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Which Car

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by halifax, May 30, 2009.

  1. ok so for the past couple of hours ive been looking on the net for a new car.

    I drive to the station everyday, i only need a small car and the less i spend on a car the more ive got for a new bike!

    So does anyone have any suggestions, looking at whats available I cant find anything that really grabs my attention, except for a mk4 golf gti. any experiences with these, how do they go? I also want some fun to drive (like a gti (apparently))
  2. buy a postie bike and a big chain.
  3. If you're looking for something cheap then a Golf GTi doesn't really fall into that category. Insurance is on the lower side with them compared to other turbo petrol cars. Don't know which year the Mk IV is but if its the new one, there's a special on at the moment and that's all right value. An alternative is the Lancer Ralliart. Personally, I'd go the new WRX over the two of them (I test drove one last week). They're all about the same cost but the Subaru probably has the edge. Does that help?

    EDIT: Mk IV is around 2003 or 2004 based on a search I just did. Maybe just go with that.
  4. It has to be small, cheap, and seeing as its parked at the station, you need it to be there when you get back off the train.

    '98 5sp corolla with the 1.8 motor.

    I have the 1.6 hatch in automatic (same reason, dead cheap to run, buy and maintain, and have no appeal to crooks) I've done mac pass in it, i've taken it for fairly spirited drives down RNP, ive left it at the train station in the dark overnight more times than I could think, and it lives on the street across the road........its not very inspiring but isnt tooo bad, girlfriend has the 1.8 sedan in auto, packs a fair bit more punch than mine......... just my opinion, but yea, never hurts to give one a test drive, (going off how the auto is, manual might be bareable) might be the right car :)
  5. Corrolla has been the top seller for years for a reason, although I don't like the new ones just because of restricted visibility. Subaru have made great cars for a long time, just be wary of anything around 200,000km as expensive things can start to wear out. Ford Focus is a good unit. Golfs have a good rep for reliability. Suzuki have made some cheapish but decent small cars (Barinas were re-badged Swifts for many years.) Nissan and Mitsu seem to be hit-and-miss in the long run.

    DO NOT go the cheap Korean options - you'll pay for a Deawoo again within a couple of years, Kias feel like they're made of cardboard and rubber bands... Hyundai seem to have the best reputation, but I was thoroughly underwhelmed by the engine/gearbox (auto) in the couple I test drove recently... well a year ago. Sh1t, where did that 12 months go? Ditto the rebadged stuff (Barinas are now Deawoos) or the crappy little Starlet/Mirage/Festiva things. Cheap to run and maintain, but I couldn't live with them. Don't know anything much about the Euros - could always get a better Jap for the same money (pretty much my experience with bike shopping too...)

    Are you looking NEW new or new for you? What's your budget/define cheap?
  6. Get a ute, seriously (don't know about NSW but in VIC it's cheaper to register and insure a ute).

    I have a family sedan and I hardly ever drive it, and I've honestly needed a ute more times than I've needed a back seat.

    Makes it easier to take the bike to track days too. :grin:
  7. Why do you want a NEW car to drive to the station???

    For a couple of grand you can buy a good second-hand car, cheap to insure and maintain, flog it for a couple of years, drive it to the wreckers and buy another one.

    I just bought a '93 TR Magna, auto and air, central locking, straight as a die, with only 158,000 kms on the clock, for $2,500.
  8. cheers guys some good insight there.

    To clarify i want a new car for me i.e. a used car.

    the ralliarts and wrx's would be nice, but i don't think they would be safe at the station!

    yeh im still on the gti theyre fairly cheap ($15k) and look the same as the regular golf so is quite subtle, but will see what corollas are going for and will have a look at some utes, the thought never actually crossed my mind!
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  10. i use a 90 corolla, manual. ive left it at stations plenty of times, small, cheap to run, and as said, not very appealing :p
  11. I resent that car for the sole fact that it makes going green the most uncool option!

    The picture that comes to mind is dork with the seat in full upright position and pushed as far forward as it will go.

    It pisses me off how hideous they make electric cars!


    Bloody hell!

    I reckon if you're not too far from the station go with a pushy, it's eco-friendly and you can practice wheelies without worrying about destroying your pride and joy!
  12. In response to whiteknight's post, i propose the 1L 3cyl Diahatsu Charade, early 90's model. Pick it up with significant change from 5 grand, make sure it has an ok engine. when mine finally bit the dust, it was doing close to 9L per 100 k's, and chewing through an engine of oil every couple thou k's.

    done mac pass, jamberoo mountain rd, kang valley multiple times mostly late at night. Also done many spirited trips through RNP mostly between 12 and 2am. I know that road better at night than i do by day. Its very fun to drive and the best thing going for it is the handling, which is brilliant for such a cheap car. You are not going to find anything which comes close for under 5k.

    Other cheap options are an echo or a mirage - one of those cheap mass produced cars. Having been made to drive an Echo, I dont think i have ever felt more unsafe while in control of a vehicle. It is horrendous. but it will do the job.
  13. My daughter bought a Mazda 2 (the boxy previous model). Drives brilliantly, goes well and the boxy shape means you can fit a lot more in than the latest model. A heap of fun to drive (and that's speaking as one who has owned several Italian cars) and like most Japanese cars - pretty much mechanically indestructible.
  14. 15k is cheap?

    Like Tony, the old boxy shape Mazda2 was bloody good to drive, and really practical. Unlike the new one which is cramped, badly laid out and has bugger-all visibility (Although this seems to be the case with any new car I driver)

    Get a really old Mazda121. Can't kill those things with a stick. Dunno why you want a sport car to get to and from the station.
  15. Get a Smart Roadster.

    Can get a s/h one for around 16K.

    Can't post pics atmo, but they look nice (for a car) :grin:
  16. really ive never heard this? ...this mould impact on my current. ute vs sedan and trailer decision.

    utes carry a premium 2nd hand so a sedan + trailer actually ends up cheaper and has better security (locked boot)

    i will look into this
  17. You can get A CE lancer (2 door) MR model for about $5k nowadays. $150 rear swaybar makes them quite lively. Easy to drive, economical as hell 1.8 litre engine, functional rear seats and retardedly big boot, for what the car *is*. Quite nice interiors too, the MR model at least. air con, alloy wheels, electric everything, etc etc.


    Also, retarded amount of go fast or look pretty bits for em, if you simply have to pimp everything you own.
  18. my 1996 golf 3. 1.8 manual, air, steer, mp3 (decent system), new tyres, new aircon comp at 141,000 will only set you back $5.5 K
    and it comes with 5 years of awesomness
  19. I was toying with the idea of a smart roadster until I saw the price.

    What about a tata nano? Smallest wheels ever.

  20. Everything that is wrong with the styling of the Smart and the Prius is worse on that thing. New car for around $5,000 - must be good.

    This is the next wave of minimalist small cars - remember when Starlets, 121s, Barinas, Festivas, Charades, Getz types came out in the 90s? They were tiny, basically equiped, motors around 1.2L... Since then "small" cars have been getting bigger and better equiped, now India is going back to the uni student special.