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Which Dririder Jacket???

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Drew, Feb 16, 2007.

  1. Does anyone knoe inplain terms what the differences between thge Dririder Nordic 4 and Summit 2 Jackets are??

    Bothe seem very similar to my untrained eyes.

    I'm looking at these as a new winter jacket... need good thermal protection as well as weather and wind... as i will be doing a lot of riding at night on the freeway back to Kyneton which can get VERY COLD

    anyone suggest some gloves as well for the same requirements... was looking at the dririder site last night and they "advertise" that their products do what they say....

    But persaonal reccomendations are worth 1000 adverts.
  2. Drew, I dont think the Nordic 4 has the same level of protection (CE Armour) as the Summit 2. Also the Summit looks a lot better IMHO, although you are looking at about $100 difference. The Summit 2 is a very nice jacket.

    I've also been looking seriously at the climate control jacket, supposedly year round protection, has 3 layers (zip out water proof liner and thermal liner) and is really cool in summer I have heard. Also cheaper than the Summit although maybe not suitable for extreme winter.

    Also I have a pair of the top of the range winter gloves from Dririder and i ride all year round and have been very happy with them.
  3. Hi Drew, wind is your enemy on those cold nights
  4. do you have the model name of the gloves?? they never seem to list them in order of superiority/effectivness anywhere

    the year round jacket is good but im really afterwinter warmth . nearly froze several time last year riding at night.

  5. yeah i know

    but with 6:00 am starts and 11:00 home in winter it gets cold and windy...not to mention highway speed added into the mix.

    Last year i distinctly remember -5&6 degree mornings. so the jacket and gloves i buy need to be darn good ones!

    i don't mind if the jacket is winter only as i plan on buying a summer jacket this year as well.
  6. Adventure winter tourer.
  7. cheers

    doing my research before the bike mart shopping night :grin:
  8. Another thing I forgot to mention is I have the Summit 2 pants and If the jacket is anywhere near as good It will be fantastic.
  9. good to hear... i have motodry pants and they are really warm..... and wind/water resistant.

    well SUMIT 2 is looking good. $$ is not an issue really I have got permission form the finance department to get what i need. It's amazing what i have just discovered i really NEED :twisted:
  10. Drew, don't overlook the motodry duo jacket - if my memory serves me right you already have the pants.

    I used the duo all winter last year with no problems - the extra load you will bear will be the leaching of warmth because of the distance on the freeway. i would suggest add an aircell style jumper (heavy woolen) and seriously look at grip warmers the keep the heat up to your hands.
  11. yet i have the motodry duo pants....really good. forgot about their jackets...will have to go and check em out again.

    thermal jumper is also on the cards.... as for heated handgrips...will have to see if hte little SPADA can deal with the extra load.
  12. from memory the summit2 has more/better zip open air flow options for thos warm days.

    Can't remember if the nordic has a zip out liner but summit does.

    I was going to get a summit2 until I found a summit on special for $100 less. But that was nearly 2 years ago now. :)
  13. Yep the Nordic has zip out liner.
  14. Great thread, I am looking for a dririder jacket too when I get my bike.

    I have decided to go with the Climate Control 2, for its price and features. I want something I can use all year round.

    What about the Aspen and Freeway jackets?




  15. Hi Drew,
    My opinion for what it is worth:
    I have had the Nordic 4 for 12 months. I did not look at the Summit, mainly due to the fact that the service assistant at the shop pointed me at the Nordic 4 and raved about it. Great winter jacket. Thermal liner is removable. I ride at 05:30am on winter mornings and even on the cold days I can get by with a T-shirt under the Nordic. Very solid external material: thankfully I have not tested the suitability of the jacket when it hits the tar! Have ridden in heavy rain on several occasions and no water gets in thru' the jacket, but I would like a higher collar to cover the space between jacket and helmet. [Neck warmer OK in cold but not great in the rain!] Plenty of pockets inside and outside: wallets and mobiles stay dry in the wet.

    No zip open vents in jacket. Hot as the proverbial in summer even without the liner. If I had to ride in summer with the Nordic I would rather stay at home. [I went and bought an AGV Sport summer jacket which is OK for the hot days].

    I think the jacket would be warm enough for most people in moderate climates. Get a set of thermal underwear for those really cold days, and those plus the Nordic would take you just about anywhere and keep you warm (IMHO).

    Try both jackets and see how they "feel" when they are on. If vents and pockets are important for you then check them out. I do not think you can go wrong with the Nordic. Make sure you get your monies worth if you pay premium prices for something else.
  16. Nightgash, the Climate, Freeway, etc are "battle jacket" style, i.e. short jackets. The Summit, Nordic, Motdry Duo are halfcoats and offer better warmth and water protection. Nothing wrong with your choices, just making sure you are gettiing what best suits your needs.
  17. well tried on a few on the weekend

    also tried a RST jacket...... was very similar to the Summit so now if got to make a descision.... RST felt more comfy to wear and was extremely warm.....

    RST seems well made and has good armour, but I haven't heard much about them until now. (seen ads in magazines is all)
  18. Ive got the summit 2, and when I got it, i had to wear it home, and it was 38 or something.. all vent zips open and liner stuffed into the jackets compartment for it - very cool idea there. rather uncomfortable ride home due to heat, but bareable.

    I've taken it out a few times since, and its been great, all the tighten-up tabs are very useful, and Im a big fan of loads of pockets. If there was a big enough pocket for my clear helmet visor I would never have to carry a backpack - I can even stuff my camelback bladder into it.