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Which cruiser to get?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Stoney159, Feb 14, 2016.

  1. Hey everyone , just looking for a bit of advice from some fellow enthusiasts. While I am yet to get my licence , I live in an area where currently it only requires a computer test for your L's so it will just be a wet day trip to the local RMS office. I have owned dirt bikes since I was 3yr old but have never really been interested in riding on the road until now, for some strange reason. While discussing with a mate and flicking through numerous pages of bikes on gumtree, he had me convinced that I should be looking for a cruiser such as a Hyosung GV650 or something of similar size, then upon talking to some older riders at work they told me that I would be better off buying a 250 for the duration of my restricted licence and upgrading once I become unrestricted. So now I am undecided on which direction I'm better off moving in. So I guess my question is what would you guys recommend? I think most of my riding would be highway riding as I don't live in the city and its probably worth noting that I'm a bigger lad , 6ft 3 and 120kg. I've also decided that I definitely want a cruiser.From some threads I read through stating the 250 is underpowered , I'm even open to experimenting with different size sprockets etc if need be. Any help would be very much appreciated

  2. Hi and welcome to NR Stoney159Stoney159 . I'm a 5'1" lightweight and live in the country as well as commute in the city, and let me tell you, even I'm a bit sick of the 250. At your size, I would think that a 250 would have you weeping tears of frustration after the first month. I'm sure the lads will be along shortly with some decent suggestions, as I don't know much about cruisers, other than I am not comfortable on them.

    Have fun, stay safe and let us know what you end up with! :happy:
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  3. G'day Stoney159Stoney159. Considering your height and that you intend to ride on highways a fair bit, a 250cc motorcycle is probably underpowered.

    I'm 6-ft and ~100 kg. When I originally thought about getting a motorcycle licence I would have done most of my riding in urban areas and a 250cc bike would have been alright. Now, I commute along thirty kilometres of highway and I'm very glad that I have a larger displacement engine - I've seen a couple of others on 125cc and 250cc bikes on my commute and they look like they're wringing the throttle out.

    It's difficult to recommend one style of motorcycle over another though. The standard advice is to sit on as many bikes as you can which worked well for me.
  4. Kawa Vulcan S or Yammie XVS are worth a look
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  5. I must admit if I were partial to cruisers, the Vulcan would be my first choice. That is a fine looking bike.
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  6. Hi Stoney159.

    My, you are a big lad.... you'll probably benefit from looking at the biggest of the LAMS cruisers, I think the Yammie 650.

    I assume, even in the country, you'll still have to do the MOST, and those 650 cruisers are not the easiest bike for that test, but the test is doable with a bit of work and practice.

    Honestly, try sitting on a cruiser..... but you might find it a bit cramped for you, and it might be worth your while to at least sit on one or two of the "adventure" bikes.
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    Stoney159Stoney159 I'm pretty much your size and I found I wanted more than what my 500cc naked learner bike could give, especially up some of the steeper hills. Cruisers being heavier too, I'd go with all the displacement I could get.
  8. +1 The reviews I've seen on these bikes are all very positive. I even thought about getting one myself for commuting duties.
  9. Welcome, Mate

    To picture yourself on a typical 250cc cruiser, go and sit on a BMX.
    Then imagine how long that would entertain you.

    A 650cc is a recommended, not for the power, but the torque. Please do your homework on Hyos.
    Very few people here are fans of them. Some, from personal experience.

    Check out Motorcycle Ergonomics for rough sizing. It may help.
  10. Being a big bloke and already a rider you need all the power you can get, don't discount the likes of a v-strom, go and sit on as many as possible as you may be cramped on a smaller bike, might want to give the Hyosung a wide berth.
  11. Welcome aboard Stoney159Stoney159 :) normally Id say don't worry about the 250 factor but at your height / weight the XVS or Vulcan S would be my choices.
    The Vulcan has 3 optional seating and control postions.
    But the best option is to try as many as you can :) good Luck
  12. Agree with the majority, a big fella on a 250 might be beaten off at the lights by a small fella on a pushie. Look for a bigger bike, especially for country riding. Steer clear of Hyosung, but see if you can use a smaller bike for tests.
  13. Can't help with cruiser advice,but I can say more research will be needed as looking at a hyosung as petersul eludes too will be your first mistake.
  14. Hi Stony, I've just come off my red P's and the XVS650 Classic served me well while I was restricted on a LAM. I'm 6' and 115kg and it hauled my ass around pretty well, albeit sluggish from take off. Reliable, popular and has big bike looks - hard to go wrong and I reckon you'd look silly on anything smaller.
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  15. Hi Stoney159Stoney159 ,
    How long will your restrictions be ?

    Unfortunately I think whatever you get 1st will need to be upgraded asap.
    FYI, I had a XVS650 custom and I think it will feel strained at highway speeds.
    Good to learn on, but you'll want more too soon.

    Take one for a test ride, and the Vulcan, and see what else you can test.
  16. Have to agree with Stever42 above had an MT07 then the XVS Classic. Nice cruiser but always felt lacking the gumption above 80km/hr.......
    Built well, rides well for a cruiser. Comfortable. Looks the part.