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Which cheap upgrade bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by evader, May 4, 2010.

  1. Hi All,

    Things didn't go to plan financially and I currently have no wheels :( The 250 I started on is long dead and as of the start of this year I was fully licensed. I've managed to get a bit of seat time on a few bikes but I'm going insane not having my own transport of any kind. (And for me now, the only kind is 2-wheeled.)

    So in a month or two I *hope* to have enough money to get a cheap, second hand bike. It may take a little longer but that's life.

    1) It'll definitely be under $5000. The closer to $3000 the better.
    2) I like fully-faired sportsbikes.
    3) I've ridden CBR900's (93/94) and don't feel I need that much power but 900-1000cc is not out of the question if the price was good.
    4) I'm 6'3".

    I like ZX-7's and there seems to be a few around. Johnny Oh recommended the earliest of R1's or TL1000R's. He mentioned a few others I can't think of right now.

    Any recommendations for cheap sportsbikes?

    I don't like sports-tourer (ZX-9) styling and would consider naked or other styles of bikes.

    Any recommendations appreciated!

    I understand 'go and sit on a few' will be the response in part here, but I'm just trying to work out which models to start comparing.
  2. if you can get a tl1000r in decent nick for 3k ill give ya 3.5 for it.

    just hunt bikesales and ebay and read up on the net about and grab the best bargain you can
  3. Just leave that Tls for sale alone... its mine!!! :blackeye:
  4. I will hunt around but I guess I wanted to know information along the lines of... 92-95's CBR900's are good, stay away from XX year ZX-7 because it will do whatever... etc
  5. Hah Bax, TL1000S? You can have it. TL1000R I do like the look of though.
  6. you wont get accurate info because there arent that many people on here that have had 10 different early ninties sportbikes and have no bias.

    google them, read the reviews, check the bike specific forums.

    this is what i do every time i buy. put the work in yourself ya lazy carn, its better than listening to random peoples bs that probably have never ridden the bike in question.
  7. True but there is some people on here I've met in person and value the advice.

    At the end of the day I will look in to it myself but there is just some models I would never have heard of in my 2 year biking career and don't want to overlook anything.

    Collectively everyone here knows more than I do, which is why I'm asking on a forum... which is what it's for.
  8. A lot of bike can be had for 3k on ebay. Did a search for road bikes under 3k within 150km of postcode 3001 and pulled up an fzr1000 streetfighter, and oldish zx10, an '89 gsr750, '96zx6r, and a '98 cbr600f.

    Keep your eyes on ebay.
  9. 4-5K a 1999-2001 firestorm VTR1000F Honda reliability cant go wrong
  10. I find pure sportsbikes uncomfortable at 6'1"and you are taller . I would be looking at the sports tourers like VFRs or the such. You shouldn't rule out the ZX9 as it is a very comfortable bike for tall guys and very underated (and cheap).

    You could also look at the blackbird or even an older bandit.
  11. Cheers everyone. I'll add some of these to the list!
  12. SV650S. Bargain for what they are and if you insist on full fairing you can get them and they look pretty good too.
  13. I hear so many good things about the SV650's. Thanks!
  14. Where would I get full fairing kits. All the SV650's look naked or bikini faired. Do any come standard fully faired?

    Google had some nice pictures of fully faired and that really looks great to me.
  15. Actually, just found the SV650SF model... not a big fan of the factory fairing, and they're new so very expensive. An old cheapy and a fairing kit could be the go.

    Any particular models or years to look out for? Any better than the others? How many KM's can they handle and still be a good buy?
  16. In Aus it was only half faired. The fully faired ones I've seen look good. the early sv1000s fully faired looked a bit clunky.

    there must be mobs doing abs versions.
  17. I had no money when I got my fulls and wanted an upgrade. I bought an old 96 cbr900rr for 3.5k and it was a great bike, it never let me down. I put 20,000ks on it in 9 months. I sold it to my mate and it's his daily and its going well for him (its at 90,000ks now). Those old hondas are bulletproof.
  18. 03+ or know as pointy and are the first of the F.I. but both are great bikes, imo the carby ones sound better 99-02 or know as the curvy ones
  19. Yeah cheers. The SV's look great and I've ridden a CBR900RR, quick bike and nothing wrong with it at all.
  20. If you're after a bargain supersport, the cbr900rr is the way to go in my biased opinion :) Late 90s is in your budget

    As for the SV, they're pretty bulletproof. I had an 02 model but would buy an 03+ if I bought again because of the fuel injection.