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Which Cruiser

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by matti-san, Dec 2, 2008.

  1. Well let me paint the scenario. First off you will be buying a second hand XVS650 as you need a LAMs cruiser for the missus when you upgrade. OK you have 12 months to wait before the big bike and the following conditions.

    1: Must be "cool" not wanker cool but cool cool!
    2: Must be a cruiser not a chopper [could be a bobber]
    3: Budget is $20K
    4: Can do long cruises and be fun to ride in the twisties.

    So what bike would you buy on the upgrade??
  2. Got to be the M109, power and smooth looks. Less then 20k, good brakes and plenty of go, supposed to handle pretty well in the twisties also.
  3. Sportster!

    (...SR400? :grin:)

    The Moto Guzzi California I used to think ugly, but I've changed - it's classic and beautiful in it's own way, and very unusual and character-filled, and sounds fantastic with good pipes. Your budget could get you a good as new bargain...

  4. Another option could be the Moto Guzzi Bellagio.
  5. Matt I love the SR400 but this time it is going to be a BIG bike! But an SR400 for the missus, hmmmm??

    Moto Guzzi haven't looked at those yet?
  6. Yeah nice bikes.

    If you can fit on a Nightster (at 6'1" was a bit tight for me) great looker. Or try the XR1200 - rode one and loved it. Not a fan of the grey engine, and prefer a bobber style seat - but IMHO one of the coolest modern day bikes

    Know these bikes aint run of the mill "Cruisers" but you're too young for one of them :p
  7. Yup,if your a short ass...
    I had a '98 Guzzi California for five years,70k klm.
    It was briliant to ride and handled like a naked bike.:twisted:
    And reliable,once sorted. :cool:
  8. There's a used Guzzi California looking very clean for sale at Yamaha City Melb CBD, and one of teh anniversary Sportsters from a few years ago that's in that dirt tracker look used in Spot On...

    Does the missus have a strong right leg and a bit of a tom boy resilience? If not I would't suggest the SR unfortunately... (My city-girl partner, in her Audrey Hepburn shoes, went mad just owning my old kick-start postie!)

    I understand Matti - I wouldn't trade up the SR, but I'm ready for a big cruiser as well... (Probably a pre-rubber mounted sportster with the six speed gear box addition and the mid-way mounted pegs, chugga down the highway...just cruising! :) I've seen a pic of one decked out with some simple aesthetic mods to look like the '57 model...Wow! Give those Triumphs a run for their money!)

  9. Yeah I am 6'2" and as such the sporty felt a bit short to me. I have decided that I wont buy a japper, I know that may sound silly but it is now down to HD, Triumph or Moto Guzzi. The jap bikes are a bit too high tech for me, not in technology itself but the look, you know it's the vibe man! :grin:

    Oh forget the twisties bit, she who must be obeyed may be convinced to get a LAMs SV650, I can derestrict [at the legal time of course] and if I suck up may be able to borrow it for my twisty fun.

    So bring on the fat arse cruisers!

    Oh and the budget may be kreeping up a little :wink:
  10. I can understand the high tech look applying to something like the M109 - I'm assuming you mean you want a more traditional look. There are plenty of jap cruisers that are bog standard traditional cruiser in appearance!

    If you want your shortlist to be between HD, Triumph of Moto Guzzi, I'd go for the Triumph. Either the America or....one of the Rocket III's :grin:
  11. The America or Speedmaster are pretty cool, the Speedmaster has that retro hot rod thing going on which is nice.

    I don't want a skinny fender custom.

    OK it seems that the thoughts in my mind are sorting out.

    So think Hot Rod or 1950's kitsch. :cool:

  12. After living with a DN-01 for a while I'd go for that. I know you don't want a hi-tech look but it really is fun to ride (and great for just cruising).

    I've owned a Sporty - they are actually OK for someone your height (don't forget that HD's are extremely customisable.

    It's a long time since I rode a Guzzi and they are often an acquired taste. You need to ride them for a while to really appreciate them for what they are.
  13. You do not need to de-restrict the XVS 650, they come standard as a LAMS bike. They also get to 140 (and cruise there) with out a lot of effort if you use the gears correctly. They also have the added bonus of not looking like a 650. :)
  14. Yeah this was the bike I orignally looked at but have changed to the SV650 which is a sports/naked type from Suzuki, which is restricted.
  15. For the cool retro look.... VTX 1300 is a nice bike.... but of course I am biased!!!! I LOVE mine!

    Vulcan 1600 Classic is a nice Jap cruiser too

    If "JappaHarley's" are off the list though, how far can you get your budget up? IMO the new HD Rocker Custom is a beautiful piece of gear, but exxy at around $35K!!!! I'd have one in a flash if I win the lotto next week! LOL.......


  16. Matti-san, just get one of these for yourself;
    V-rod muscle

    and forget the xvs650, and get one of these for ya missus;
    a Ducati 620 monster - It'll be easy for her to ride, and that way you also have a fun sports bike that you can ride in the twisties too

  17. Oh yeah... lots of differences, sorry. My last bike was the SV. Search the net for SV Downunder dot com for heaps of info there.

    I sometimes miss the grunt of a SV, a V-twin that red lines at around 11K :grin:
  18. If the budget has increased, check out the Victory shop in Elizabeth St, up near the Ducati shop. Dropped in there Sat afternoon and sat on a few, very comfortable and have a bit of clearance for cruisers, also look good with a finer styling then Harleys. Could have had a test ride if I had been earlier.
  19. The muscle VROD is a good concept but it just doesn't do it for me, I find it a bit boring although it does go like stink!

    My wife said I was turning into a "Pinstripe Hooligan" as I wear a suit all day and at night well I become myself! So the bike shall have the theme and name "Pinstripe Hooligan". :cool: :cool:
  20. You're not tempted into a new Bonneville and doing some 50's stylizations? With the money left-over you could do anything, even go to work on the frame...

    You could have James Dean's bike


    Or imagine this Speed Twin bought by a returned serviceman or 1950s teenager and bobbed, and make your bike look like that...

    (Speak to QuaterWit about getting a frame cut - he's found an excellent guy who charges fair prices...)