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Which bikes have slipper/sprag clutches?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Spots, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. Pretty much what the question says! :)

    After reading that the original VFR750 was apparently the first factory bike with a slipper/sprag clutch, I began to wonder which other bikes come with them as standard.

    Even my lil' VTR250's beast of a powerplant can make the rear wheel chatter and hop if I munge the downshift to 1st or 2nd while braking aggressively... So surely most 800+cc bikes must have them?

    Can't find any mention of them in advertising literature except for all the race-replica sportsbikes.

    Current VFR800?
    Triumph Tiger 955 and 1050?
  2. I believe 05 ZX10R has one fitted from standard.

    I test rode one that apparently had a 'slipper' clutch in it, made a bit of a thud each time I changed down a gear but couldn't get it to lock up!
  3. Can't get a 05 zx10r to lock up..i've had the rear lock up a few times in corners, great fun!
  4. I'm 99% sure the SV1000 has one.
  5. Mine has one. It's called my throttle hand.
  6. The VFR400's also have a sprague clutch fitted.

    It's hard to lock the back wheel locked unless you're trying to.

    It helps with downshifting on the track, although you'd really have to be pushing it to notice on the road.

    A nice touch on old bike.

    Edit: The current VFR800 doesn't have any back-limiting torque device (don't think the earlier 800's did either).
  7. The GSXR1000 K5 onwards has one.
  8. New R6 has one.
  9. +1.

    Not hard to blip the throttle on the downchange. Pillions appreciate the effort too. :LOL:
  10. Well, yeah.. I do it every time I shift down, even while braking.

    But I've mismatched engine/gear speeds a few times when riding aggressively... I can only assume that the engine braking from an 800 or 1000 is more formidable than the mighty Minimonster, so a sprag/slipper seems like a "nice to have" for the times when the rider doesn't match revs quite right.

    On the other hand, an engine that big probably doesn't need to change gears as often, nor would it care about being in the peak power range, so...
  11. Which 600cc sportsbikes have slipper clutches? When were they first introduced on them?
  12. It has a back torque limiting clutch, cheesy slipper clutch.

    Still easy to lock up though!
  13. gsxr 600 k6+
    r6 06+
  14. My Zx9 has one, as did the old ZX7
  15. the new r6 and r1 have ones i believe
  16. my zx6r 2005 has one.. i believe zx6rr 03-04 have them too.
  17. New MVs have EBS which holds the valves open on one cylinder which stops lock-up chatter without a slipper.
  18. No one has made mention as to WHY the rear wheel on that poor little VTR250 is probably locking up!
    1. The tyres are pretty skinny on that little 250, and there's not much weight on it to keep the rear glued to the ground.
    2. Your suspension has a large role to play in if the rear skips or not; chances are either your front suspension doesn't have enough dampening causing the weight transfer to the front and rear wheel hop, OR your rear end could have too much preload and/or dampening.
    3. Learn to downshift properly and all your problems will go away.

    I find it far easier to lock the rear up on a 250 than on a 1000 FYI. That said, my riding skills have probably developed a helluva lot since i was riding 250's.
  19. Ducati Monster 695 has one.
    And I think the last run of 620ie Monsters has them also.
  20. Add to that the Monster S2R (not the 1k tho - dry clutch goodness there); I think some of the 800SS that share that motor also have a slipper.