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which cruisers have the best chrome

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bugcatcher, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. Hi, i am a new member wanting some info on which cruisers have the best chrome quality. Are harleys best or japa's or are all bikes the same?

  2. my 1984 mongoose has a nice chrome job done to it :LOL: :LOL:
  3. What are you looking at buying and what is your budget? And where are you located?

    Nobody gonna admit their Yakahonduki cruiser has got poor quality chrome.

    Best if you go and check out some second hand models and you decide.
  4. I've heard from a Bike Mech that the Jap bikes have very poor quality (thin plate) chrome !
  5. you should of seen my fully sick chromed redline ... it was like a mirror finsih re :LOL: :LOL:
  6. or a harleyonda... :LOL:
  7. LOL
    I ride a Yamaharley, and i love it. There is more to a bike then chrome quality. I hope your not basing your bike purchase on chrome quality.

    Besides my yamaharley has been re dipped and re painted anyway
  8. Someone was posting about crome plated plastics on their jap cruiser, WTF? That dosen't say "Top Shelf" to me, that says "Pretend". I'm not Pro Harley or Anti but quality should speak for itself not the name on the tank.

    Just my 2c
  9. A few years back I won an 883 sportster. Something which created considerable amusemment among my fellow BMW owners.

    Much as it hurts to say it :cry:
    the paint chrome and overall finish on the Harley was extremely good. The chrome was real chrome (not chromed plastic) and the paint was as high a quality as I've seen on a bike. The finish quality was at least as good as a BMW. (that hurts to admit :roll: )

    A guy here has a new Yamaha cruiser - the finish is good but I really must say it's not up to the quality of the HD.

    (I'm not talking here about anything but appearance - particularly not about trivial things such as performance, mechanicals, handling, braking)

    Well they're trivial to a lot of cruiser owners

  10. Yah, the chrome plated plastic is on the Hyosung... A Korean bike.

    My justification for this is that it's cheaper and eaiser to replace plastic than metal. Poor excuse I know, but it looks the goods...


    The following bits are plastic:

    Headlight Cowl
    The Scoops
    The little bits in between the cylinders
    The drive belt covers
    The Instrument Panel cowl
  11. For 1/3rd the price it's fine Pete.

    I had a look at one in Rocky on Friday. They don't look too bad at all. I've told my old man to have a look at one as he is chasing a cheap cruiser to start with and the Hi-Songs :grin: seem pretty good value for money.
  12. They go pretty hard too. The one I've got is sitll restricted (on my P's), and I can still do 130 with room to spare. Corners bloody beautifully as well. Love it.

    Sorry, back on topic, Hyosungs def. do not have the best chrome...
  13. If your definition of quality, is the amount of people that check your bike out when you park it on the footpath, then definitely go the Hyosung Aquila 650. Got a mate who bought one, and everytime it's parked, you can't help yourself but keep a tally on how many people come up and give it a real good study. For a short time we parked in Healesville (about 20 minutes), we counted something like 10 people (that's individuals or families) that came up and had a good look. It's unreal. I was almost jealous and considered putting on a little skit or something to get people to look at mine instead.
  14. And 883 sportsters are the cheapest, poorest finished harleys...

    I saw an old 883 parked out the front of my local workshop. It was a total rat, really scuffed up. This gave me a bit of a bad impression.

    But if you say they are good, then I guess any bike can go off over time, with neglect.

    I dream of a hotted up 1200 sportster, only harley worth owning... They're the cheapest, they handle less bad than most, and they're designed more for function, rather than form (even if they are totally outdated in design.)
    They're supposed to be quick on a race-track.

    Quite the contradiction to the ultra-light, but underpowered bike I currently ride.
  15. Harley's have the best chrome, it's that simple.
    It's a huge part of their selling value.
    They cannot afford to use thin chrome plate.
    Also the engines are real metal, not alloy and so the chrome melds much better.
  16. As you will see I’m no gardener or photographer, but take look at the lashings of chrome on my near stock 1200 custom sporty.



    Take a walk into a Harley showroom, have a look at the fit and the finish, The quality of the product range will give you a raging hard on.

    A Harley’s paintjob is applied electrostatically like powder coating, this procedure makes the coating fuel resistant, and some even say that Harley stock paint will stop a .357 Magnum :LOL: however I was unable to confirm that info in my owner’s manual.

    The gleaming mirror finished chrome is near a blinding shine, and if that’s not enough then you can go the distance with your wallet and purchase off the shelf chrome bits to cover remaining painted bits your bike still has, there is no end and definitely no comparison to other brands.