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Which cruiser to buy?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Cobes71, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    I am a new rider over 30, so I have my full license.
    For my first bike I have brought a CBR600F 2005 model.
    I have had it about 4 weeks and have racked up 6000kms +, which included a ride to the gold coast and back. I commute about 40kms a day to and from work on this bike and it is great. I love it and I love riding. Perhaps a little to much. As although it is fun, it can be slightly uncomfortable doing 1000km's in a day.

    So after all the waffle here is the question, Which cruiser should I buy for weekends and long trips away.( I am keeping the CBR as I am in love ) I have seen the Harleys that alot of people talk about and have made the assumption you pay $10,000 for the Harley name and the rest for the features of the bike. I believe I would like something 1300cc's or over. Am unfussed by the brand name on the bike. Will pillion when allowed. Price is not one of the issues, however value for the dollar is.
    Ideas from more experienced riders would be appreciated.

  2. Shane if you want something you can do 1000klm days on I would personally not buy a cruiser. Not that they can't do it rather because the fact you love the speed and acceleration of a sports bike (going by your comments above) you are going to hate a slouch bike.

    I would suggest you look at sports tourers, GTR's FJR's ST1300 and so on.
  3. If it's a cruiser you're after...

    Suzuki M109R

    Man they look hawt in the metal. :cool:
  4. Davo,

    Thanks for the speedy reply.
    I have however in my brief riding experience been out with the Easyriders social motor cycle club. And had a good time with a great bunch of blokes.
    Most however had cruisers, which some ride with pillions and gear for weekends away.

    So I guess I have decided to buy a cruiser to fit in with the weekend away rides. Collectively as a group in which most have cruisers.

    And use the CBR to ride the short stuff to work and weekend rides with guys with sport bikes.

  5. Mario,

    Do you have or have you riden a Suzuki M109R?

    If so are they comfortable to ride. I know it would be different for different people. I am just trying to make a short list to check out.

    Also people may know about the little down falls on different bikes. Especially after they have had them for a little while.

  6. If you want a cruiser, but want to retain a little bit of sportiness, go test ride a Harley Davidson Sportser. Its a cruiser but pbly one of the sportiest you will find.
  7. I really want to try a cruiser..

    I wouldn't buy one though.. For touring I'd get a nice sports tourer with an awesome gel seat, weighted bar ends, gel grips, an i4 (for less rumblyness :) ), and a hot chick to go on back :LOL:

    By the way, you're in cromer? I'm in narrabeen, look out for me on a blue SV with a stupid grin :p
  8. G'day mate and welcome.

    I had the suzuki M50, 800cc cruiser and I could ride it all day long ,not a problem ,I just needed a small screen because the wind blasts in the chest at 100km+ gets bad ,but my screen I could take off in 20 seconds if I didn't want it on ,and to be out on the highway with a bunch of other cruisers is alot of fun and can see why you like to get one. :cool:

    I can only have one bike ,but I would of loved to of keeped it and had a sports bike and a cruiser ,best of both worlds. :grin:

    If you want something to do a few days away and cruise around on ,on the weekends the Honda VTX is a great bike ,a mate has one fully worked and customed ,looks like a chopper now ,raked out forks ,crazy custom chrome rims 300 rear tyre ,single side swing arm ,lowered .....the list goes on.
    It also got NOS . :cool: So you could mod it ,so you got a cruiser/chopper.

    Another guy I ride with had the 109 and its a freakin great looking bike and he does the long trips and still has heaps of fun in the twistys.

    Good luck with looking and trying the cruisers out. :cool: :)
  9. If I could justify it, I'd have gotten the M109R.
    It was a pretty close decision.
  10. Thanks to all for there feedback

    To All,

    Who replied Thanks. I believe I shall take the Suzuki M109 for a spin.

  11. Re: Thanks to all for there feedback

    When these were released there were some very good write ups on them. They have a sports bike front end so handle very well for a cruiser.. Obviously have plenty of power and can go all day without an issue. I did once own a C50 Boulevard, an 06 model. Great bike with plenty of torque and cruised all day without a problem.. Sold it cause we just grew apart i suppose you could say.. :grin: If i were to buy a cruiser again, it would be a V Rod i reckon..
  12. What about a Moto Guzzi Cali classic very nice looking unit
  13. Suzuki M109 Boulavard 1800cc's of pure bliss


    a Harley V-rod
  14. Jesus guys, the answer is so obvious.

  15. I'd go the m109, the rest of the jap cruisers don't quite do it for me. Oh the honda vtx1800 is pretty nice. And the kwaka mean streak (gay name) 1600 is ok. But if i had the coin and it was my choice it would prob be a harley dyna with some screamin' eagle bits. But this thread isnt about what cruiser davesta's never gonna buy so i say the suzuki :cool:
  16. M109R - The search continues.

    Hi All,

    Called into Sydney City Motorcycles.

    Had a look at the beast and yes it looks like a beast.

    Couldn't ride it unfortunately, because one of the guys that works there crashed the Demo. Or so the story goes from the sales guy.

    So I will have to find someone else who has one to Demo.

    I did find that it seemed to weigh nothing which suprised me a little. Also My feet seemed to be a mile away. Especially on the back brake. I have fairly short legs and am unsure if that would be a problem. I assume they are adjustable.

    Sydney City wanted $20000 on the road. Is that a fair price !

  17. Re: M109R - The search continues.

    According to the Suzuki site, their recommended retail here in Australia is $18990 -> http://www.suzukimotorcycles.com.au/modeldetail.php?intBikeID=190
    But that's before on road costs.
    So add like $1000 for the dealer to milk a little extra profit and that's about right.
    You could undoubtedly get $500 or more out of them if you tried twisting their arm.
  18. having owned a 109 for the last 2 months - just get one!.

    Had a M50 for a year - loved it, but needed (?) more power.

    I use mine for commuting and as my only transport.
    With a rack, you can carry a lot of stuff!. Keeps up with most sports bikes due to the capacity and power. Will actually go round corners!. And that rear tyre is fine, even in the wet. But make sure your licence has plenty of points - cos you will lose some for sure!.