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Which Forum?

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by vic, Mar 25, 2004.

  1. Can we make a little more effort and place our posts in the appropriate forums please?

    Everything seems to be getting dumped in the General Discussion forum.


  2. This was sent to me by a forum member; food for thought....

    When considering posting a new subject, or reply to a post, one should ask
    oneself "Does everyone really need to know [what I'm about to say]?" There's
    so much crap on this forum now, that its turning me away from it, and I know
    I'm not the only one.

    Last I heard, this forum was supposed to be about motorcycles and riding,
    and that's why I came here. Most of the time when I come here now, I'm
    sifting through all the bullshit, looking for real information, and not
    finding much at all.

    Do we really want to know if someone can't make it to an event? If you have
    people that you think would want to know, perhaps you would consider the PM
    function. The whole of Netrider probably doesn't want to know. The forum is
    certainly no place to be airing your personal problems, that's for sure. I'm
    sure each of us has enough of our own.

    When someone says something funny, do you really need to hog up database
    space with a post consisting of laughing icons?

    I don't know about you guys, but my time is precious, and I don't have a lot
    of it to waste sifting through non relevant bullshit. Its bad enough that I
    have to do that at work (but at least I get paid to do it there).

    PLEASE put some more thought into your posts to ensure that they are truly
    relevant to the world of motorcycling.