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Which front tyre?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by boo81, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. I need to get a new front tyre for a 99 GSXR600

    Can anyone please recommend any particular brand/type? I have no idea what I would be getting quoted on. :dry:

    Mainly used for recreational use and not commuting.

    Also if anyone has any business they can recommend in Adelaide (CBD or south), that would also help :)

  2. Michelin Pilot Power. :wink:
  3. if you are doing a bit of touring as well as twisties look at
    bridgestone bt021 or dunlop roadsmart
  4. The tyre you've got on the the back will also play a part in what you should run on the front. You don't want a stickier tyer on the back than you are goin to get for the front.
    Drop in to G&C on South Road just north of Castle Plaza on the oposite side of the raod. I've always found them to be pretty good with advice, also a good range of tyres.

  5. +1
  6. consider if it goes out in the wet.
    Metzler M3 are ok and have good wet grip.
    I use mine for commuting so need wet ability but also good performace when I go for a proper ride.

    If not commuting i'd get powers or something which i believe are grippier but worse on cold wet roads?