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Which Exhaust?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by BitSar, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. I am in a dilemma.....which exhaust is best?

    I am looking for a slip-on can, not an entire system

    I love the look and sound of Yoshimura but wonder if they are cop magnets?

    I'm thinking maybe Two-Brothers VALE black or Leo Vince?

    Anyone have a preference - or a reason not to go with a certain brand or make?
    I have also heard to steer clear of Carbon tins as they ware badly and go for stainless or titanium - is there anything in that?

    Thanks in advance (y)

    NB** for the record this will be going on a Kawasaki Er-6N

    EDIT: Reason: IF yoshis are truly best then I will definitely go this route - just looking for alternative
  2. yoshis are not that loud, compared to 2 bros or Leo Vince.
    remus and staintune are not very loud either. yoshis do have a nice tone though. staintune sound like stock and are kinda shit actually. remus are ok but expensive.
    i have a carbon can, a delkevic. it has weathered badly, but who cares, it's nice and loud to bark at cagers. that's all i need it for.

    cop magnet is any bike with any can, just depends on the cop. they only test for noise when they are being particularly anal. like ordered to crack down on all bikes. like moto event on somewhere. or spurs or GOR on sunny weekends. commuting and such they never bother you. they know they can't catch up to you. unless they're on a motorcycle. and i've never personally had any problems with cops on bikes. i think they understand us better.
  3. Hmmm....so a Yoshi titanium then =D

    That or a Two Bros VALE black titanium (mwaahahaha)
  4. I've had a Yoshi and a Two Bros before. And I reckon MT1 is about right. The Two Bros was a bit louder and had a real deep type of sound, especially on the V Twin I owned it sounded great.
  5. Thoughts on arrow (and sharing postage, seriously)?

    Install night as well maybe?
  6. I have had yoshis and Akropovich pipes on varies bikes both well built pipes
  7. Hey there Mr Bing - I'm not too into Arrow (sorry) although if you've got one in mind PM me and my arm may be able to be twisted =D

    The install night would definitely be a goer though (y)

    Take a look at the Two Bros VALE black - very nice IMHO
  8. Looks pretty good as well, as long as it has the little o2 port on it all will be good.
  9. I'm pretty sure it does.

    I have looked at the DynoJet site and they list a mapping for the TwoBrothers slip on - you can also install the auto tune sensor and PCV which has a O2 sensor to insert into the exhaust boss - this is also for the TwoBrothers slip on.

    Check Here

    A work colleague has a TwoBrother VALE (not the Black series) setup on his R1 - sounds tough =D

    NB** installation instructions for PCV here....seems okay to me
  10. Cant catch you eh... I was fined last week by 2 copbike men wearing there silly pants in an unmarked cop car on their way to get their cop bikes...... Fined for "Failing to comply with marked lines"

    Its easy for them to catch you when there are tram lanes about..](*,)

    Nothing about the 2 Leo Vince's under the seat..
  11. Exhaust will be about the extent of what I'm going to do to this bike I reckon (famous last words anyone).
  12. Exhaust will be about the extent of what I'm going to do to this bike I reckon (famous last words anyone).

    I'll do a bit more research on the topic, I'd just decided on arrow because they get good feedback, seem to sound okay (but not stupid loud), have the port for the 02 sensor, weigh a bit less etc.
  13. I've been looking into this more and more.....

    I originally thought I was set on a Yoshimura, then I decided on a Two Bros.
    Since doing further reading it appears that some people have trouble with Two Bros pipes without using a power commander or juice box - this all sounds like too much of a head ache for me (especially as I need a reliable commuter not a race bike full of bugs)

    I am now reassessing the Arrow pipes or even Scorpion.

    I was sure that a slip-on would only increase the engine note and overall throughput - it would now appear that there is more too it
  14. Does anyone have an Er6n with a pipe currently installed?

    If so - what pipe and how does it sound/run - is anyone using a fuel module etc?
  15. Looks like your working down the same lines I did, ahahaha... I suspect you'll end up on the arrow as well.

    Would love to actually hear one, particularly the arrow but have not been lucky enough to see one about (IMO youtube is not a great indicator).

    Have not read a lot about scorpion systems, where are they (as a company) based?
  16. Following from my other reply.

    Hope to have my Arrow exhaust delivered today/tomorrow.

    - Db killer actually works to silence the pipe, unlike the other brands
    - Proven brand
    - Nice deep, but not overly loud sound when open.
    - Built in o2 bung if you ever go the pc5/auto tune route
    - price! At 296AUD delivered

    - TBA

    Keep you posted.
  17. The only con I've found so far in regards to the arrow is the price locally, not that it is a huge issue.
  18. True,

    Cheapest I can get the arrow is at 465+ express post from the registered arrow distributer.

    Unfortunately, as much as I'd lime to support local, 170 difference is a lot to pay.

  19. Just to add, while on the topic of exhausts. I have a danmoto which is the cheapest option

    - priced well for the materials involved (stainless steel/titanium)
    - nice deep sound

    - very loud for my liking, very similar to a two bros can
    - welds look good, but due to cheap manufacturing. A fair amount had leaks
    - db killer does not kill the db
    - reports of weld snapping easily if not installed correctly.

    Although there are a fair few cons, there are also reports of happy customers. In my instance, my pipe was fine. It's just to damn loud.

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  20. Scorpion are a UK company - designed and built I believe