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which detailer/polish/wax ?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by neogeo, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. Hi guys

    So supercheapauto is having a 20% sale this saturday only, so i'm looking giving some love to my bike.

    1. Which of the products do I need? Does having one, exclude the need for another?

    2. How do they compare to Yamalube Spray Polish?

    Let me know what your experiences are :]
  2. Hmm.. don't have any exp with any of these prodz.. though SCA sale sounds good :grin:
  3. Might show them some Carma and still not shop there :).
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  4. You are better off getting the Meguiars NXT polish (green, purple lid) than the m/cycle variation.............. gives a brilliant shine to metals, alternatively grab some 'Autosol' in a tin......... a smidgeon coarser but does a great job, especially on those bits where more elbow grease is required......
    I do use the 'wet-look' polish on the plastics/bodywork..........it is good stuff, easy to use and safe ;)
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  5. There's some called "Britemax Twins" which is a twin kit for metal polishing. One of the bottles is for a deeper cut and the other a finisher which includes a sealant.
    Do a Google on it and you'll see the results you can get.
    I doubt you'd get it at SC. I ordered some from the UK.

  6. Anything good for polishing plastic/bodywork?
  7. Quick and easy polish, just use plexus.
    Longer term wax im not so sure on...
  8. Plexus FTW, that stuff is awesome for polishing pretty much anything..
  9. Yes indeed, if your bike metal and plastics are in good shape, you can't beat plexus. Otherwise I use mother's scratch remover and mother's finish.

    Mr sheen is great for the wheels. The back can get chain lube on it, so degrease first, being careful where you spray. Then Mr Sheen.
  10. Where can u get Plexus? never heard of them before
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    Pretty sure I picked up a can of Plexus at MCAS auburn
  12. I don't know a bike shop that hasn't got it. Would never go back there if they did'nt.
    Don't except an alternative. PLEXUS
  13. An industrial chemist who specialised in commercial product testing once told me the main ingredients of WD-40 were merely paraffin and white spirits, and to always look at the MSDS certification to see what might be going on. The MSDS for Plexus and the one for Mr Sheen are very alike, so I've never been convinced to keep spending the extra for Plexus (though there is still a can somewhere on the shelf). I've seen no difference in either product when used on visors, instrument faces or any clear plastics. Both work but as I don't have a windshield YMMV. I have a small pot of a mate's brew for black plastics that works a treat but I don't know what's in it! Probably a lot of silicone oil.

    I find Meguiar's Qikwax is ideal for dusting or cleaning the Honda's paint, while their Gold Class polish is very good for the "big cleans". And fully agree with raven's endorsement of Mr Sheen on wheels.
  14. Yes Meguiar's products are top class, as well.
    There is not as good as a spotlessly clean and gleaming bike.
    A car is a car. Very nice...but a bike is...part of you.
  15. Can anyone recommend a good cleaner to remove brake dust from what I think are stainless steel spokes on my Vstar Classic?

    Years ago I did spokes by hand with no problems but I can't get my hand in and around the spokes well on this bike at all.

    Would a generic degreaser work well, or perhaps just pressure clean them with water ?

    Any suggestions welcome.
  16. I couldn't agree more. I wince when I hit a patch of water after cleaning the bike, knowing my gleaming exhaust headers have just got a shower of grime, thanks to the pi$$-poor front mudguard!

    BTW, when did Aussies start calling such things fenders? [-(
  17. Oldie, I reckon you should use some of that CT18 that sprays on. Available from the usual suspects (Supercheap). You spray it on, leave it for a bit and then pressure wash it off.

    I've used it on European cars which seem to gather stubborn amounts of brake dust on their wheels and it comes clean off. Good stuff.

  18. Thanks Spruce, I will look into that tomorrow.
  19. i been alternating between various polishes....and MR SHEEN. i first heard about MR Sheen in the 80's and i thought it was a load of wank. then when i bought my new jet ski in 2007.....the Yamaha dealer had a can of that stuff in his hands and wiping my ski down, minutes before i picked it up.

    it does the same job, costs f-k all, and can be bought anywhere.

    spot the difference if you can.
  20. How much do you want to spend ???
    Stuff you buy in places like supercheap are ok.
    You want the good shoite you have to go to paint stores. Good paint stores.
    I have found Fareccla products the best before you start getting rediculous.
    Their G3 liquid buffing compound comes in around $100 a liter. @ trade. I got two at a place that had it on special for $77
    I sold one for $80 and the other liter would do my bike and car ten times. But I would only use the G3 once a year.
    I use the G10 in between by hand although it can be buffed.
    G3 is for a hard cut. Not so deep Scratches and swirls. It also seals the paint and has quite a lot of filler in it.
    The G10 get outs any impurities and gives it a good shine.
    I finish with Glymm Carnauba wax to give it that deep glossy look that lasts. Think it's as dear as dope @ 45 an ounce.
    If the paint is really crap and the scratches very deep then 3M 1800 wet and dry is what you need to use first though. Well some touch up paint in all the scratches and chips. Then 1800, 3m, G10, Wax x 3 very thin coats.
    Those silicone spray cleaners will fade your black plastics within a year and paint within two. While they are easy and look nice. They fark your bike. Period.
    The best way to clean you bike well is to strip down all the plastics too.