you stop tap it down into first. Feel for neutral after the car behind you stops, maybe

    Does that help?
    Really you only need the clutch for first too. Tho that depends on how big a klutz you are, and the bike

  6. When you start riding, you are always counting the gears in your head Nathanest. Thats about the best advice I can give. :)

    After a bit of riding and lots of practice, you just get to know which one you are in naturally.
  7. Totally agree with Percrime's advice, if you know what gear you're in you're thinking too hard (many a time I've tried shifting into 7th :LOL:).
  8. Your bike should have plenty of power to take off in second!!!
  9. They'll move of the line in 2nd or 3rd but they sure dont like it

    :LOL: :LOL:
  10. If you stopped in 3rd you would click down twice and be in 1st.

    If you stopped at a set of lights in 3rd for example and weren't sure what gear you were in you'd just keep clicking down untill it doesn't click anymore and then you'd know you were in first.

    It's very easy once you get the hang of it, childs play, literally.
  11. The gear doesn't matter: what you basically need to know is whether the bike will pull (ie, whether you are in too high a gear)... and the tacho is there for this. If I need to know whether I'm in the right gear I glance at the tacho: I know 7500+ will give me serious power while about 4000 is enough to accelerate cleanly.

    The usual mistake learners make is to go up through gears (usually too quickly) then not go down again. Then you are stopped trying to click down through three or four gears: not a good look.

    Bikes are not nearly as gear sensitive as cars, mostly because they are very light. Also, you can throw the gears around more because the gears are 500rpm apart and you usually have at least 10,000rpm on a bike... if this isn't clear, think of it this way: a car at 60km/h will be painfully revving in 2nd, in the meat of the torque, and thus ready to accelerate, in 3rd, or in 4th it will be cruising along and not capable of making quick power.

    A bike will travel at 60km/h in any gear from 1st to 6th, and will pull from that speed in 1st, 2nd, 3rd or probably 4th. You have at least two gears that are good for that speed, whereas in the car you only really have one.

    If that doesn't satisfy you, there were bikes in the early 80s that had gear indicators on the dash- I think some Suzukis and Hondas.
  12. Ha Ha Ha...7th....Im always trying to find that extra gear :LOL:
    my little beast doesnt have a tacho......:(
    and not a day passes that I dont try and click her into the non existent 6th gear :roll: :oops:

    My next bike is gonna have a tacho,,thats one thing Im sure of :p
    now I only have to decide on wether or not is another cruiser..or a tourer!
    but my guess at this point...not a cruiser..Im already scraping the pegs on this lil beast. :p :LOL: :wink: :wink:
  13. I hardly ever know what gear I'm in. As has been mentioned previously, just change gears when you need to ie change down when the revs get too low, change up when the revs get too high. I only ever know when I am in 1st or 6th, because it won't go down anymore, or it won't go up anymore...

    I can usually tell when I go between 1st and 2nd because the neutral light flashes as I go between them.
  14. hahaha im guilty of this as well on the freeway :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  15. if you really want to know what gear you are in
    get one of those gear indicator things
    these things are small and tell u what gear you are in lol
    problem solved... :grin:
    all for a small price of about $150 hehe
  16. I agree.

    Its like when you wake up in the middle of the night in the pitch black dont turn the light on cos ya partner will slap ya and you still manage to end up pissing in the bowl. You just know where your at
  17. hahahahaha i know the feeling bro :rofl:
  18. you know you need to start in first, so you keep knocking the lever down until it doesn't go any more.

    the rest is down to feel, however after a while riding the bike, if you are attentive, you'll know when you're in a particular gear, especially top. eg I know that if the tach says 2000/4000 and speedo says 60/120 i'm in top gear.