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Which cage?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Meph, May 8, 2007.

  1. Magna

  2. BMW

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  1. Hi guys, i belong to two forums, this, and a magna one, so ill ask here...

    Which cage should i buy?

    The options are
    1998 BMW 323i and
    2002 Mitsubishi Magna VRX

    Both are/have:
    Leather interiors
    climate control
    cruise control
    around 125000 with a full service history
    rear spoiler
    tinted windows

    BMW has:
    The bmw reputation (good thing)
    Dont think its been flogged
    automatic stability control
    Auto traction control
    6 stack cd player
    rego till jan 08
    new tyres
    less common

    Magna Has
    Tow bar (i like to tow)
    more power
    17" alloys
    full body kit
    sounds like the guy has thrashed it a little (bad thing)
    rego is up in june (another bad)
    more extensive trip computer (like instant fuel usage etc)

    Its also a battle of reputations, BMW just has a better one, same price same k's
    i like the power but its not a deal breaker
    also consider its FWD vs RWD (ive only ever driven front)

    Help me netriders, you're my only hope
  2. BMW.

    FWD cars suck the anus.
  3. BMW's are freakin' ridiculous for service and spare parts costs.


    I couldn't justify buying one considering the luxury sedans the japs do.
    With those 2 as options only: I'd choose the Magna - it'll be cheaper to run.
  4. both are decent cars, i made my ex get a magna when my sister worked at eastside mitsubishi, (after working at prestige cars). i know 2 people who bought one of each of those cars. i voted mitsi because it's had no problems where as the bmw has, and as ktulu said they can be expensive. not always. provided they're both in good nick and stuff, get whatever you want. if someone can check em out for you, do it. because sometimes the beemers get expensive niggly things. maybe magnas do to but i dunno.
  5. +1
    But the BMW is just a label car these days. Every dumb ass, mortgaged to the hilt, "trendy", desperate to be seen as successful wannabe drives them these days and the build quality would probably be on a par with the Mitsu.
    (are my prejudices showing through?)

    just my .02c
  6. I had a top line Mistsubishi as a company car a couple of years ago and apart from the engine and the great Tiptronix gearbox, it was rubbish. It didn't handle, didn't brake particularly well, and had more rattles than a millionaire's baby, and, yes, I got it new, and the servicing regime was lousy as well.

    Go the rear-wheel drive BMW and get a tow bar; rear-wheel drive cars tow better than front wheel drive cars anyway; why do you think every aussie yobbo buys a Holden or a Ford?
  7. They are cheap, and for the full sik burnouts.

    I should also have mentioned that with my age etc insurance on the beemer will be around $1000 pa more.
  8. RWD is definately an advantage but keep in mind some places are going to charge bucketloads to work on a Beemer, although that said a V6 Magna isn't cheap when it comes time for new sparkplugs (involves removing the engine I believe).
  9. Beemer, no question, Magna SUCK!
  10. Also take into account resale value where Magnas lose value as quick as hookers lose their panties.
  11. Find a manual Holden Commodore SV6 or something...

    RWD + cheap servicing and it'll tow stuff orright.

    I know there's a bogan stigma, but if you want to hang onto it for a little while and you aren't too concerned with the resale value - Commodores aren't a terrible car for what you seem to be looking for.
  12. depends on the model and year make.. never buy a thrashed car.. but if you get the bimmer, be ready to get violated when you pay yo get it serviced.. they make ducati look like auldi's.

    in all honesty is there a reason you are limited to these cars only other than personal choice.. cause ill say it now (and NEVER tell anyone i said it) but you'd be better off spending the same money on a commodore or falcon and getting something that can do what you want and be more economical to run and service. if you have the money, the bimmer will be a better built car, but its still automagic - which is ghey.

    honestly, id look around some more. bimmer would probably suck more towing IMO, its a fashion car and unless it was a 5 series wouldnt really be up to it (light loads maybe) if you arent willing to shop around, and like to tow FWD or not id personally pick the magna, if you were willing to shaop around a little.. look for a forrester, commodore or something with at least a 6 in it. , manual gearbox, RWD would probably be easier.
  13. Why on earth pay $17000 for a VRX Magna with 125000 when you could get a base model with a 100000 less kms on it for the same money and have a car that'd last you for the next 10 years.

    As for the Beemer... well I like BMW's as much as the next person, but the bottom end models are boring, and once they get high kms on them they are really really _really_ expensive to keep on the road.

    And the insurance is a pain in the pocket too.

