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Which chain lube?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by KumuduG, Oct 19, 2015.

  1. This is to try to figure out what everyone is using on their chains and how they source it. Not about how to lube the chain etc etc. Purely about the product you use and how you source it. If you fancy feel free to add Pros and Cons you see.

    What Product You use on your chain to lube it? Where do you get it? Pros and Cons?

    1. YAMALUBE On road chain lube
      1. Got it from YamahaCity
      2. Pros: Don't attract much dust didn't have to clean the chain that often
    2. Motul Road Chain Lube
      1. Got it from Peter Stevens ringwood
      2. Pros: Lubes up the chain pretty well
      3. Cons: Attract too much dust and becomes a gui paste so need to clean the chain often

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    I use a pro oiler GPS automatic chain oiler which usues regular motor oil.

    Prior to this I used inox no chuckka chain lube which is available from my local Bursons auto parts shop.
    Pros: it's an awesome product that doesn't fling off.
    Cons: it's stickiness attracts dirt and dust and turns it into a grinding paste just like every other chain lube ever made.
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  3. I use whatever brand chain lube is in stock at a reasonable price at the time.
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  4. I just use the oil I take out of the engine when I change it.

    Pros: Free, non sticky, wipes of with a rag.

    I figure if it's good enough for the inside of an engine...

    Did I mention it's free?
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  5. I have the pro-oiler gps type auto oiler, and use old engine oil. I have a dirt driveway and gravel road, so the more oil on my chain the better.

  6. Hey middomiddo

    No issues with the old sump oil blocking your pump or feed lines?
    I was thinking about using my old oil in my pro oiler but this was concerning me and I figure a 4 ltr bottle of valvoline is cheap and would be less painful than trying to unblock a pump line.
  7. No, it seems to flow fine. I don't use as much as I generate with the bike oil changes, so I am slowly building up an excess stock of old oil. It is actually pretty clean coming out of the bike. Black, but not noticeably thicker than new oil. If it was thicker, you should have changed your oil earlier.
  8. I use Scottoiler filled with chain bar oil.
    Best investment for a chain drive ever.
  9. Ive got the Pro-Oiler as well (speed sensor not GPS). I've ben running it for just short of 3 years now
    Love it.
    I use Manual Gear Oil 80w90 - it is a bit thicker than engine oil so less fling
    If you use old engine oil you can filter it through a paper coffee filter to make sure you get oil and nothing sinister.
  10. I use Maxima chain wax Maxima Chain Wax It makes me happy.

    Tried overs, just tend to hover back to that one.
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  11. I use MOTUL and that seems OK. I did not find it to attract that much dust but I am comparing it with Caltex lube I used before. Does anyone know the difference between the MOTUL yellow and the Red one?

  12. Were do you buy it from? Do you get it shipped from US through RevZilla?
  13. I was using Belray but have decided it is only good for dirt bikes, not "wet" enough for road. Now I'm using the stuff from Autobarn! And it seems great!
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  14. Motul C5 Chain Paste with brush applicator, bought from Peter Stevens Melbourne City.
  15. I use engine oil in my Pro-oiler. Whatever I have over when I do changes. I won't use engine oil which has been used for the same reason you change it.
  16. Just about to finish my first can of Belray, after cleaning with Kerosene.
    Keeps the rear wheel clean and goes on every 1000km. More often, if I do adventure touring.

    Think I'll go back for seconds.
  17. I was using this on my Ducati, works well. Was getting it through Mornington Motorcycles.
  18. Penrite or Castrol?
  19. From talking to my mechanic, apparently the Factory Line (yellow) is more viscous and designed for the track where the chain temperature is higher than the road. He thought the risk would be that if your chain didn't get that warm on the road it probably wouldn't penetrate as deeply and not be as effective.

    For what its worth, I use the Road (red) lube -- no problems.
  20. Does the pro-oiler have dual delivery nipples?