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Which cruiser?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by kirbrit, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. I am ready for my next bike and it has to be new or close to it.

    I currently have a Yamaha XVS650A. Great bike and I love riding it but I need to get some oomph going. I find if I need to get out of trouble quickly, I hit the throttle only to find the bike over-revs and then slowly catches up. The bike does NOT like speeds between 65 - 100K. At or below 65, no probs and it settles down nicely above 100.

    I've test ridden the harleys, very nice but I'm not sure I need to part with $35k+.

    I understand that riding is a personal thing but can anyone share their cruiser riding experience with me so I can make the right decision?

  2. I ride a custom 650, to be honest I dont know what your talking about.

    Although mines slightly modded (pods and telmo) Iv found that the bike has multiple personalities. You just need to know your bike better maybe. In theorey its a high revving vtwin and it does make an odd sound sometime... but it comes alive at the high revs.

    If you wana cruise and have the thumpiung sound keep it at low revs and then yeah its gona take longer to get toi where u wana go, but ride like you wana go fast and she will definatley do what you want her to do.

    Nice choice of a bike anyhow.

    check out a forum. 650CC&D the best forum on the web for our bikes,
    If your gona keep the bike, get a GAK or Hypercharger with an eexhaust or mod your stock one, then you wont complain no more... remember shes built to cruise too, but the beauty of her is shes two faced, if you rub her right yeh.
  3. If it was me, Vulcan 900 at about $13k or a Triumph America. nooice bikes look the goods. :grin:
  4. Ideally a cruiser will get up and go at low revs and deliver that thumping sound whilst gobs of torque propel one forwards.

    This really requires large capacity pistons (the bigger the better) though, which is why I've never been a great fan of mid sized cruisers.

    Not just saying harley here, there are some nice big displacement jap cruisers as well.
  5. What do you expect there is simply not enough torque in a 650cc for a heavy frame cruiser, there is no substitute for cubic inches when it comes to cruisers and torque, you could bolt on many goodies for more power, you could go better flowing heads, increased compression ratios, upgrade ignitions, the list goes on, and all you will do is increase power & have to always be in the right gear and at the right rpm.
    What you are really searching for is torque, that magical force when you roll on the throttle at low rpm it pushes you in the backside and propels your machine forward. That sir is cruising.
  6. Fix your clutch dude. You may find the bike is fine after that!
  7. Cruising

    I've had my 2007 883 Sportster Custom fo about 2 months now - still haven't wiped the grin from my face! $14200 on road I know it's not the biggest Harley, but I still love it. Saving up now for pipes, air cleaner etc for more power and a little more growl. Cheers.
  8. Re: Cruising

    My Dad is a Harley nut, he and all the guys in his HOG chapter buy all of their kit from Chicago Harley. The exchange rate is very favourable at the moment and Chicago Harley take 10-20% off RRP by default. To give you an idea of the savings, Dad was originally quoted $5000 locally for a big bore kit that he picked up recently for $1300 from Chicago Harley.
  9. Thanks for the tip. Better money in my pocket...