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Which coaching school?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by ebf00, May 10, 2014.

  1. Hi guys,

    The Mrs was going to buy me a Level 1 course at the California Superbike School for our anniversary. But, it would appear they no longer operate at QLD Raceway. So given my location, I need to look at other options.

    Any courses that are equivalent to the CSS Level 1 course that you'd recommend?
  2. Book into the closest place where CSS operates, and go for a road trip. If it's a loooooong way away, use a trailer, or hire one of CSS's bikes. In a few months they'll all be BMW S1000RR's, so it should be fun! (y)
  3. Aren't they using Lakeside every second or third month?
  4. Nothing on their calendar to indicate that Brett. They were doing Willowbank but it has disappeared from the website.
    If you cant book it through their website, I'm not sure how anyone is going to know about or book their schools. Looks like NSW or VIC only now.
  5. Check their Facebook page.

    There is info there about Qld.

    Or here's another thought..... Contact them
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  6. So which is current, their website or bookface page?

    Like Chillidog said, perhaps its time to make contact.
  7. And talk to a real person? Sheesh, you guys are mean. :wacky:

    Regardless, the vibe I'm getting is it's CSS first, daylight second as far as coaching goes?
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  8. What type of coaching do you require?

    What do you want to achieve from the tuition?
  9. I want to go faster and do it with the right technique. I want to race next year on a super sports. So far, I a purely self taught.
  10. Bernie Hatton might do something in Qld.

    With CSS, they might just have a seasonal break or something (not enough interest over winter? Lack of availability of a track for a while?), so it's worth calling them to get the latest info. OTOH there could be something wrong with their website that they're unaware of.
  11. I've done CSS and while it's good there's not a lot of track time. If I was in Qld I be going with Bernie

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  12. Thanks.

    Any thoughts on the Advanced II course Honda HART does? It's considerably cheaper at around $295, but I'm assuming there's a good reason for that.
  13. Isn't that more for the road? I bet you would learn more at CSS or Bernie Hatton's classes.
  14. OK, rang up CSS - no go in QLD anymore. Maybe in the future, but very up in the air.
  15. champions ride days have coaching. haven't done it but it might be worth a look.

    its with a track day so it might be a risk to your road bike.
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  16. Sorry, thread bump.

    What's anyone's opinion on coaching days at Morgan Park by the Motorcycle Sportsmen?
  17. No first hand experience but have heard plenty of good things about their coaching days.