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Which fuel do you use?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Kurtis_Strange, Dec 4, 2005.

  1. Caltex

  2. Mobil

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  3. BP

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  4. Shell

  5. Other

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  1. This might have been run before, but I'm curious to find out what fuel everyone prefers to use in there bike?

  2. :LOL: Here we go again...
  3. any thing except bloody bogas !! their hi octane makes my bike ping , i usually use caltex vortex 98 but lately even that has caused a little pinging ... i suspect now that its because they are one and the same with bogas .... i think its time i changed brands , i was told by the shop i bought my bike from to stay clear of shell fuel because it causes blockages in injectors ... so i guess that leaves mobil or bees urine (B.P)
  4. shut up...I wanna know ok :p

    if there's another thread, post it
  5. gone for the popcorn
  6. Theres been a few i think, i was only joking though :) Cant hurt to ask again and get new info, people do change their opinions...

    I use BP cause its closest to me effectively. Ive never had a problem with any of the 98's from memory though and im quite happy to use any of em.

    To be honest though i dont trust the fcukers at all, god knows what your actually getting from any of them...

    Id never use anything other than those big 4 though...
  7. yeah I hear that. I'm currently going with Vortex 98 as a few people have recommended it to me, plus I like the name :LOL:

    But I will be paying careful attention to the results of this poll
  8. Work gave me a Shell card to use, but on advice from people here I won't use Optimax. On advice from the bike shop I should PULP, so the Shell card is useless on the bike. The car loves Optimax though. I use Caltx/Mobile usually. If I get stuck I'll stick a little bit of 95 Octane in it. I can't really notice much difference no matter what I use.
  9. Ah yeah ok Marty....what bike/s do you have mate?
  10. Yeah i probably wouldnt use premium on a car or bike that didnt require it...
  11. Used all types of super duper fuel and recently tried Shell 95. I'm finding it works just as well and I'm still getting good mileage. I've had the worst results from Caltex (bike running on two & three cylinders, cutting out, wanting to kill me etc) and Mobil premium (not the super duper stuff) which cut my mileage by almost 20% and made the bike feel sluggish and really hard to start. I've never understood this "Shell is crap" urban myth, it's better than at least two orther brands I've used long term.
  12. re premium my view is that I will use the best fuel I can to get maximum performance.

    I don't think on a bike its about saving money otherwise we wouldn't get the best tyres we can afford etc etc....and at the end of the day you're only saving a dollar here and there by not using it.
  13. Yeah I also started using Shell 95 octane recently, was a bit wary since the bike wouldn't run on Optimax but it seems to run better on Shell 95 than the 95 octane BP I was running.
  14. in a recent fifth gear episode they did a test with shell optimax, BP ultimate and a supermarket brand (95 octane), a Cleo made 81 BHP on all 3 fuels.

    Golf GTI, supermarket 172 BHP, BP 174 and shell produced 177.

    The final car was a WRX, supermarket 235 BHP, BP 248, shell 249 and they did the torque as well for the WRX, supermarket 232 foot pounds, BP 248 and shell 258.

    so i guess you don't need to but it can't hurt :)
  15. My experience too. VT and VX II SS Commodores. No difference in engine performance or economy on either Optimax or ULP (shell card) and when we went to a Mobil card, I gave its PULP products a go. Couldn't pick it.

    Probably because it's an older engine that was meant to run on Super, which ULP wouldn't be good for. Certainly wasn't for my VK (HDT enhanced), when the missus accidently filled it with ULP once...

    As for my bikes, a Kawasaki ZZR1100 hated ULP. Would ping and rattle under load, but otherwise it ran fine, and got good economy. Optimax merely stopped the pinging. CBR1000F Honda seems to run on anything. Makes no difference to performance, economy, etc.

    A couple of mates have current model sports bikes (R1, GSXR-1000, GSXR-750, etc.). They seem to have no issues with fuel that I'm aware of. I think that they usually run PULP of whatever brand is available at the time of needing to refuel. On our trips away we've refueled at Mobil, Ampol, Caltex, Shell, etc. and no-one's complained.

    So, when I read of all these stories of bikes running rough on Optimax, but do fine on Vortex, or run like crap on Vortex but love BP's Ultimate 98, I get a bit perplexed.
  16. a recent study held in the outback found that 9 out of 10 youths preffered to sniff shell PULP , but due to centrelink insisting they look for work or face cuts in their earnings have since moved to the supermarket variety. :LOL:
  17. if only AV GAS was more accessible these days like it used to be , we wouldnt be having this discussion ....no pinging , no blocked injectors just that sweet smell and plenty of wide faced grins
  18. I don't really have the experience on the road yet so can't make alot comparisons - most of what I know is recommendations from other people.

    What exactly is pinging?