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Which Digital Camera?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by kiss_the_future, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. Im looking at purchasing a digital still camera and have narrowed it down to the pentax optio A10 and the olympus Mju 810?

    Now i know there are a few camera buffs on the forum that could give me some insight on both models?


  2. go the pentax....
    looks easier to use
    but im no guru lol :LOL: :LOL:
  3. I've owned (before some alleged workmate swine pinched it) a Pentax Optio, and brother still has his (we're twins, meh, what can I say???)
    Highly recommended; good electronics and superb lenses.....
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  5. Optical zoom > Digital zoom
  6. Both have optical, what's your point, h0nd@??
  7. When I was looking for a digital camera I was pointed to

    FWIW I got a Fuji Finepix f10 (I believe the f11 has been released now) last year and very happy with it - reacent trip, took >350 photos and still had 2/3 battery remaining with about half using the flash. Very good for night shots, reasonable optical zoom etc.

    Have a look at the reviews on the net and see sample photos, then try to use one in a store (some have awful controls) and see what you like...

    Good luck!
  8. Thanks for that website its really helpful...im actually leaning towards a whole different camera after reading some of those reviews.

    One thing i forgot to add in my original post is that i've been using a mates Canon Ixus 750...and i liked it. I cant quite afford one so im inclined to maybe go for the model below the ixus 55?
  9. I asked a similiar question a few months back, and got some good feedback ... https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=15429

    Wen't with the Canon Powershop A610 and absolutely love it! That reveiws website and others all gave it great reviews and best of class for my budget range. If it meets yours, give it a good consideration as it's a fantatsic camera.
  10. Other camera's in the same genre that would be well worth checking out;

    - Canon Powershot range (as Mouth has suggested... and as i suggested in that last thread if i recall)...

    - Panasonic Lumix range (both my mum & a friend have bought LC9's i think they were... and absolutely rave about them! The image stabilisation is worth it's weight in gold for the amatuer photographer!!!)

    Personally a while ago now i went out and bought an itsy-bitsy point & shoot Sony LC1. Scored it for $290, plus $30 for a 256mb card which worked out alright for a pocket sized P&S. For the real photography i'll take my D70 anyday!
  11. I didn't look into their features but many point and shoots have a combination of both.

    My point was that optical zoom is better than digital so if one had a better ratio or whatever he could take that into consideration. :)
  12. say cheese

    I have an old employer and friend in the electronics game who is a distributor for 3 different camera brands,and he buys a new camera every year,swears by Olympus,reckons their lense quality is superior.
  13. Just brought the Canon Ixus 60 for $471 from JB Hi-Fi there list price was $580. Great camera, fast and really easy to use, has the same firmware as the Canon 610/620 and Ixus 50/55.

    A bit disappointed with the battery life but easily taken care of with a new higher powered battery. The batteries are light and small so an extra is not going to way you down, and turning off the display saves a lot of battery life.

    I did check out the MJU 700/720 and the pentax W10 but photo quality didnot seem to be very good for either model. Shame because on the surface the MJU720 would have been perfect for bushwalking and canyoning.

    So all I need is the waterproof housing for the Ixus, roll on christmas :?
  14. After hearing about how higher megapixels dont always mean better quality, i'll be happy with the canon ixus 55. Since i've used the Ixus 750 which is a 7.1mp im sure the ixus 55 would have a similar feel and the picture quality would be good enough to compare with its older bro.
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  16. Im purchasing my camera through duty free... otherwise i would have used ebay and probably purchased the ixus 750
  17. Lens quality over Megapixels.
    Canon, Nikon pentax seem to have good lenses on their cameras.
    Go for optical zoom versus digital zoom as your pictures will look better, and allows for manual overide if you want to be creative.
    Go for cameras that use compact flash or SD cards for storage rather than the olympus or sony brands. (olympus are hideously expensive storage cards)
    That way if you move up to a digital slr or other you have the storage medium there.
  18. I have a Fuji finepix S5600
    5.1 Mega Pixels digital camera

    with 10 X Optical zoom
    and 57 X total zoom
    and 5.7 X digital zoom
    with movie and sound

    it is Briliant and i bought it from the Good Guys in Bayswater
  19. come in and see the good, good, good guys....Big Brands, Huge Range, Low prices.....
  20. I'm currently looking at the Olypmus SP500UZ - 6.0 mega pixels, 10x optical zoon, 2.5" LCD display, 10MB internal memory, xD moemory type, pictbridge, movie mode with sound. Am checking out how much I can get it duty free :)