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Which commuter scooter?

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by Duffman, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. OK guys, I realise this is an annoyingly general question but thats the nature of the beast i believe.

    So, my current steed is a Vstrom. Awesome bike, love it to death. BUT, i'm moving house soon and will be right into the gridlock traffic both mornings and nights. So I'm going to get a little scoot for my commute.

    At this stage i havent ridden enough 125cc's to know if that would be adequate, but am looking at either 125's or 150's. Other criteria - well i'm 6ft 4 so something to fit would be a plus, not too worried about underseat storage cause i'll be getting a top box anyway.

    I want something cheap. I'll be buying second hand. I've got plenty of time to shop around so I want peoples suggestions on what i should get.

  2. Check out the Bolwell Arriba (Scootamoto carry them). Haven't seen any on the s/h market in Perth, but you might get lucky.

    I took the 125 for a test-ride, and it was adequate (could only do 90km/h, but it was a new engine, so I reckon it'd go up to 100 in a while), but since the 150 came with a free top box and a bit more power, it wasn't too hard to justify the extra couple of hundred dollars.

    I'm pretty short, but I'm told that they're quite comfortable for people of all heights.

    I think a 125 will be adequate in gridlock traffic, but I wouldn't go any lower. I used to ride a 50cc before I got my CB250, and the only way to get an advantage in traffic is to time it so that you're splitting at 60km/h and hit the lights just as they go green. Doesn't leave any margin for error. If you go any bigger than 150, you might as well take the V-Strom as you'll only have a smaller engine, not a smaller bike.
  3. Get an 180 Italjet Dragster awsome scoot :grin:
  4. Yeah a great, fast, scooter, but parts are SO difficult to come by.

    Stick with the Bolwell Arriba XS (150cc). Parts are everywhere, there's plenty of room, and due to the fact that Bolwell have recently dropped there prices for new scooters there should be a few of these XS's coming on to the second hand market as people decide to upgrade to a new scooter.
  5. If you will only ever use it in the grid lock areas, a 125 will be fine. If you might take it onto open roads or freeways, say regular cruising at 80k or above, the 150 is better.
    The 12" wheels and short wheel bases of the smaller scoots are a definite advantage in tight traffic, you can weasel thru amazingly small spaces.

    For your height, you will need to go and sit on them, or better still road test. Some people are happy to ride cowboy fashion with the knees sticking out the sides. Try out slow speed turns, that is when the handlebars might hit your legs on the very small scoots.

    Suggest buying something you can get serviced near to where you work or live, rather than having to ride it across town and then commute.
  6. YES! I like you style :)

    Actually, (some people here may remember this) a while ago i nearly bought a dragster. Awesome bike. So different, so unique and so fast. Unfortunately they are just too expensive for what i want. They have that cult following which keeps the price high. Ad to that the fact that there just arent many in Perth.

    The Bolwell Ariba might be OK. Looks like a pretty standard, not remotely interesting sort of scoot - which is probably what i should consider for what i want.

    There is always the Vespa PX200. These have always attracted me. But i'm not sure. Otherwise i guess its the chinese sort of mass scooter.


    Dragster for sale in my suburb! 2002 model $3100. Checking it out tonight!

  8. Checked out the Dragster down the road from me and it was crapola! needed too much $$$ to bring it up to standard.

    ah well, the search continues.
  9. try and sit on a "Aprillia Sport City 190cc or the Scarebeo 250cc there's also a 500cc" but you did say you wanted something small.
    I'm tall and those are the ones that I sat on and liked for the sake of my height.
    The bloke who bought my Scarebeo was over 6 foot 6.

  10. Hahha, its funny you suggest a Sportcity because i used to have one a little over 18 months ago. Twas a good scoot, a real traffic jam weapon as it is very narrow. But i'm looking at scoots which are likely to be a fair bit cheaper than even a second hand sport city.

    right now i'm thinking 2-3g's worth of scoot and no more.
  11. Get an older PX, Duffman.

    You're used to riding something solid and decent. If you get a plastic sciooter it's just going to peeve you too much.

    Shame about the Dragster.
  12. Great minds think alike metalpetal and thats exactly what i did....

    Well this morning I went out to a local scooter shop and had a bit of a test ride on a PX200. It was a new one, but they didnt know i had no intention of buying new :p

    Two things really stick in my mind re the PX. First is that the left hand bar gear shifter would take some getting used to, but it seems like once used to it the scoot would actually have quite a bit of guts. Second thing was that it actually feels like quite a wide scoot, i think its the wide mirrors?

    I liked it though, and i must admit i quite like the idea of dressing up like a fool with an open face lid and some old school goggles :p :p :p :cool:
  13. Well done Duffman.

    Keep us up to date with what happens next!!