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Which bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by v h l, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. Ok, I'm looking ahead a bit. I have narrowed down my next bike to one of the following. 1) Ducati Monster 696 (2008) 2) Honda Hornet 600 (2008) 3) Er6n (2008 in black metallic) 3) BMW F800ST and 4) Triumph T100 Bonneville. Too bad I can't have at least 3 of them. Ducati for the boy in me, Er6n/Hornet for price, BMW for practicality, Triumph for nostalgie. I keep changing my mind all the time :(
    Can I have some inputs please

  2. what sort of riding do you do?, and how many kms a week?
  3. My 2 cents worth: Monster - hands down. (for the fun factor at least.....and the sound)

    However, the Beamer is a beauty too. What about the 800S instead of the ST ? Maybe still quite practical AND heaps of fun.

    Personally, I'd consider the Buell Lightening and Triumph's Street or Speed Triple.

    Oh, AND possibly even Aprilia's new Shiver.

    All of the above are around the 15k mark to the best of my knowledge, but I'm happy to be corrected.
  4. Yup. Important. If you do alot of commuting, I'd go the er6n :D
  5. What a weapon Pilot..

    So when are we getting one.. :twisted:
  6. Usually when people ask for someone else' opinion, they have already made up their mind, and want to have it justified.

    personally, out of the bikes you listed, i want the 696 the most. BUT, i would take a street triple over a 696.
  7. Mate! Last I heard they are comming in April. Not cheap though, but who cares. Looks like a seriously bad mutha f**ker

  8. Sounds interesting mate.. :twisted:

    Anyway better get back on track here..

    If money isnt the issue, I would go the BMW if i was choosing out of those bikes.. :grin:
  9. I am a "week end rider", who will do may be 4000ks a year depending on weather :cool: . I picked these bikes based on (in order of importance to me) 1) Seat Height 2) Handling 3) Weight 4) Technical merits. Power is not important. As of this week end, the F800ST and the Monster 696 are the current front runners :p All my previous bikes have been Japanese ones, including the current TW200 which I am modding, so may be I should have something different.
  10. I'd steer clear of the Ducati. The bonneville.... :shock: uh, ok.

    I'd be testing the new hornet against the ER-6, and riding the F800. I'd expect the ER-6 to come out far stronger than it ought to.
  11. No street triple on that list? You might wanna consider her... :wink:
  12. Then I'd say go for the Hornet or 696, and go have a look at a Street Triple.
  13. I'm really happy with my er6-n. handles well even on the oem tyres, great seating position for touring. haven't hit the twisties yet but its great on bendies. seat height is OK for me. can get both feet down.
  14. Maybe it's just me, but I don't see how the S is more fun than the ST? It's the same bike, but for $500 more you get a bit more fairing, a centre-stand, heated grips, a slightly higher screen and "slightly" raised handlebar setup. I'm sure if you wanted to buy an ST with an S screen they'd do the substitution for free...but it's still the same bike. :)

    In terms of the OP, well, it's obvious what I thought after I'd been through everything, but yeah, go test ride them and see which suits you better. Oh, and if you haven't read it already, have a look at my recent F800ST writeup in this sub-forum.

    Butz. :beer:
  15. and the hornet 9? must be an option such a good all-rounder you cant go wrong with the horny........ :grin:
  16. new hornet 6 or street triple would be my pics.