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which cruiser?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by a-hummina-hummina, Jan 11, 2010.

  1. I havent ridden for about 20 years. Going for learners next week. Im about 6 foot, 100kgs, so im looking for an '08-'09 cruiser in the 650 range. I'll probably be happy to keep it for a number of years before upgrading. (that is if I upgrade)
    I like the look of the Viragos but can some experienced riders tell me which of the cruisers they prefer and why?
    Also, of the Viragos, which is the best for performance, quality and holding their value?


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  3. I bought a 2009 XVS-650 Classic.

    My first (LAMS) bike.

    I bought based on reviews and how it looked on the showroom floor.

    I went with the classic mostly for the more comfortable seat and floorboards.

    No complaints. Well - apart from ground clearance :eek:
  4. I ride a Virago 1100. Before I rode it, my hubby got around on it now and again until I got my open licence. He is 5 foot 8 and was really cramped with the seating position. I am 5 foot 1 and it suits me fine, but at 6 foot you might find the Viragos less leg roomy than some other models, although I found the Virago 250 (my first bike) actually had more leg room due to the forward pegs. Not sure about the 650 model, worth a look to see how it fits you. Great bikes, I love mine.
  5. Thanks for the input, I'd still like to know the differences of opinions between the Virago and the other makes, eg Kwakas, suzukis, hondas etc.

    yes Hornet, when I turned 18 and got my first car, my bike learners lapsed. I had the learners a cupple other times, but never got round to gettin the full ticket, family life etc got in the way.
    Now I must be goin through the midlife thingymajiggy so its off to get the learners again. This time I'm gonna book the license test immediately after I get the L's.
    Seems funny being on L's and P's at 42yo :)
  6. We can't really list the differences because Honda, Suzuki or Kawasaki don't make any cruisers which are in the 650 range. Only Yamaha offer a L approved 650 cruiser.

    If you want other than Yamaha then no choice other then 250 cruisers.

    I'll make a quick list of L approved cruisers for you as I was also in the same boat as yourself but ended up getting a naked Honda.

    XV250 virago
    XVS250 vstar
    XVS650/a vstar

    VN250 eliminator

    250LC Intruder

  7. been 12 months since I did my research, but back then if it HAD to be cruiser and HAD to be 650 that only left the Yamaha XVS650 (which I got) or the Hyosung 650 which wa a bit too edgy looking for my tastes..not to mention unconfirmed quality issues I heard of.
  8. +1. My vote would have to go to the XVS650
  9. Thanx Lurch and others.
    I was real disappointed today as the xvs650 I really wanted has been sold already.:furious: Was 09 model silver n black with 9500km for $8500 and was in my own town of Bendigo too. Missed it by a few days.](*,)
    I trawled through the net all day today only to find the same old, same olds and was wonderin how i can talk the missus into lettin me shell out $11500 fer a new one.[-(
    Just before snooze time I went n had one more peek at the net and I found my bike, he'd only posted it up fer sale at 4pm today.:angel:
    xvs650 electric blue n flames, 09 model, n only 1300km!!!! immaculate n only $8000.
    strike me pink, I jumps on the blower n bought it without even seein it (pending a mechanics check up of course).=D>
    pick it up in the next cuppla days hopefully.:beer:

    now i just need some feedback from youse lovely folks about recommended riding gear brands and bike insurance. Any faves and why? I'll trawl thru the forum fer answers too, so dont think im a lazy so n so.
    cheers all.

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  10. Nice bike, looks in good condition.
  11. Draggins, a good black leather jacket, a pair of decent non-powerer-ranger boots, and ditto for the gloves.
    DriRider 'Tourer' boots are good bang for buck.
  12. congrats!.. looks very nice!
  13. Nice bike, nearly bought one myself but opted for something else at the last minute. Let us know your thoughts after a few rides.
  14. Well done, I love my XVS650 classic. Lurch's gear list is about right, I like Rossi boots. Get higher boots rather than shorter ones as stones kicked up by trucks and cars really hurt if they hit you on the shin.
  15. Hi there...
    I ride an Intruder but will be upgrading to a yamaha 650 custom when i find the right one....Ill probably end up buying new.

    Im in Bendigo too so feel free to hit me up if you want to go cruising, im out on the bike every weekend ;)
  16. May be not quite what your looking for but Honda are now selling the DN01 for $10990 on the road. I bought one before Christmas and Im loving it. Hell of a lot of bike for $11k.
  17. :tantrum:
    What just happened last week? One day I'm dreamin of ridin bikes again, a week later I've got me learners n a new bike. It's all happenin too quick fer me. Gots'ta have anuvver beer.
    Anyhoos folks, I took yer advise on ridin gear, shelled out near on a grand at local Yammy dealer, got a blue jacket, blue helmet, medium length boots, black gloves n blue kevlar jeans. Dont ask me brands etc, I only know the colours. I just trusted the guy that sold em to me, I didnt have time to shop around as I had to go to Melb to pick up me beloved. (bike, that is) (but dont worry, i still likes the fairer feminine sex n all, but i loves me bike da most now)
    So I buys da bike Wendsdy night over the phone, dont sleep at all that nite, goes to work in morn, knock off at lunch, runs around like a man posessed to organise a bike mechanic in Melb, get Insurance, get a bank cheque for da bike, get ridin gear from the above lovely salesman, gets a mate ta drive me down there, stop to pinch meself ter make sure i aint dreamin, drive to Melb, buy the bike n cant remember anythin the bloke told me cos im mesmerised by the lure of that blue beast, ride all the way home, packin meself in the peak hour traffic on the ring-road, change me undies at Maccas n get home stiff n sore n tired n wonderin wot the hell ave i just done???

    Boy, wot a whirlwind day! So, I've been cruisin all the back streets of Bendigo gettin in some practise every day. The good peoples of Bendigo are wonderin who the crazy fool in Blue with the Cheshire Grin is.
    I've seen more of Bendigo than I has in the last 6 years here.
    Best thing I've done in years. Almost as good as the horizontal tango. Almost, that is!
    Thanks fer all yer help folks.

    So here's a photo of me ridin back wiv me new bike, 'cept smile was bigger than this:

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  18. The Honda Shadow vt600 is another option for a larger LAMs cruiser for those who don't want to ride 250's. I got one not long ago - abit cheaper than the 650vstar, though if i had the money I'd fork out for the yamaha.
  19. Thanks ResmeN, what did you opt for? I love ridin mine around, but bein new again I'd enjoy ridin anythin.:-s (bikes that is):wink:
    I do find that you have to really kick up hard to put her in 4th n 5th gear, mebbe its the peg position???
    its also hard to hear the revs, probly cos wind noise in helmet is loud.

    Does anyone know where to order Alpine Earplugs from? Designed for motorbike use. I heard you can get em from someone in QLD.

  20. Time for some Vance and Hines pipes and a Hypercharger. :)