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Which boot first ??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jem, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    We all know the answer about which glove first but I had a terrible thought this morning.

    Unfortunately I did not manage to get out of the house before the small boy was up so the process of getting ready to go was delayed by his helpful assistance.

    So after playing the usual "Where are my gloves Henry?" game he brings me my boots one at a time and I put them on.

    It was only afterwards as I was putting my gloves on outside I realised that he had bought me my right boot first and on it went followed after the race down the hall and back to be followed by the left boot.

    Thinking about it, this seems to be what happens most mornings.

    Now now I am faced with the whole issue of being a right boot/left glove rider and it is has been freaking me out today.

    So which boot should go on first and why? Does it matter if it is not the same as your gloves?

    Advice more than welcome as I am worried about the ride home now.

    Thanks, Jeremy

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  2. I got into a habit of everything left first.
    Why? Don't even remember, but from memory... I think I was told I would have good teeth if I would be doing that :)
    So kept doing it all my life despite the teeth being pretty average :)

    Recently though, I changed my habit of putting the right glove first.
    I can't recall why, but it works better for me and a motorcycle.

    Also I noticed that when I'm putting the left glove on first I tend to be tired and more distracted.

    So there it is. Left boot, right glove :)
  3. I'd go for a touring boot first as they provide enough protection for a low speed learner drop without giving away too much on the mobility side of things.
  4. Right foot. It's my kicking leg. What if someone breaks in while i've got one boot on? I've got that little bit of extra time with superior kick power.

    Same with gloves. And always left off first.
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  5. I put both on at the same time.
  6. I found at times it's best just to avoid the whole 'which glove or which boot first' conundrum by not wearing boots or gloves..
  7. As with gloves.......left first.......always.....

    Same goes for socks, earplugs and earphones.

    I think it is a product of being right handed - you tend to pick up items with your right hand and it is more natural to cross the body to put something on (or in).......hence left is the first candidate.
  8. But realistically.............

    The correct answer is........................................


  9. i can see 7 people getting banned very soon
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  10. I always put the left boot on first, as it should be. How can you ride safely with the right boot on first? :overreact:
  11. Make that 8
  12. Left always left:banghead:
  13. So which brass knuckle does smee put on first?
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  14. but do you compensate for this by wearing a Hi Vis vest
  15. Well, I took the boots of at work and then put the left one on first. Must be the way as I made it home without getting wet.

    Now to train the small boy about which one to bring me first 3:)
  16. No, no Hi Vis vest. Do Hi Vis jocks count?
  17. Id say yes as long as their orange
  18. But are you the kind of sick individual that follows the process of sock, boot, sock, boot?
  19. Depends on if you're wearing pants....
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  20. Left glove first always.

    Left boot first most of the time, but if I happen to grab the right, then so be it.