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Which chain lube would you recommend?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Mizz ZZR, Jan 25, 2006.

  1. PJI Blue Label

  2. DuPont Teflon

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  3. Belray

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  4. Motorex

  5. ProLink

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  6. Mr Moto

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  7. MFR

  8. Motul

  9. Aral

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  10. Other - Please advise

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  1. Considering I've recently had some chain issues, and the lube was possibly a contributing factor, I'm lookin to change...

  2. My ZZR600 loves "Belray" used every 500k with almost no mess on the rear wheel. :grin:
  3. I just use the cheap Castrol stuff, was recommended to me by a Suzuki mechanic (it's what he uses) and it seems to work pretty well.
  4. I always use Belray. Just love the stuff. Couldn't imagion for the life of me why anyone would use the messy oily stuff you get in most other cans.
  5. 90 weight gear oil

    Got sick of chain "lube"s and the associated dirt build up, plus they take effort to apply properly

    I paint the gear oil on with a paint brush, usually any excess flys off on the first ride, however is is not sticky like chain lube so this isn't much problem.

    The chain stays clean, it lubes the o-rings, stops grit sticking and wearing them away and it stops rusting on the side plates too.
  6. After a can each of Motul stuff that whitens on the chain, and HP Honda factory line lube, I've gone back to using limslip gear oil, applied with a paintbrush.

    Can't wait for my loobman to arrive, that'll take a lot of bother out of it.
  7. Hmmm I have used that twice so far and it always makes a real mess of the rear wheel.

    Going to get some more $$ stuff I think.

    On the same subject what so you do with your rear wheel if you don't have a centre stand ?
  8. I'm currently using Motul, only because I heard it was the best. So how does Belray rate compred to Motul? might give that a go...
  9. Don't have a centre stand? Then it becomes either a 2 man job or a bloody tedious one.

    Stand on the left side of your bike while it's on the side stand, reach over and grab the pillion footpeg bracket or something else that's sturdy.

    Pull the bike from this point back onto the side stand. You should be able to lift the rear wheel and hold it quite easily. You've got your thigh against the left side of the bike to hold it up, and it won't be topo much pressure on the sidestand.

    Then your 2ic can get in and lube the chain.

    Otherwise, it's spray and roll, spray and roll, spray and roll til it comes all the way around. Lovely job that one.
  10. I use Motul.

    If you are having trouble cleaning your chain and undercarriage, I found an excellent way to do it. However, it depends how many parts and bling you have attached to your bike and how heavy it is.

    Put the bike in neutral and rest it on the ground on the LHS (preferably on lush grass). However make sure you can't do any damage or bend anything. Maybe even buy a heap of solid foam/rubber to get a big of distance from the gear shifter while it's on the ground. This didn't do any damage at all to my bike. You might want an extra hand to help you put it on the ground and also lift it up once you are done. Otherwise you may dislocate your shoulder and drop your bike.

    I found that the rear wheel and chain rotates freely and is extremely easy to clean. I used a stiff brush and kerosene. You can even get your hand right in next to the front sprocket to clean out the hard road tar and rocks that get lodged way in there.

    I cleaned the other side of the chain while it was still on it's stand, but that isn't necessary you can stil reach it.

    Make sure you remove any chain guards too.
  11. I spray and roll....no biggee for me and takes about 10 mins.
  12. fairly cheap shell lube, a little flingy but mehh
  13. PJ1 Blue Label because it has synthetic sperm oil!
    Seriously! Check the rear label.
  14. how about getting the chain tension and adjustment correct , the manual reccomends adjusting to the 25mm freetravel with the rear suspension unloaded (rear wheel off the ground ) is there that much difference in the amount of slack there will be with the bike grounded ?? if so how much ??
  15. That's odd Rumpy, I was always told you should adjust for the inch and a half freeplay with roughly your riding weight on it. That's certainly how the racers do it.

    I don't think it makes a massive difference in the real world... Although having both wheels on the ground probably makes it a bit harder to move the rear wheel out or in.
  16. On my previous bike which was chain driven I found that Castrol Chain Oil in the Aerosol pack beat all other products I tried hands down & by a country mile.

    I tried all the expensive import stuff including gear oil, but compared to the Castrol Product they where all either - too thick, or too dry, or too runny, & some didn’t even seem to penetrate at all.
  17. Thats what I have been doing, it's ok on a small bike I can sit on the bike and spray and roll at the same time.

    Just thought there might be some trick tying lots of helium balloons to the back of the bike!

  18. thats what the stupid bloody owners manual says , (rear wheel unweighted ) but i spose when you think about it by the time you sat on the bike the swingarm would be relatively the same distance past centre as it would be unweighted ....thanks :wink:
  19. I use Scottoil. Its great for touring.