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Which Ducati

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by smack, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. Been kicking tyres on new bikes for years now. Had permission to buy a whatever I want. Now flame away, cos there is but one manufacturer for me. I looked at Trumpy cruiser, but got over that by buying an XS650 cruiser. Contemplated a VRod, but way too much money for what you get.

    Looked at Ducs, didn't really keep track of what is available, until I saw the Sport1000. Chased up a test ride in NSW, what a hassle that was. On a trip to Taree, I was passing Homebush, Artarmon, Penrith and Newcastle. Nope, the demo was in Woolongong. Thought bugger it, I'll go the 90 mins each way to try it, phone call before I flew and the guy said they'd just loaded it in the truck. Good news is it was headed for Newcastle. Got a short ride, found the bars way too low. There was a $300 riser kit I could buy, screw that, I'll wait till Ducati fixes it.

    Saw the latest one at supers expo, sat on it and the bars are 50mm or so higher, much improved. I could handle one of these. Looked at all the otehr new Ducs, no SS. Just 4v and retro and that big chookie and ST's

    Test rode a Monster in Lonnie on the way home. S2R 800. Very nice, but decided that naked is not for me.

    So, started the ring around, can I get a new 1000SS? Nope, sold out months ago.

    Found one. It will be mine soon

  2. Well congratulations, so what's happening to your current Duke, will that be staying in your vast collection bikes in the shed.
  3. I sir, do not sell bikes. (although the dildo might have to go)
  4. So the women need more from you, so that's the reason for a bigger dildo :p :LOL:
  5. Congrats shithead

    Make sure you park the monster next to the tractor next time we are at PI and let Leon near them.
  6. Don't make me minimod you shithead. I said no Monster, getting a Stupidsports.

    smack you upside the head this arvo mate. Waiting at the airport for jurassic. Bloody old people, always waiting for em
  7. Post the pic of the 1000....

    It is DEAD sexy..... :cool: :cool: :cool:

    Noice, different, unusual..... :grin: :grin:
  8. I honestly think that the closest bike in the current range to what usage you put a bike to is the ST3. If don't order the optional panniers and do order some sports mufflers and you'll have a nice sounding Ducati twin that will realistically do 99% of what 99% of people will ask it to do.

    Of course this is the 'sensible' option, so you probably won't do it :LOL:
  9. You don't buy a Ducati for sensible! :LOL:

    Grouse bike enjoy
  10. Good choice. I may soon follow you down the SS path but I doubt it will be a new one. You must have spent some time looking to find a newbie.

    So the dildo might be leaving the stable? Well its still got a home for a little while at least. It took me on the big tour on Saturday without a hitch.
  11. Geezuz GS, an ST? test rode one a few years ago, and did the Broke twisties on an ST4. Noice, but not for me.

    As TG says, I like to lick my own bits. Gman, the dildo is yours for as long as you want/need. How did your bum handle a full day on the plank they call a seat?
  12. Actually I felt pretty good. I was expecting a lot worse. Bit cramped on the legs though. had to stretch them out occasionally for the last 100km or so.
    Using earplugs also helps reduce fatigue and I can't hear the old beast complain as much.

    There's a nice 800ss for sale down here. If it's still there in about a month I might jump on it. :grin:
  13. I was lookign for an 800ss. Where is it?
  14. What! :shock:

    No, it's mine I tell ya. Keep away. :p

  15. OOHHH.....fightfightfightfightfightfight.... :LOL: :LOL:

    Hey Smack, will you need to lick your own bits to ride it??

    Techno withstood that dildo seat all day..well done my lad!! :grin:
    Sorry for laughing at you, but seeing you and the bike going over the bumps on the road to cressy, was making me laugh so hard, I had tears in my eyes, and found it hard to focus on the road!!

    I will go to bike night next week...I promise.... :grin: :grin:
    Now, I'm sure you will all rest easier knowing that...... :LOL: :LOL:

  16. Hell, I'd lick techno's bits to ride it :shock:

  17. EEWWWW......... :shock:

    Can I watch????? :twisted: :p
  18. I thought you said you were boring when you were sober. Sorry but my bits are off limits.

    And why is it that I seem to attract "licking" kind of people?

    Hey Smack, I only mentioned the 800 because you gave me the impression the 1000 was a done deal. If you look in the usual places, its not hard to find on your own. Likely that someone will buy it before me anyway.
  19. Nah mate. I've found a 1000 in Penrith. It's "technically" got 0 klms on teh clock, but it did 3 rounds of the bears series. I'll get in after Easter. More or less a done deal.
  20. Ooooooohhhhh!

    An ex race bike. There will be no keeping up with you then.