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Which color VFR?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by pete, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. Candy Glory Red

  2. Pearl Cosmic Black

    0 vote(s)
  1. Well I'm very close to doing a deal on brand spanking shiny new VFR, only thing is I can't decide on a color. Hoping you can help. Thanks in advance!


  2. The red looks like a nana's bike. Sorry it just looks ordinary. And seeming there is no blue i guess you will have to go black.. :grin:
  3. The old red was nice - not sure why they went to that colour - not my cup of tea. Neither is black.

    They've also bought out a limited edition one in red/white/blue to celebrate 80's superbikes or something. I saw one in the flash at a bike shop on Friday - absolutely gorgeous!!!!! See if u can get a look at one if you haven't already :)
  4. The retro red/white/blue is so SWEET!!! Personally didn't really like the VFR's much, but this year and that Red!!! Just stands out against all the other Hondas
  5. i know u want red
  6. They are all good mate, but I'd go the black.
  7. :LOL: What makes you say that??
  8. What you can't get a lime green one?!!!!!
  9. well the styling to me scream red
  10. NO NO NO get the anniversatry paint job

  11. definately the Anniversary colours... :twisted:
  12. Another vote for the anniversary colours, that thing looks sweet! :cool:
  13. Looks even better in the flesh! But unless you want people coming up and saying "mate that bike looks grouse" don't buy it :cool: :cool:
  14. Oh well, looks like my mind has been made up for me. No red in stock for 3 weeks, and they have a Black on the floor ready to go!

    Don't mind the look of the tri color but think I prefer the black.

    Thanks everyone for your input! :grin:
  15. yep i say go the anniversary colours. dandenong honda have one at the front everyday and it looks bloody great
  16. i'd wait for red. the color is awesome not sure in real. it's a blood red actually i wonder why they call it candy candy
  17. I originally wanted the red, but when I saw the Black up close and personal, the decision was made for me. In the sun the black is AMAZING, all because of the gold fleck that's through the paint.

    Once you've had Black, you'll never go back .........
  18. QFMFT.
  19. I havn't seen the black outdoors yet, the bike I test rode was red. From what I have seen the black does look pretty cool :cool: Photos certainly don't do it justice.
  20. Red. Why go stealth on a vehicle that is already difficult to see?