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Which colour scheme will garner the most attention for a great cause?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by jonnymac, Apr 5, 2016.

  1. Green and pink squares

  2. Green with the pink belly pan and ribbon.

  3. Argyle with pink belly pan and "Have you squeezed a breast today" written on it.

  1. #1 jonnymac, Apr 5, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2016
    As some may know from the other thread someone close to me has breast cancer.

    Some may have joined the dots but it was ridiculously raw at the time so I didn't say it out loud but it is my wife.

    She is 38 years old we have two beautiful children 8 and 5.

    This isn't suppose to happen :-( but it has and it happens to lots of other people none of them deserving of it.

    The main idea of this thread and subsequent question about which color scheme would have the most impact on people to go home and get your wife/gf to check themselves, no matter their age bracket and how healthy they are. Because those things didn't make a difference to us.

    My wife has told me that you all need to tell your wives/gf that you must preform a check once a week. Let them know jonnymacs wife said so.

    As if you get this early it's treatable. That way you both get a win, she gets checked and hey you get boobs.

    So basically vote for the one which will help you remember to get home and check!!!!!

    I'd like everyone at the track to get a wake up call. It can happen.

    So with the amazing help from ReesaReesa (Thank you so much ) here are your options. White_ninja(2). Subtle. White_ninja2. White_ninja(2). Subtle.
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  2. fcuk cancer.

    I prefer to look of the top photo but I think the bottom one is more striking - loud.
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  3. Yes it kind of needs to be a happy medium between looking the best and still getting people talking. Which I think both should do!
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  4. I'm going the Argyle squares - because I know shed loads about fashion.

    jonnymacjonnymac if there's anything else we can do, just say the word. Best wishes to you, the kids and Mrs Mac.......... she makes an excellent pie.
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  5. Argyle is the height of fashion.
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  6. Im with b12mickb12mick fcuk cancer

    Argyle all the way
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  7. shit mate so sorry to hear
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  8. Sorry to hear jonnymacjonnymac , sending your misses best wishes and hopefully she can kick the m-fu*#ing C in the guts and put it behind her and your family (y)
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  9. +1 to Argyle, striking and will definitely get noticed.

    I'm truly sorry to hear that Mrs Mac and the rest of the family have to go through this. Cancer is cruel and very unfair at any age, but when it touches someone so young, it is devastating. All the very best to you all, and as LionzLionz said, if anything else we can do to support you guys, just mention it.
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  10. so sorry to hear jonnymacjonnymac ,My Mum went through the same couple years ago and I'm happy to say she is in complete remission now, no sign of the cancer. Its amazing what modern medical treatments can do.
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  11. Good luck to you and your family mate, Argyle for me just don't wear the matching vest..
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  12. Cancers are indiscriminate pieces of shit aren't they. I wish Mrs Mac and your family all the best in defeating the disease, which Im sure she will.

    As for which bike, for some reason Im leaning toward the 2nd one, maybe because it burns your retinas when you look at it. A bit more pink, a few tweaks and I reckon it will look great.
    What if you morphed the two, leave the pink bits as is in the bottom pic and turn the green areas into the argyle?
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  13. Top one.

    The bottom bike looks like a normal bike, the top looks special.
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  14. how are you going to fund this mate?
    just putting it out there
    im sure people would like to contribute
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  15. Let's go argyle!

    You have our strongest wishes for the missus.

    This is a great idea!
  16. yep a bit of nert raider sponsorship
  17. #17 jonnymac, Apr 5, 2016
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 5, 2016
    You know I was just wondering if I should do the belly pan pink like the other and write "Have you squeezed a beast today" on the argyle one.

    Yeh I was just going to do it mate. Wasn't something I was thinking about from others. Not sure how it sits with me having others contribute.......
  18. mate they fund raised me css level 1
    yours is a much better cause

    maybe any excess can go to the charity
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  19. You've put in the hard yards mate you deserved it.
  20. whatever
    so do you
    anyway you could be a nert raider ambassador as well as for breast cancer
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