    To be honest at that budget I'd probably buy a Camry if I was chasing a medium/large car, otherwise I'd be even more likely to buy a new small car *shrug*.
  14. Bah...every tosser who wants a European car for the sake of a badge has a 3 series BMW. They're the cheap whore of the BMW lineup.

    For the pose factor of having a BMW you will have to wear the horrendous running costs, servicing and parts. Just don't do it. Go the Magna, they're a brilliant car, cheap to buy because they compete against the brand loyalty given to the Commowhores and Farckons, reliable, and inexpensive to run.

    That being said, I'd look around for another Magna - I wouldn't buy any vehicle that has been thrashed. You'll be able to find a much better deal with lower kms at a good price.
  15. Stuff the cages, buy another bike instead.
  16. Ok ill buy in to the argument. :LOL:

    Being a BMW owner and an E36 owner myself perhaps i can shed some light on a few things for you in favor of the BMW.

    The BMW sounds like a good choice...
    1. 2.3L (de-tuned 2.5L engine), so its not living to its full potential.
    2. Manual is a must in any BMW that isn't over 2.5L IMO. The auto robs it of the little torque it has below 4,000rpm before the vanos (variable valve timing system / like VTEC in Honda's) kicks in so it helps a great deal.
    3. Will tow a tandem trailer with car on it no problems although it might struggle for power being just a 2.3L. A friend picked up a car (E30) in his E36 M3 3.0L, towed it to Philip Island, tracked the M3 and towed the other car and trailer back home and still managed to get 7.5L per 100k's to the tank including the time on the track!
    4. BMW engines love to rev and make most of their power beyond 4.5k rpm.
    5. Extremely reliable.
    6. Can still buy spare parts off the shelf even for 80's models
    7. Good on fuel (provided you don't thrash it everywhere you go)
    8. 50/50 weight distribution
    9. Handle like a go kart with a few tweaks and very very well in standard format :wink:
    10. Great brakes
    11. Engine will last well beyond 500,000k's provided you service it. Mine has 310,000k's on it and is in as new condition, compression, power etc etc.
    12. BUILD QUALITY!! Drive both cars back to back and you will see!

    Servicing costs aren't all that bad!!
    Inspection I (oil and filter change and check over) $170 but it does hold 7.5L of oil!
    Inspection II around $450 from memory thats everything, even down to oiling the slides on the sun roof.
    Only things servicing doesn't cover is auto trans / gearbox oil and filter, diff oil change and brake fluid change.
    Servicing works in the way that the harder you drive it the faster the service interval will come up. There is an equation somewhere on the net i found once. Roughly its something like - if you drive the car above 3,000rpm before it comes up to temperature it counts down the service timer 3 times faster and it goes on and on and on.

    Edit: Forgot to ad - DO NOT take a BMW to a dealer to get serviced unless you are prepared to bend over! There are plenty of other specialist euro mechanics that will do the same job (if not better) for a lot less!

    Yes parts are and can be expensive here in Australia but the only reason for that is BMW Australia! Source major parts from O/S and save heaps!

    More info go to .... www.eurocca.net and sign up on the forums and ask away, they will help you with pretty much anything you want to know. I should know, i started the club. :p

  17. what are u thinking!!!!! :shock: buy another bike!!!!!!!
  18. nah mate as i said, both these cars are manuals

    Im limited by availability of manuals here

    Well im not certain it has, i haven't spoken to the guy, just judging by his online ad.

    Lol, nah the gf doesn't ride, and i want to have both, not a fan of long rides with a pillion on a sports bike

    And thanks Jamie for the info, especially the prices you list, but arent the major services ever 12 months?

    Also id just like to say that i like the fact that i could tow with the magna, however its a once every 6 months thing, it is not a major factor in my decision at all.
  19. $17k puts you very close to a '06 Magna with around 40k kms, very very good vehicle. $19k will get you an AWD one.......look on Ebay.
    We've got two Magnas, reliable as anvils, dirt cheap to maintain. They do everything well, but they don't do anything exciting. Ours are 12 years old, solid as rocks, no rattles, over 200k kms on both. Neither use oil.
    Don't buy a BMW for the name, unless it's teh biggest engine in that model range, a manual, or has a big blue M after the badge. Anything else is just a German Toyota. Seriously, BMW knows how to make mundane midrange cars with teh best of them.
    A Magna will tow 1000kgs easily, how big a trailer do you need?
    And don't get hung up on top end horsepower, this is a car we are talking about here, torque is more fun lower down teh rev range.

    Regards, Andrew.
  20. Bwahahahahahaha! You mean the "I think I am better than everyone else" rep?

    Get the Magna :D