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Which (Cheap) Digital Camera

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by jd, May 22, 2006.

  1. Had a look through the other digital camera threads but they seem to be mainly focused on the mid to high range stuff. I already have a Fuji S5500 which has been perfect for what I wanted it for - however the downside is the size of it means that I usually leave it at home. Going OS next month so I'm looking at picking up a fairly cheap camera duty free that I can use over there and when I get home. Basically looking for something that'll take a reasonable photo (4 megapixel is enough) preferably with 2-3x optical zoom, using XD cards (since I've already got them) and ideally less than $200. At the moment I'm thinking about the Fuji Finepix A400 - be interested to hear any comments from people who own one or suggestions of other cameras in the same price range.

  2. check out the samsung s500

    for memory they sell for $217 at bigw, not sure if you could get cheaper elsewhere. Nice big 2.4 display (maybe not so good for travelling though- as the larger display will chew through the batteries?)
    3x optical zoom, 5mp, can't really go wrong.

    crap. just re read your criteria, the samsung takes sd cards. :?
  3. Canon A430 is around $250 4MP 4X zoom 39-158mm lens

    Richo Caplio RR430 around $199 4MP 3X zoom 32-96mm lens

    If you can find another $100 to spend you will get a much better camera.

    Whatever you do though, if you are buying a cheapy, test it, make sure the shutter lag is acceptable for what you want it to do.

    Some of them are hiddeously slow and take over 1 second to actually react to the firing of the shutter.

    Lots of options, lots of money :) have fun :)

  4. as a travel camera,
    charging can be a hassle when you move around a lot,
    i would suggest one that uses rechargeable AA batteries. :idea:

    no matter how many spares you carry,
    they always seem to run out just when you need 'em the most. :(

    this way you can just buy a set of disposables when you are desperate. :cool:

    Personally i like the entry-level Sony cameras,
    since they take continuous moving image up to the memory sticks capacity (don't think many DSC cameras can do that).
    Also the burst modes are great for taking shots of bikes rounding corners. :grin:

    $349: DSCS600; 6.0MP, 3xOZ, 32 INT MEM, 2.0" LCD
    - Shutter Time Lag: Approx 0.4 sec
    - Battery Life on Supplied Batteries**: Supplied: 160shots/ 80mins Optional NH-AA: 460shots / 230mins
    - MPEG Movie VX Fine *: 640 x 480, 30fps
    - Burst Mode: 6M (fine) 7 shots / Approx 0.8s sec
  5. That are going to need a powerpoint to recharge ;)

    Most cameras should last long enough for you to get back to a powerpoint for an hour or so (long coffee or lunch). Invest in a power adaptor for the region that you are traveling through.
  6. I get to play with lots of camera's at work, IMHO for around thet price the Panasonic MJU range or the Olympus FE range are very reasonable.

    Remember to use digi cam batteries or even better NiMH, Happy Snapping ;)
  7. Yeah the Olympus FE-100 also looks promising - guess I'll compare it against the Fuji and see which one seems best. As for batteries definately only interested in something that uses AAs - already have a few NiMHs and the disposable type are generally fairly easy to find (and extremely cheap) in SE Asia so no real need to worry too much about recharging if they go flat.