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N/A | National Which bikes are the Police using?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Sitting Bull, Nov 30, 2015.

  1. I'm wondering what bikes the gang in blue with badges on their jackets are riding in our states and territories at the moment and why they specifically choose the bike they do. Here's a recent article about the latest ride they are using down here in Motorcycle heaven,
    Tassie Police Bikes
    What;s your opinion on the best bike you think is suited for the task?

  2. I saw two bike cops tooling around together on Friday in Werribee VIC on KTM tards.
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  3. I recommend they use the slowest bikes they can find...
    Bush cops use wr450s, but with a small head start u can outrun them ... Um so I hear anyway...
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  4. I was always a fan of the police RT, very distinctive headlights which is useful in the Dandenongs where they like to hunt.
    Large road presence, powerful, comfortable (at least the base model) and certainly fast enough to chase down the craziest of runners.

    Would have expected a slightly thinner bike for filtering and cashing in on all the mobile phone use.
  5. I don't think Vicpolice have a specific bike. At the usual radar trap on Park street Parkville between the tram and train lines, they have 3 different bikes.
  6. WR's go hard.
    In the right hands.
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  7. In QLD the very visible marked bikes are FJR1300's they also ride unmarked Speed Triples, Busa's and a few other exotic unmarked bikes with very discrete cameras and other devices to catch the unsuspecting.
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  8. They have the R1200RTP as marked patrol bike, older ones are distinctive headlight pattern but current wasserboxer has the same BMW "angel eyes" as the K16.

    Unmarked are K1300GT, K1600GT, K1300S and various trail bikes for off road, plus the KTMs for sneaky traffic.
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  9. Yup QPS flirted with the idea of moving across to 1400GTRs and they still have one undercover one, but at the last minute as they were about to start moving the fleet across, I hear something went wrong that nobody wants to talk about, so they still remain with the good old FJR1300s. They started keeping them for 100 000klms too, they are quite tired by the time they finish with them.
  10. Tired after only 100,000km's?
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  11. 100 000 kms of police use!
  12. Yeah the whole idling round standing idling for ages then cool engine hard full on revving while chasing down that errant speeder on the freeway.
  13. Shows how much I know. I figured they would have far less cold starts per km than commuter bikes. And given they are rocket ships, not really stressed by the occasional chase.
  14. In Queensland at least, most service motorbikes are garaged at home. So, the chances of a cold hot pursuit
    is very unlikely. The bikes are very well serviced and maintained and I would say most riders treat them as if
    they themselve's owned them. Every one I have seen both before and after sale are in good condition. 100k km
    is not a long way on the FJRs.
  15. No doubt they were looked after. I sat on a few of the ones Team Moto were flogging off and seats and suspension felt tired.
  16. don't know what happened there, lol.
    It makes sense for them to have more than one type of bike at their disposal. I'm surprised they don't have adventure bikes in their arsenal here. Bit surprised at some of the sneeky tactics in other states and very pleased they don't do that here. At least I don't think they do, i've never heard of anyone being done here by an unmarked super sports or the like. I've read that in the states the Harleys are preferred in the cities and are safer when crashed, Road Kings I think.
  17. I suppose I should clarify I wasn't implying a totally cold start up then rip into it chasing someone down the road. More that they could sit in their little hiding spot or some other place then crank it up after 30 minutes or more of sitting cooling down and be given a fair hit. I'm not a mechanic nor do I pretend to think I have all the answers I just thought that with that possible scenario happening it could be detrimental to the crank rings and bearings. I know they wouldn't do it a lot but with the fine tolerances in engine manufacture these days it could have an effect. Having said that they would be serviced within an inch of their life and probably negates all I've said.
  18. On a slightly related topic, does anyone know, for sure, if BMW have given up on their "City" or "Police" panniers? (.. some times they were just different lids.)

    On my first BMW, a K100RS, the cops had really elegant slim panniers on their bikes, absolutely ideal for commuting to work, and I managed to <cough> win a pair on condition that I removed the NSW Police stickers and repainted them to NOT be white.

    Later, with the R850R, I scored a pair of "City" lids, which, when you drill out the rivets and replace with wee nuts and bolts, allow me to change from the "running away from home with ALL my goods and chattels" panniers to neat narrow ones, which tend to stay on the bike most of the time.

    I asked ProCycles about the new water cooled R1200R and RS, but was told that there were only the big running away from home panniers available.
  19. That may have as much to do with them being a domestic manufacturer as anything.