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Which boots to get

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Chlowen, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. Hey all,

    Looking to upgrade my Rossi Motorbike boots (no ankle protection) to something more protective. The following is a list of boots I am interested in, can anyone comment on comfort, useability and value for money....
    I am just your average ride to work guy, looking for some extra protection.

    Sidi B-2
    Sidi Vertigo
    Alpine Star smx plus
    Oxtar SS performance
    Oxtar TCS Evo

    If anyone has any other suggestions please post them.



  2. I have had the A* Goretex boots for about 2 and 1/2 years and they are great. Really waterproof and comfy to wear. Tehy were only about $250 at the time and well worth it.

    Get waterproof boots your feet will love you :grin: :grin:
  3. Hey don't know bout any of the boots mentioned sorry as im fairly new to riding but i have a pair of Rjays terrain boots. They are comfortable and good value...might be worth a look.
  4. :grin:

    AXO PRIMATO (like Sidi vertigo) $299 or LANCER (GP style like sidi vertigo corsa) $unknown

    check them at


    These are cheaper by about $50- $100 than Sidi and Alpinestar and I reckon there are easily just as good and for me fit better.

    And look shmick
  5. Mmm. I've had my A* Effex boots for the last two years and hands-down they're my most favouritest piece of gear of my current wardrobe.


    My helmet is noisy (even with earplugs)
    My gloves aren't waterproof and aren't much use in winter
    My jacket was a bit too big until I got a proper back protector
    My draggins aren't great in summer (too hot) or winter (too cold)

    Effex boots just work. Comfortable in all weather conditions, from summer to <0*C winter in San Francisco and totally waterproof.

    I suppose they're a bit expensive though. Only complaint would be that they don't have a "scuff protector" on the left toe for the gear lever, so the toe's a bit scuffed looking.
  6. This is what I got, please get waterproof boots! If yu want to save a few bucks have a look at the Rossi.

  7. I have Sidi Vertigos. Top quality but it is a racing boot. If you want a touring boot then think twice about them or any other racing boots.
  8. I've just got a nice new pair of Sidi Vertigo Corsa's in athractice and white...nice, but purely for my racing.

    My normal boot is the Sidi Vertigo Tepor's, a race style boot but waterproof and extremely comfortable. Tepor's are about $450 and the Corsa's about the $600 mark.
  9. I have got the same boots as matti-san.....very good protection and a very nice looking sport/touring boot.

    I wore my around the house for a day or two to break them in as these were my first pair of boots.....very happy with them :wink:
  10. Me 3 but mine are a fair bit older. I think I got mine in 01.

    I didn't need to break them in, they fit perfect from the get-go.

    The velcro has come away from the leather flap on teh LH boot.
    Need to have them and my back protector repaired with new velcro.

    My A* jacket needs a new zip on teh left arm too.

    WTF is it with zips, doesn't anyone take pride in the materials that are used these days :?
  11. Both #2 son & I have had Oxtars for the last few years.. comfortable, solid, good protection at the price they sell for BUT they are race boots and are not waterproof.

    we've been buying them at AMX in Bayswater. Rod & crew always seem to have the sharpest price in the south east.
  12. I will have some of these in the coming weeks, most comfortable boot I have tried, I would use them for anything.
    I have Alpinestar SMX(?) and they are just about had it after 2 yrs, velcro constantly comes undone and gets caught in pegs and levers etc.
  13. I like the Dainese boots. Great protection and very comfortable. I got my Axial boots from here http://www.bimoto.be/en/moto/boots/index.htm - where shipping is about AUD$50 (no sales tax or import duty).

    I'm a weekend only rider, so if it is raining, I dont ride. I prefer the "perforated" boot which lets your feet breath (and keeps the boot less smelly). The few times I got caught in the rain, my feet did not get too wet and the boot dried fine. On a hot summers day, the perforation is well worth it.

  14. everything on that site is so expensive for an american site!

  15. Just fo info, gang, AMX are now open on Keilor park drive, for the westerners amongst us.

    Great prices, good service.
  16. Belgium site actually. The Dainese gear cost more than some of the other brands, but its designed well, good materials and not fabricated in China or Pakistan. A lot of carbon fiber makes it strong, light and designed to reduce twisting on the ankles (causing nasty fractures). http://www.dainese.com/eng/articolo.asp?cat=1,2,3,7&nome=AXIAL_RACE_NEW&articolo=1795133

    These guys are the cheapest for Dainese gear I have found. If you find the limited gear available under "outlet moto", its much cheaper.
  17. Can anyone tell me which shops stock Dainese boots in Melbourne?
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  19. Size 10, sorry but thanks for the offer.