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Which clothing for a L?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by beans07, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    I am just getting into the bikes and had a choice between the Suzuki gs500f and the new gsx650fu and ended up deciding that I would get the 500 and spend extra on better quality gear for riding. I also would be likely to upgrade to another bike after I get the full license so the more like a 900 than a 650.

    Above all safety is my upmost priority but I do also like looks as well.

    I am heading in the direction of Alpine Stars and Shift gear. I am after leather Jacket, probably Shift kevlar jeans, shift gloves and boots. I looked at the draggins and don't like the styles to be honest and shift jeans look much more appealing. I am getting a dri-rider jacket also mesh climate control 2 for the winter months but for the summer it will be a leather.

    Shift is about my price range but I can stretch for the Alpine Star gear.

    Any thoughts or suggestions on this gear? Any specific models to avoid?

    Any help what so ever would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Why? Go with the 650. If I had the option at the time I bought I woulda go 650 for sure.
  3. Because in 12 months when full rider I will get either a 900 or 1000.
  4. ive got a shift sr1 jacket and its great. ive got the redline pants to go with them and they are more comfortable than even kevlar jeans.
  5. then why the hell are you considering denim???

    go buy some cow. leather pants to zip to your jacket will be ooooh so much safer, comfier, and keep u warm when it gets cold.

    i can even send u pics of my sexy arse in my leather pants, they make anything look good, and me look even better :cool:
  6. The Dririder mesh jackets come into their own in summer. That's when they are great, just zip out the waterproof and quilted liners and you have an armoured mesh jacket that keeps you cool, and protects fairly well too.

    They're so good that I got a pair of the pants for this summer. as well.