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Which Fuel? 2000 Kawasaki zzr-250

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by cmarico, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. I've googled and googled, but for the life of me I cannot find out what fuel to put in my 2000 Kawasaki ZZR-250.

    I'm guessing just 91 octane is fine, is their any advantage to putting the better stuff in? Is 91 fine?

    Thanks :)

    Also, if anyone has or knows where I can find an owners manual for the bike, or where I can download one, it would be great. Cheers.

  2. use 91...or 95 if you have to

    Don't use ethanol.
  3. 95 minimum. My GPX250 complains on 91.
  4. It's a four-stroke "reliable" 250. Just put something in and go. Use 95. There.

    Out of interest, are there no stickers and stuff on the bike saying what to put in? Mine's plastered in "USE ONLY THIS... at least". My bike is a bit newer though...
  5. Insanely new compared...the 2000 model to memory is the same as my 94 model I forget how far back it goes but the same design has been around for yonks
  6. I put in either 91 or 95 into my ninjette, depending if I want to treat her or not. Honestly I can't tell a difference with either.
  7. And mine didn't. 91 should be fine. That's what it was designed for.
  8. That's because the engine wasn't designed to take advantage of the higher RON rating. If for some reason you need 95 like Julie's bike, then there's a problem, possibly that the carby's are too lean and the extra density of premium fuel is just enough to get the bike running in the right fuel/air ratio.

    The premium fuel will have extra bits in it that might help clean up the fuel system, but the extra bits that give it the higher RON rating are essentially wasted.
  9. In SA 95 almost always ethanol...
    Must be diff over there ?
  10. Not to worry Rob, I'm way ahead of you :) I only put it in maybe once every 5th fill up, just as a bit of a 'clean up' of her insides. No point going for the premium stuff when the cheapo 91 works perfect and costs less
  11. Also I've been told by several bike workshops to stay away from 98... it just doesn't burn right and can clog up bike engines... too much additives and it isn't as regulated as in Europe. So the additives and quality can sometimes kill engines.

    95 is best.

    Ethanol can kill seals as well as cause premature combustion hehehe
  12. can we get some more info on this people, i would think this is incorrect
    but i am not sure- the 98 that is. :-s
  13. Give a couple of bike workshops a call I guess - just what I've been told by the dealership when I picked up a new bike and when they do their maintenance course.

    The mechanics mentioned they get occasional bikes coming in that needed the engine cleaned out due to bad fuel and this is normally due to 98. Its not the actual fuel type that is bad.. its the quality. So you get some good ones and some bad ones.

    It's just their advise, so just thought I'd share.

    I don't want to name the shop.. but they have 3 branches in Sydney and are very well established.
  14. would be interesting to get some expirenced people on this subject to give us there thoughts.
    maybe because less people buy 98 its got more chance of being contaminated i the only
    logic i can see.
    entirely different argument is whether there is a benefit of 98 but like i said thats a diff issue