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Which country is the most MC friendly?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Farab, Apr 28, 2010.

  1. Seeing a few threads on here on how we are constantly being screwed under the guise of safety, where revenue collecting is disguised as fines, it got me wondering, which country would be the most fun or to live in, in terms of riding and driving.
    A country where you get in the car or on the bike, you can relax and enjoy your journey, because

    (A) There is little to no revenue gathering around every corner, as the authorities actually focus on real offences and criminals

    (8) Most of the other drivers and riders are reasonably competent

    (C) Roads are reasonable good and plenty of interesting places to go.

    (D) You are actually treated like an adult and responsible for your own safety

    Countries like Germany may not count, as we all immediately think of "do your nut" on the autobahn, but in reality I guess its all very limited to the autobahn and enforcement will most probably be quite strict in the rest of the country.

    So a country were the general attitude towards driving and riding is a common sense, non-wowser approach.
    I am not talking about a country in which you could necessarily hoon willy nilly to your hearts content (ripping mono's through a busy main street on a Saturday morning), but more where a common sense approach is taken to driving/riding and indeed life in general.

    Wonder if such a place exists? Somewhere in South America, Mexico, Argentina? Or in one of the Old Eastern Block countries? I would think somewhere in Europe where there is a more liberal view to live and let live. Spain? Maybe even a particular state in the US? Apparently BC in Canada has quite a common sense approach.
    Have any of you experienced such a place?
  2. Not a country as such, but I believe the Isle of Mann has a relaxed attitude to speed, and not just during the races.
  3. I think from what I can see Asian countries have a relaxed attitude towards motorcycles. Countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore spring to mind. You don't have to wear helmets, people ride on pavements/gutters etc if there's traffic.
  4. the UK is actually pretty good. most forces have a 10%+2 threshold on speeding and by law all fixed cameras have to be signed and highly visibly. The locations of mobile cameras have to be advertised (and signed). roads are genrally in a good state of repair and on the whole drivers are motorcycle aware
  5. Spain and Italy are pretty good from a motorcycle awareness/acceptance and enforcement point of view. Lot's of small bikes and filtering is expected.

    I'm not sure about costs, but they used to encourage people to get permits at a young age for small bikes. thus most people are very motorcycle aware.
  6. Several states in the US have no helmet law for adults, no speed cameras, common-sense based enforcement of speed limits. Better yet, bikes are cheap cheap cheap there! Oh, not to mention the much more reasonable registration costs.
  7. Name a few, please.

  8. Hawaii
    Can't think of others currently
  9. When I was in the states that appeared to be the case. Colorado, some parts of the South etc were motorcycling heaven. Very cool highway patrol as well.

  10. The drawback is that those states are full of Americans.
  11. Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore all have compulsory helmet laws and they are enforced. Vietnam too, not sure about Indonesia.

    I've ridden scooters in all of those countries. None of them have great roads, often have cars driving on your side of the road, insane levels of traffic. Not my idea of motorcycling heaven.
  12. Colorado certainly has no helmet law, though that would be well down on my list in Motorcycle nirvana (the helmet law, not Colorado). Also I don't know if I'd want to get on the wrong side of any American cops, particularly those in the private police forces (like California?).
  13. Most of the midwestern states don't do the nanny state stuff. Iowa and South Dakota I can say with certainty sicne I've lived in those since I got my license. California has a helmet law, but explicitly allows splitting on the highway, so they gain a few points back. Then they re-lose them because CARB is one of the worst government agencies in the world.
  14. :roll:
  15. Sorry, should have put a smilie on but I figured I'm allowed to poke fun at the Yanks as I am or was one.
  16. Ok, I'll allow that. As an American, I figure only we're allowed to hate us :)

    THough to be quite honest, I've found that most Australians these days are generally pretty much just like Americans with a different accent and slightly different taste in food, at least the younger generations. The old people are of course their own breed.

    The conclusion that you can draw from this is that I'm annoyed by pretty much everyone equally :angel:
  17. the states are an awsome place to go ridding,
    they got enough bush to make it intresting
    no bullshit hooning laws ect
    everyone is resposible for the own saftey unlike here where the goverment thinks they are.
  18. Didn't do a whole lot of riding but a few days in Rome on a Vepsa PX200 was an absolutely different experience to riding through the city (sydney) here. Car drivers (even police) see you, let you filter, ride on the wrong side basically if you dare whatever you want really.

    There are also some of the greatest roads both twisty and view wise throughout the country (although I only experienced these in the car unfortunately) have to go back one day.

    I know there are plenty of stats to say otherwise but I felt safer there than any day here. I didn't encounter a single driver that tried to cut me off etc and everyone expected that I was going to filter and left whatever room they could accordingly, don't get me wrong, space is tight and busy as sh!t, and yes most drivers are absolutely mad but it makes a huge difference when you know they see you.
  19. I guess things have changed over the years. I agree with the manic driving.
  20. Alright, so the US midwest it is.

    Next question.