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Which CBR?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Wildesy, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. My guess is being that cheap there is something wrong with them.
  2. I wouldn't buy a CBR250 if it was my money.
  3. They look shiny.
    Never trust shiny.
  4. I have generally found all CBR's with Tyga kits on them to be about 6-7k, you really think these are unusually cheap?
    I plan on getting Brett from Madbiker to inspect them, so if there is any significant problems I should be safe.
  5. What would you buy? :)
  6. those are beautiful examples, someone who's taken the time to fit a TYGA kit generally has taken care of the bike.

    don't listen to the above, plenty of numpties around who like to comment on 250's from the comfort of their almightily comfy viragoslow seat.
  7. Hey thanks mate, I appreciate it. I just wanna make sure I'm not getting completely done over or anything.
    Everyone prefers different bikes, and you can never please everyone with your choice (eg. pick a Ninja 250r, everyone says get a 2nd hand bike like a CBR250), so I guess all you can expect is a bit of help on what you do actually decide on.
  8. that said, fine tooth comb them. Expect to fine issues that need to be addressed but negotiate the cost for ar easonble price reduction with the owner.

    These bikes are getting old. Very old.

    Also, the tyga headlights are NOT ADR, i believe...at least i know for SURE the one with integrated indicators isn't. this WILL cause you a world of pain if trying to take it "over the pits" , ie, transferring it interstate.
  9. A 15-20 year old 250/4 with suspect ks and questionable history? Hell you should be paying at least $10k for that.

    Here's a tip. Have a browse through the technical and trouble shooting part of this forum and see how often CBR250s are mentioned.
  10. A friend has one and the maintenance is a little over the top...it's always the small things that go wrong but theres a lot of them on an old 4 cyl high revver. sigh.
  11. Or they've simply polished a turd.
  12. Okay then, name another learner legal 250 with the handling AND speed of the cbr, that isnt the same age?
  13. The handling and speed of a brand new CBR, or one that's 15 years old?
  14. Touche. :p. fwiw i'll be going a more modern one, like a vtr 250 etc. while i think a litre's overkill i see myself well appy on a 600 :p
  15. VTR will shit all over the CBR.
  16. Grey-import 4-cylinder 250s can still be okay - provided of course you're not dumb enough to pay new bike price for an old CBR.

    Spending 3k on say an FZR/ZX2R and having cash available for the repairs/maintenance any bike this age is going to need is a far better option - provided you're not paying someone else to do all the work.
  17. Precisely what a friends considering. Buying a stat write off CBR, (ie, major fairing damage) and building it up with a fresh engine, suspensions, brakes, tyga. could get a DAMN nice bike for $7k that way.
  18. Or they could just wait a year or so till 2nd hand CB400s are down to that price.
    Or put 2k into a 5k GS500.
    Or buy a Motard.
  19. All entirely sensible options. Sir.